DMR Death Lock-on Grips
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DMR Death Lock-on GripsDMR Death Lock-on GripsDMR Brendog Death Lock-on GripsDMR Brendog Death Lock-on GripsDMR Brendog Death Lock-on GripsDMR Brendog Death Grip Lock-on Flanged Grips DMR Brendog Death Lock-on GripsDMR Brendog Death Grip Lock-on Flanged Grips DMR Brendog Death Grip Lock-on Flanged Grips DMR Brendog Death Grip Lock-on Flanged Grips DMR Brendog Death Grip Lock-on Flanged Grips
DMR Brendog Death Grip Lock-on Grips with flanges.
The DMR Death Grip is the second collaboration between DMR bikes and Brendog. DMR started with an internally tapered single-lock core grip and wrapped Brendans design around it in super-soft Kraton compound. 
‘I wanted to make the ultimate grip to go on all my bikes: AM to DH. I combined the following features and the Death Grip is what we ended up with!’ Brendan Fairclough
  • Tapered Core  (No need for outer lock ring)
  • Waffle and Knurl for grip
  • Mushroom for comfort
Mr CowinBest grips available.. best price and really quick delivery
DavidDeath grips are my go-to grip. Love the colours and feel. Perfect grip for me.
Mr PalmerClass grips very high quality super grippy and look great on my bike :)
BenQuality grips, Nice and comfy.
BradyThese grips are great tons of grip no matter what the conditions are. They also are incredibly long lasting before they get worn. Zero complaints. They hold up way better than any other grip ive tried.
Mr DawsonNice comfortable grip with the small flange stopping your hand rubbing on the clamp. Nice colours and great price
Mr GregoryAfter reading reviews I decided to bite the bullet and order these, I am not disappointed, easy to fit and very comfortable grips, they have made a huge difference in comfort over a long ride. Excellent customer service bt Merlin again.
Mr MakAwesome grips that have improved ride quality. The materials used are top notch perfect thickness. I went for standard not thick. Logo looks cool as does the camo pattern. Looks are important on bikes :)
Mr MichDanaelaSoft and thick option, great just like my old odi mushrooms on my old bmx
Mr JeffersonVery nice feeling grip will definitely buy again if these wear out
Mr JimGreat product, high quality, easy to attach and secure - looks amazing, if like me you were wondering if they fit a mountain bike with 24" wheels then yes they do - all handlebars are pretty much universal size, just had to budge the brakes down a little bit. Good product, high quality, good service from Merlin.
Mr BattershillSoft , Grippy grips and look great
EthanBest grips I had in a while fit my big hand perfectly
Miss DavidsonGrippy and looks good.
Mr WilliamsFantastic quality, look amazing and the grip is immense, they are also really comfortable!
ConnorEasy to apply , all round comfort from long rides to fast descents
StevenI was expecting these to be a nightmare to fit based on what I’d read on forums. Two whacks with a 5kg Olympic weight and they were on. Look good and seem comfy first ride out.
Mr PerglerJust bought my fifth pair of deathgrips. Super comfortable, great grip, great looks and great price.
McMTBGreat grips but slippery when wet which my OE Bounty’s weren’t. Perform at their best in dry and with Gloves too.
MichaelPerfect grips. Highly recommend.
Mr ThomasBought for my son. He was made up. Said they were "banging"
Miss ClealPerfect for my son’s needs. Good and easy fit.
Mr FinchGrippy, tough, comfortable. Happy with them.
JamesThe grip to have should you ride DH, Dirt or Enduro or whatever. Excellent
Donny80Still to do a long ride with them but these DMR grips are far more comfortable than the standard grips which came with my bike. Plus, the colour (red) is a perfect match for the decals on my frame and starts to make the bike mine.
AdamNo breaking in time, felt great as soon as they were on the bike. The right mix of bike feel and comfort, would 100% recommend.
Mr TomalaThis is my second pair. I love them, they are very comfortable and they hold great.
Mr WoodEasy to install, excellent grip and look great. Definitely recommend
Mr TaylorReally sticky and comfortable. Will be ordering again when needed
JoeGreat grips, been out on the trail and have no problems with them at all. Easy to install too.
Mr HughesGreat design and feel comfortable in thick. Not as soft and tacky as the race version but more durable and last a lot longer
Mrs ThompsonOrdered these for my son, was so pleased with them I got some more for myself and my daughter s bike. Very comfortable when riding. Quick delivery service
Mr SaxbyNice comfort and easily installed. A great grip at this price bracket
DonaldAwesome! Great grip, comfortable, easy install, great when wet!
Mr BrayVery good grips really comfortable
JoeExcellent, comfy and easy to fit
Mr JacksonVery comfortable grips, I got the thin but would probably get thick next time.
Mr GordonBrilliant grips I’ve got Deathgrips on my trail and DH bikes I love them that much.
SteveLove these grips, my only criticism is that they wear quite quickly
Guillaumenice grip, compound really soft and nice feeling, easy to install , not moving once the bolt are tightened. And the snow camo color is just amazing!
Dr LuckettBought these for my nephew during the lockdown and he thinks they're great. Really good price and arrived very quickly (despite the lockdown)! Would recommend both the product and the company.
2damfasVery comfy
yonssonI have gotten completely obsessed by these grips and I now have them on both my MTB-bikes. I have large hands and the thick version is a little thick even for me, they are also shorter than lock-on grips. I got used to them very fast and now I love them. Since they are short and don’t have an outer lock ring, your hands will always be in the same place, the flange also helps with this. This means you are able to place your hands further out on the bars which actually led me to cut down my bars 2cm. For anybody looking to replace their bars with slightly wider bars, these grips will do the trick. They are tacky enough to offer great grip but not tacky enough for your hands to get glued on the grips, just perfectly balanced. I now have these grips in both camo and snow camo, both look great.
Mr JohnsonFantastic grips with superb profiling. You will not be disappointed. They are the best I have ever purchased.
Mr PajuniemiComfy & grippy
Mr KestertonThe only grips I use these days. Super comfortable and provides a great tacky grip
MalcolmBest Grips I have had, nice & grippy & Comfortable , can't fault them
Big grey sharkBest grips in the world. Super comfy with or without gloves. Grippy and decent width too.
ChesterVery comfortable, great looking, easy to clean and even after a few lands in mud, they're still looking like new. And obviously the price! Why would you pay more for the same piece of kit?
GiancarloBest grips I’ve ever run! Great for going gloveless!
PaulNice set of grips, comfortable and at a fair price at Merlin Cycles.
Mr braybrookExcellent quality grip for not alot of money, 😁👍👍
Stace KGreat grips at a great price - I really like the thick version of these as I've come to appreciate a bit of girth in recent years.
TommyCheap good looking and feel great!
Mr GrantEasy installation and very comfortable with good level of grip.
Rob Clarke6th or 7th pair of Deathgrips. Reliable, cheap and Long lasting.
Mr SOnly grips I now ride on all bikes, from my trail bike to my DH rig.
Mr GodmakesmefunkyVery good Grips, soft enough to provide the good grip, hopefuly they will be also durable. Mushroom feels very comfortable. I suggest to match the colors in real day light, internet pictures can be a little different. In my opinion product is worth the money.
Mr GarciaAwesome looking grips, very comfortable on the hands with or without gloves and offer lots of grip, this will last a long time and though it only has one lockring it stays, its so good I have installed it on all my bikes.
PJRComfy & grippy. It's great not to have the outer lock-on collar and helps to prevent soreness on the outside of the palm. The best grips I've tried so far.