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    Hand Built Road Bike Wheels

    We are big believers in hand built wheels. Hand built wheels are something we offered from the very first day we opened and they are still one of our core services. There is nothing like a pair of hand made hoops. Wheel building machines are getting better all the time but they’re still some way off the quality achievable from an experienced pair of hands. When we say "hand built", we mean it. Our wheels aren't machine laced and hand finished. All our wheels are totally hand built from the first spoke to the final true. We only use the finest ingredients from top quality manufacturers like Mavic and Shimano. Wheel building is an art. Our resident artist Tony is the best in the business. Tony builds wheels. It's the only thing that Tony does. Born to build wheels. Which is just as well because our wheels are in such demand that it's a full-time occupation keeping on top of orders. When you're buying hand built wheels from us, you're buying a pair of Tony's creations. These top quality wheels don't come with a top end price tag. We are able to offer great prices on great wheels because we buy big.