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Deda handlebar tape.

Deda hanldebar tape in various colours.

David B Easy to apply, has a very sticky back and a good amount of stretch. However, it is virtually impossible to unwrap and re-wrap. It tears very easily and due to being so sticky, it is inevitable that the tape will be destroyed when unwrapping. Not good if you wish to make cable replacements or adjustments.
Mr NAQUIDIN Great bargain handlebar tape! I got this because it's my first time wrapping a handlebar. Didn't want to spend on more expensive tapes. They're on the thicker side tho.
FS I like the feel and look of this bar tape. And the Deda logo makes me feel cool and adds Italian flare :)
WILLIAM Good standard tape
Fatbiketherapy Great comfortable bar tape for a fraction of the cost. Well recommended
Tom Nice simple bar tape that does the job. No point spending more on bar tape. I'd like it a little more stretchy
Mr Smith Good tape for the money, does the job
Samarth The handlebar tape is a charm to put on the bar. Looks like an expensive tape. It is not as comfortable as a gel bar tape, but it is expected of a non-gel tape. The glue on the tape is good.
Riftzoner Really nice quality bar tape with a great feel, I find they provide a comfortable feel, isolating road buzz. I bought this to change like for like on my Kuota as I was really happy about the way my old tape had performed. Easy to fit with sufficient length coming in various colours plus bar ends. The tape itself comes embossed with the Deda brand. Merlin pricing provides Makes this a really cheap way of freshening up the cockpit of your favourite ride which will last for ages.
Denes Disappointed. Feels like they are a bit shorter than usual tapes and some of the glue comes off with the tape covering it, which is quite annoying.
Andy_Vibes Light and grippy. A bit thinner than other tapes I've used.
Chris Decent. Exactly like Shimano tape. I`d like some slightly more tacky, but this is durable and well padded.
Shanaan They feel quite comfortable,. They look quite good as well. For the price definitely worth it
Mark Great bar tape, would use again.
Richard Good quality tape, does the job well. Value for money
Mr S Nice, but quite hard. Thought it would offer a little more padding. I will be changing for a more padded tape soon.
TB in Florida This tape is thick enough to provide cushion, stands up to wear well, and is less expensive than many other options. It works with or without gloves and dry or wet. It can be cleaned and a Mr. Clean magic eraser usually will get out stubborn dirt without destroying the tape.
Ursa Major Soft, comfortable.
Mr Coolican Good handlebar tape. Does the job properly.
Mr Kiely Excellent tape, easy to wrap and very comfortable
Mr David Sometimes handlebar tape is an afterthought. But, it's only 1 of 3 contact points. Deda tape is a good price, has a nice texture, and just the right amount of squish.
Gareth Frost I love this tape. It is firm and comfy and great value for money. I'm a fan of reverse wrapping on my bars and this tape works perfectly without leaving that little lip on the overlap that hooks up on the bends of the bars, typical of a reverse wrap. The glue does not stick too badly, which makes it easier if you want to remove the tape to change the shifter positions.
Mr Bates Good bar-tape with just enough comfortable cushioning.
BMcL Good comfortable grip. Feels like it will last good time.
Mr Kirkham Excellent handlebar tape and the best value for money of all bar tape - a staple tape that I keep coming back to.
Mr Brisley Great bar tape at a great price. Used before and definitely will use again
Mr Simonyi Nice feel, good quality
Mr Sauvetre Nice and easy to mount, good quality/price ratio!
Tee Pee Great bar tape at a great price. Plenty of cushioning too.
dutchgenius Great simple bar tape. Cheap, lots of color choices, and classic foam look.
Mr johnson Sticky and well padded
Mr Kusma Italian quality, well constructed and very comfortable.
Steve Warburton I find these tapes to be soft and comfortable. At a great price too. They wind on very easily and come off if you need to make an adjustment while installing - if you are careful. I imagine they could tear if you are not careful and probably would do so if they've been on for a while.
Hin Cheap and cheerful, easy to wrap, plenty of elasticity to stretch. It doesn't absorb vibration well but it is superlight. No problem if you wear gloves
HUDSON Good stuff, keeps hands comfortable. Easy to keep clean.
Mr Short It's cheap enough. Too early to tell on quality but the last Deda tape I had lasted 4 years.
Filipe Brasil Best feel ever! Everybody that touches it just fall in love! Recommend to all!
desastar Seems to be a little short. Nice material and sticky, but if you have to re-do, then it sometimes tears at the edge when unwrapping.
Andy C Best tape available, end of. Great value.
Pete Read Super quality at a sensible price, there's no reason to spend more?
