Campagnolo is an Italian company who only make road bike components and wheels. Founded in 1933, they invented most of the parts we take for granted on today’s road bikes. The quick release wheel skewer and derailleur gears are just some of the bicycle components credited to Campagnolo. They were the first company to go to 11 speed gearing and their latest innovation is an electronic (EPS) shifting version of their Super Record and Chorus groupsets (matching gears, brakes and transmission components).


They have won every major road cycling race and title there is and continually sponsoring professional road teams gives them the best R & D facility and testing ground there is. Every component has been tested at top level before the technology ‘trickles down’ to lower priced components in a few years.


Their groupsets include the following: bottom bracket; brake callipers, brake levers; cables; cassette; chain; chainset (cranks & chainrings); gear levers (or ‘Ergo power’ combined gear and brake levers); gear mechanisms – often referred to as mechs or derailleurs - for front & rear; and are categorised by name into the following order with Super Record being the most expensive as it is the groupset used by professional riders.

Super Record







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