Deda SuperZero Aero Alloy Road Handlebars
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Deda SuperZero Aero Alloy Road Handlebars
Deda SuperZero Aero Alloy Road Handlebars
This is the aluminum version of the Superzero handlebar. Made in high-end 7050 aluminum series using an innovative mechanical forming process that allows to obtain the exact aero shape of the carbon version. The bar aero pro file and cross section have been designed to minimize the drag and provide an ergonomic grip for any riding style at the same time. The design ideally matches the modern philosophy of racing bikes designed to be aero apart from being  light and stiff. Superzero alloy handlebar features also the modern RHM shape for an incomparable grip on the drops.  
  • Shape: RHM Rapid Hand Movement
  • Material: 7050 Aluminum series
  •  Handlebar: 31,7 mm
  • Reach: 75 mm
  • Drop: 130 mm
  • Weight: 305g (42cm)
  • Standard Cable Routing option for cables routed under the bar.
  • DCR Cable routing for cables to be internally routed through the bar and exit into the stem (Stem Not Included)
Mr MartinsThe handlebar is good, but the internal route is useless as it runs to the stem. I thought there'd be a small role at the end of the flat part. The piece is nice, but my cables are a little messy.
RlFantastic shape with flat top section and internal cable routing
JimmySecond buy. Good stuff.
JimmyStiff and light handlebars. They don't lose to carbon.
RossAero benefits without a huge price tag. Love them.
Mr WebberSolid, lightweight bars. Sizing is from the outside of the bars not centre to centre.
Mr GriffinBars are nice and compact just what I was looking for except did not have internal cable routing
Mr MattLove these bars! Light, aero and super stylish.
Mr Céré-EscribanoSuper road handlebars, aesthetically very beautiful and super light. I highly recommend
LauraI am surprised how light these bars are! They're extremely comfotable, especially the flat tops, no more hand cramp! Just what I needed and a great price.
Mr JowyLove the minimalist look of the stealth black colorway. Looks very modern and racy. Pairs great with the Deda Superzero stem. I don't believe there is much difference with the carbon version and I'd definitely recommend this if you want good value for more than half the price of most aero handlebars in the market today.
Mr RussellAbsolutely cracking handlebars, great value.
Mr MasonLight good looking handle bar, grooves for cables could be deeper had to extend bar tape further than recommended but looks good. More for a bike frame without internal cabling
Mr KupresaninVery good product, very lightweight and aero product.
MarkGood quality comfy bars
Mr ThomsonI'm delighted with the quality of these bars and got a very good price too.
Mr MacFirst merlin purchase. Solid bar, light, nice upgrade to a flatter surface for my palms when cruising. The curvature in the bottom bar is tigher than prev bar so only my top and bottom of palm touch bar in an aero position - so I would prefer a deeper drop but otherwise happy.
MattLove these bars,. Have a pair on my other bike, also bought from Merlin. Price and delivery from Merlin excellent also.
Mr EricTres beau cintre.Déja possesseur du modele carbone, j'ai prit le modele alu pour mon mulet, avec toujours le prix super interessant chez Merlin.
Mr crucerescuSimple to install. There are grooves on the bottom of the bar to cleverly hide the cables. No internal cable routing mess.
WillExcellent bars, nice drop, the tops are not too flat and are comfortable. Oh, and they look the business!
Mr NeedhamDefinitely try these before you invest in the carbon model. The shape is awesome but judge for yourself. Not sure I am any faster because of the bars.
Mr SatoThe fitting with the stem (Deda superZero) was good, but the lever bracket (Shimano) did not fit to the scale "MAX". The range of Φ31.8area is narrow, if you want to install a computer or lighting, you need to be careful. It is not a cable built-in type, if the bar tape is wound only to the specified position, the cable will move. Finally, I'm not a racer so I can't feel the aero effect, but it's cool.
Mr GilchristComfortable! Yes, they are aero, but I like them for their comfort.
Mr FerraroVery stiff and lightweight. Good looking is a plus..
John FieldingNice shape, drop and feel to the bars. Looks great and better value for money than the carbon equivalent in my opinion. Always a great price from Merlin Cycles.
Mr robertsonSmart and aero but light with alloy strength.
iflyskyhighBought together with SuperZero stem. Been riding 20 year old ITM's. Wow, so much more ergonomic and comfortable. AND they are a beautiful set to boot. Together with a new Campy 12 speed groupset, brought new life to my 20 year Ti frame. Very reasonably priced and quick shipping to US. Can't imagine a better, more comfortable set of alloy bars and stem.
Mr NicholsI also have the carbon version, very light, aero and comfortable
Mr AndradeThe handlebars are very light even though theyre made from aluminum. Definitely recommend these if you're looking for your first set of aero handlebars.
ErikSuper light and sleek
MarkA bit heavier than I expected, but the fit and the finish is nice.
wckwonA good aero bar. Light for the price and fairly comfortable on the flat part. Does what it says on the tin.
Mr PakGood set of bars, unfortunately cant get your hoods up that high on the bar due to the shape. And for anyone who has this question, these bars have a slight indent on the underside where cables are routed instead of holes. Overall a good aero set of bars.
PatrickGreat looking bars in black on black. Seem to be good quality alloy bars, pretty lightweight. Not really convinced about the aero gains to be had by the profile of the top of the bars.
