We’ve been designing our own bikes for nigh on twenty years now. The first bikes we created were mountain bikes. It was boom time for mountain bikes and we spotted a gap in the market for well-made, well-thought-out UK-centric bikes.

Bikes such as our Rock Lobster steel classics and our aluminium Malt series of mountain bikes garnered rave reviews in the cycling press and got themselves a considerable fan-base among the cycling public. Good looking no-nonsense frames with a keen price and a wisely chosen build kit.

Fast forward to the present day and our current bikes. In many ways they are completely different to our first bikes. They’re road bikes not mountain bikes. Some of them are made from carbon fibre not steel or alloy. But the essential character of a Merlin bike remains. Classic lines, practical, durable, great value and kitted out with stuff that experienced cyclists appreciate.

To suitably finish off 2014 - our 21st anniversary year - we’ve come out with a new range of Merlin cyclocross bikes. A great melding of both our dirt and our drop bar knowhow.

‘Cross bikes are in a real purple patch at the moment. People of all kinds are realising the potential of these go-anywhere do-anything machines.

Available as high end carbon racers, super-elegant commuters or everyman alloy hack-abouts, our new cyclocross models are arguably the best Merlins yet.

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