Fenwicks Assembly Grease
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Fenwicks Assembly Grease
Fencwicks Assembly Grease
  • A synthetic, water resistant, multipurpose assembly grease specifically formulated for wet-duty performance.
  • Ideal for hub bearings, headsets, pedals and bottom brackets, Complex Synthetic Grease is non-staining and has a peerless cohesiveness and adhesiveness, protecting components during exposure to standing or pressurized water, mud, snow and ice.
  • 80ml Tube


NigelNot used yet but forced to review whole basket
OwainGood grease, can be a pain getting it out of the tube but does the job.
Mr janIts easy to apply and its high quality grease.
Mr SmallVery good product.
BazHandy applicator so no need for additional grease gun.
Mr RogozinskiReally good assembly grease, it's white coloured, useful to see what state it is after some time in the next maintenance, plus it is great to apply in tougher places, since the nozzle is narrow
GrahamDoes what it says on the tube. Trusted brand.
batWorks fine. Does the job.
JohnI use this grease as its viscosity makes it ideal for prep and bearing application. it has a water repellent rarely found in such grease
Mrs BrophyGood quality all purpose grease.
Mr BanasVery good stuff!
Mr ThorogoodGreat stuff and easy to apply rather than a tub.
Mr HuynhGood stuff, easy to use because of the squeeze tube. This tube will last a good while.
OmerAs it says. Reliable grease to use with probably any part.
Mr PlattsGood quality grease, exactly what needed,
Rob StoneSwitched to this grease based on my local bike shops advice and it works really well. Great price from Merlin as always.
JohnsonMTBGreat all round quality grease! Would buy again.
Mr PDoes the job as it should. The applicator is really convinient.
Mr ValeraExcellent grease for bearings
JSMGreat product, the grease is just the right consistency and due to the applicator doesn't go all over your hands. Very please.
PeterVery well priced and does the job just fine.
Mr Smithtop quality grease easy to use nozzle
Mr LeeGood quality grease, great price and service from Merlin
Mr WatsonDecent grease with a nozzle applicator for precise application.
Mr CookGreat, does the job, quality product at an exceptional price. The delivery was exceptionally fast, really impressed.
Cyclo64Really good stuff especially for assembling bottom brackets
Mr NaisbittI use this for the bearings etc on the winter bike as it offers good protection from water and winter grime. Easy application too
David KarlGrease - it does the job
Mr RadmanicPackaging design makes it easy to apply grease without mess
DerekNice & thick grease but smooth as well should stay where its needed and keep moisture out.
Mr SpearsGreat product, a must for all home workshops
ANDYI used some of this before I put in my pedals. So far so good.
Jamesfirst international order and it was perfect!!
ACNice medium consistency. Has an opaque appearance - not the translucent grease commonly used on bearings
Mr KinnaneIt has a small tip which is useful to get into small spaces. I used it to replace grease in my dura ace hub bearings. And it works great.
Mr ParentUsed it to do maintenance on my bikes headset, perfect
Mrs WhiteGood to have to hand, especially when I service the bike soon. I trust Fenwicks as a brand.
MarkExcellent grease and easy to apply thanks to the nozzle design. Mess free.
AlannGood grease for freeing up old parts and bolts.
Mr YewGood product and pricing from the store, can`t get this overseas.
Mr TalbotSmooth out of the tube, easy application.
Mr ArroyoIts hard to write a review on something that you will not find out the outcome until you need to disassemble it but seemed fine for the bike build that I was doing at the time I will post any pros or cons when and if they come up.The price was great as always from Merlin!
martinCracking product, I use it to pack my bearings both new & older allowing them to remain waterproof & prolong their life. Merlin as usual provided their usual exceptional service with cracking prices.
Brett CorryEasy to apply, does its job well
ANSWorks as advertised :) Practical package- you can cut the tip to make desired flow.
LuckyhawtenMedium thickness and feels that it will last quite long. I`ve put it on all bearings to make it water resistant. Used half of the tube in assembling my new bike which surprised me because I thought it's not much. Highly recommended!
Matt HallGenerous quantity without being over the top with handy application nozzle. As clean and mess free application as can be.
Mr CollingsGood grease, does the job. Excellent
Mr EwersI bought this product to use whilst replacing my bottom bracket. You can cut the nozzle to various sizes depending on the gap you need to get in. Great service again from Merlin
OldfieldGreat product, great applicator and quantity for the price
FortuñoPerforms well; this is a generous size ; should last for a while.
McKinneyGood stuff. Easy application straight from the tube.
RomainReally easy to use, keep parts clean and perfectly greased
DannyGreat product and very smooth bearings now due to this grease
NC - USA CyclistSmooth, medium texture. Got the job done. Cheap price.
JobesDoes this Job! Long lasting
Mr JakemanBought purely on the amount of good reviews I had read. Needed some grease when replacing my sealed bearing on my old rear wheel. It does the job very well and you get lots of it.
Mr HGood stuff, used it to grease BB and headset and its doing a great job so far! Only time will tell if it can survive a miserable British winter.
ChrisDoes the job. Would buy it again.
Mr CalderIts greasy what more can you say