Mr YozinPros: very good looking handlebars, which definitely boost my already nice looking bike! The detailing and smooth surface finish means I don't want to use as little bar tape as possible. The wide tubular diameter on my 400mm bars also manifests in a delightfully stiff but comfortable ride, an improvement on my other compact bars. Cons: As others have mentioned, the shape of the bar where the shifters are bolted gives little room to maneuver. I have a pair of Shimano 5800 STIs which, only after some serious effort, can I slide them them to a position where their top surface smoothly transitions to the bar. The bars have several notches indicating the shifter angle (1-5, and "max") and it was impossible to get my shifters higher than about 4.5. Furthermore, it seems my particular bars were delivered with the scratches of some previous owner who evidently also struggled with this too.
AndrewVery nice set of handlebars, light, strong and nice a feel to them. Paired them up with the superzero stem and they look great. Bargain!
Mr TSANGI used Deda's handlebar for a long time. Their products are selling at an attractive price point with good quality. Recently I decided to upgrade from my RHM 01 to an aero design handlebar, I have looked for a while and I discovered most of the aero design handlebars are selling at a high price point. Although this handlebar is made from alloy, it really light and stiff. If you are looking for a cool aero handlebar, this is your best choice.
Mr woodDifficult getting my DA shifters on, seems the bend is quite tight. Very comfy bars though, and stiff.
mikeSuper stiff bars and are a very comfortable shape. These are on my winter bike and look very similar to the carbon ones. Very comfortable and narrower than my old bars so can get more aero, great price as well.
Mr Brewer InceraFor my new build, light, and very comfortable
BrianDecent set of alloy bars
DavidHaving received the Deda bars in record time for delivery from UK to Australia I have fitted them and find they are just fantastic. Most bars of this shape have similar dimensions but these outshine my previous 3T bars in that the lower curve of the bar is much better in fitting my hands. Also the top flat secsion is more comfortable.
SteveGreat handlebars. Light weight and firm. Looks great as well. As usual, Merlin shipped the same day! Super impressive.
Mr BerkLight and ergonomic design. Perfect upgrade for your road bike
Gios1993I upgraded the bars on my road bike to these. They look just like carbon Superzeros, but at a much lower cost, with probably greater robustness and a slight weight penalty. Great appearance, shape and finish. THe RHM shape works very well.
RonaldThese handlebars are great value for money. They have a nice grip and support when riding on the bars. The short distance to the bends makes riding in the bends and switching to riding in the bends easier. The cable routing space at the bottom of the bars could have been more generous to allow two cables to be flush and maintain an aerodynamic profile. As it is the brake or gear cable does stand out a little under the bar tape wrap. Perhaps routing one cable under and one behind the bar is a solution.
PaulNope, going back to my FSA Omegas, these are nicely made bars, but theres one fatal flaw, I have Ultegra 6800, the bars do not allow the shifters to go high enough to have the aero part of the bars straight, the shifters are at a negative angle and feel completely unsafe, even if they did slide higher, the angle when you're in the drops would be horrible. I guess if your seat happens to be the same height as your hoods then they might work, but not with 90% of faster riders out there who set there bikes up for speed (Seat 8" or so higher the the tops).. Just don't get why these are so highly rated?? Going back to my non aero FSA's I guess, just wanted to dump the round top bar. FSA vero/omegas feel wonderful by comparison. As always Merlin's service rocks!
Mr ReddingNo need to go the extra for carbon. These bars are light and feel great
RobertI bought these Handlebars with the Deda Superzero Road Bike Stem to get a perfect combination and oh boy what a pair. I ordered a 440 mm, but this is not from center to center so normally this is a 420 mm. The profile is aero and nice and compact like most of the modern handlebars. No internal cable routing, but I don't expect it on an alloy bar. You can get the handlebars and the stem for half a price compare to a carbon aero handlebar.
Matt HComfortable and very cool looking. Fat aero top section provides good grip for Homer-like paws
Mr glazierI've been looking for these in Alloy for a while. I prefer the aero top bar to hold and suffer with ache in the hands on long rides...again more for this reason and the look with the same range stem I selected them
WarrenBought these as I wanted the flat section on the top of the bars for riding comfort. Not quite as flat as the carbon edition aero bars but for the price a very good alternative.
MITCHELLThe handlebars are super nice. They look incredible on my bike and the style of the bars have a real natural position for my hands while I ride. I would recommend these for any rider and also the matching stem for a complete look.
Mr Azman JohariAero, ergonomic shape and pretty well made, offer a bargain compared to the lighter and stiffer carbon Superzero. Started to like them since installed, and ready to clock another 1000miles with it.
ThomsonQuality is good. Incredibly stiff. No flare on the drops. Looks great.
MITCHELLThese bars look amazing. They have Deda's typical cool look with the SuperZero decals and the overall design. I find these bars to be pretty comfortable to ride and fit my hands a bit better. I really like the overall look they have because they can be used on any of my bikes, giving the bike a good look too.
Mr ROSESuper quick delivery from Merlin, great communication and a great product. If you are looking at Aero bars and do not want to spend the money on carbon then this is the way to go. Small weight penalty but all the features you would want, cable routing, bar markings to help get shifters in the same position both sides and enough room to mount your GPS head unit mount as well, so you don`t have to a buy special aero mount.
CowanSuperb bars, usual Deda quality, lovely flat platform for resting hands/arms, great markings for easy set up on stem and for levers. Only criticism is that there are no plugs provided to fill the vacant holes when using wireless or cable controls rather than electronic, otherwise a 5 star product.