S. A. Very nice, almost "felt" feel. Looks very clean on a bike with lots of black components. Comfy with decent padding. Beware of the adhesive on the back in case you need to redo the wrapping.
Mr Redimarker Great feeling handlebar tape. It wraps easily as well and seems to be very tough.
Mr Schaefer Good quality, comes with small strips to cover trouble spots behind brifters.
Robski Easy to apply and comfortable.....great value too!
Mr Wilson I've put this on 2 bikes (black and grey). It's cheap, comfortable, looks good and has enough stretch to make it easy to apply. Make sure you get it right first time, though - once it's been on for a while, it sticks pretty firm and tears if you try to undo it.
Mr Archer Comfortable. Hard wearing..Washable.
Goober8 Overall pretty good quality and soft to touch. Just don't make a mistake and rework, it tears easily.
Mr Milkowski Feels and looks great, very soft, would recommend.
Vanier One of the best tape for the price, good choice of color and comfortable
Mr Wild This is 4th set of this tape, have it on 3 different bikes, work well in the heat, in the wet, top of the alps, derbyshire dales, with gloves, without gloves and so on.
Hutchinson Very forgiving when applying. Looks great when finished.
Mr ekiciler Simple choice, basic bar tape. Good quality cork.
Miguel Great tape for the money! Used it on several bikes I rehabilitated for friends. Looks great.
WELLS If you prefer a thinner tape than this tape is a good choice, otherwise go for a gel tape.
Dr Clayton Always use this tape, great value, feels great and lasts well.
Mr Lueking I like the Deda handlebar tape. It looks good and seems to last.
Mr Summerfield Great colour and quality for inexpensive tape. Recommend for quick replacement.
RahB These feel great- got them in a darker blue which almost looks like black though so if you're looking for more of a contrast, get a lighter tone. I like mine however - subtle sexy.
Adi B Easy to apply, good grip and very comfy
Dr Clayton My go to tape, great price and works really well. If you want super padded squishy stuff this will not be for you but otherwise perfect.
Mr Benthien A simple Deda Handlebar Tape. But so light, and with vivid collors! Excellent value!
Mr Oral Soft and quality tape
Mr B-Byrne Good product easy to fit but instructions poor. Nice and soft to touch. Good replacement.
Mr G Great tape, I have used it before, only downside is that it gets really sticky and hard to unwrap. I will buy it again.
Mr Vicentic I used this for so many years and I'm happy with the Deda Handlebar Tape!
Mr Górniak Best quality and best price. After few Months I clean it and its look like new!
Mr Byrom This is simply the best bar tape I have used
Mr Ginn Great no nonesense bar tape with a soft feel.
Dan I use this tape as my "winter" tape. I find it isn't a soft touch and thus not the most comfortable, but it is durable through the winter months. At this time of year I have my gloves on so that kind of negates the benefits of a more expensive tape. So if you're after cheap and durable without too much emphasis on the touch due to use with glove, this is your tape!
Mr Thiele Good tape maybe a little lite on the cushion compared to others I have used.
Mr johnston I buy this tape because it offers great value for money and it is as good as more expensive bar tapes. Easy to apply and not easy to rip.
Paul Morgan Wasn't to sure at first but after buying was well pleased looks good with the deda logo and feels really nice , for this price why pay more for something that gets grubby and dirty quite quick and you change regularly.
Mr Sundstedt Easy to wrap, comfortable
Mr Jenkins Great tape and cheap enough for a regular change. Wears well and comfortable. Colour stays strong and great service from Merlin
Mr Fernberger Second-best bar tape I've used, the best being the same but perforated.
Mr Moss Good basic tape. Works well in the wet and dry. Logos could be a bit lower key but that's just taste.
Mr Jin & Guice Super comfy handlebar tape. Has an adhesive back for easy application and just the right length.
Mr Mc Cabe Got mine in red. An improvement on white for a cx bike. Good padding. Can`t say much more
Mr McManaman Great tape. Really good cushion, soaks up the road chatter when riding my alum. BMC
Mr Lagunas Best bar tape. End of Story
Mr harvey Great product for the price, easy to apply & feels great in the hands - What more could you ask!
Mr Tracey Really smart and easy to apply, feels good too. My only gripe with any tape that has a logo is that it always lines up in an uneven way
Peter Chapman Good product, well priced!
Mr topp The grey was lighter than I wanted and has marked very easily- somehow not quite as good as I hoped.
craig fatboy Jones does exactly what it says on the tin. good quality tape which i have used on several sets of bars now and will continue to do so.