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Celebrating over 15 years as the #1 selling helmet mirror, the new and improved Reflex offers a custom fit allowing you to find the best viewing angle. Reflex is quick and simple to mount and is guaranteed to stay put.
  • Flexible with no vibration
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Safe for your face mirror
  • Fits on all helmets
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I like it. Patience required when setting up on your helmet but once you have done that this is an important addition to your safety equipment.
Easily the best helmet mirror I have used. Very flexible and easy to adjust even when riding. Mirror size big enough without being intrusive. Excellent product and good value for money.
The helmet mirror is just the job, its hard to find one that actually looks behind you instead of at you, so this is just the job, its small and lightweight too. Its important to fit it high but once you have got it, its good...
Very easy to fit and very secure. Easily adjustable and provides a good clear view of the traffic behind. Ideal as my recumbent trike doesn't have any practical place to fit a bike mounted mirror.
For anybody not wanting a large mirror on their handlebars, this the tool to have, almost like having a third eye. Quality product thanks Merlin cycles
Hi. I commute to work in busy city traffic and I find turning my head to look behind is dangerous. So I bought this little mirror for my helmet. my first impression was that it is a bit small considering the price of it. Also it took a while to get it in the correct position. I found that if you can see your ear in the mirror then the mirror is pointing in the right direction. However now that I am used to it I think it is brilliant. When on my road bike a slight raise of my head gives me a good view in the mirror of the road behind me. When on the hybrid a quick glance in the mirror shows the road behind. The mirror shakes a little when on rough road surfaces but doesn't shake at all on decent road surfaces. It glues on solid to the side of my helmet & it hasn't moved since I glued it on. It is actually a small mirror and attachment so you don't look like a nerd when wearing it. Even though the mirror is small you still get a good view of the road behind. Perfect mirror for the job. well worth the money.
mirror took some getting used to but finally mastered it. On smooth roads it works well, bumpy roads tend to blur the image. Please note. in Britain the mirror needs to be mounted on the left of the helmet, this requires that the mirror arm be bent in opposite direction.
Good product could do with being a bit more rigid
This is my first bike mirror. It takes a little getting used to, and I think I still prefer looking over my shoulder. But if you think a mirror is what you want then this is excellent. Easy to install, to position and not too shaky. And can be easily dismounted if you wish.
In the small corner of the niche market that is helmet mirrors, this is one of the better ones. Good, robust construction and very adjustable. Best for close, over-shoulder view, rather than long range. No substitute for a proper glance backwards, but excellent for filling the blind spot left uncovered by a bar-end mirror. Great for busy traffic where you have to be looking in all directions at once.
Does what it says on the packet. Very neat, good optics, takes a bit of time to get used to particularly as I wear bi-focals but got there in the end. Fixing a doddle. I have back problems and this is a plus but I still like to look round. Cons. - Looks a bit geeky! hence only 4 stars
At 65 I am not as flexible nor are my reactions as fast, as I think they are. At last I decided on a helmet mirror (after not wearing a helmet until this year). I now feel both are indispensible. Still getting used to the mirror, but it is great and always provides that assurance of what is happening behind you. It is easy to adjust and remove from the helmet. I chose this instead of a handlebar fixture as this allows you to move it independently of the bike.
Impressive gadget ! it fixes well and and is well made thanks Merlin for another good product sold !
the best quality among helmet mirrors!!!