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Fenwicks Bike Chain Cleaning Sponge

This is a simple yet very effective sponge to help clean the chain when using FENWICK’S Foaming Chain Cleaner. It may not look much but if cleaned after every use, it will clean up chains time and time again. One of our favorite tools.

Easy to use and worked well.
Great sponge does the job
Great sponge does the job, chain is immaculate, don`t forget to clean it to keep it for longer
Provided a surprisingly quick and efficient cleaning without the need for a chain cleaning tool.
Great sponge at a great price that does the job.
Actually really good. I was not sure but it does get a deep clean
Very easy to use and you can you use it many times good value for money
Good. Much better than expected. Thought it might be a bit of a gimmick, but actually works really well for cleaning chain.
This is the best chain cleaning tool available - this is what many of the world tour team mechanics use
Does what it says & cleaned up well with a little de-greaser.
Does the job, although I would say that the chain bath is better. I have now a purpose sponge for my chain though which is good.
Great, easy to use chain cleaner. Helps me keep my baby sparkling
This is a magical little sponge, good value and although after the first use its not the yellow colour anymore it can be rinsed out and re-used. I would buy another for sure.
Works much better than I thought it would.
Easy to use
A humble sponge! how can such an item be worth 5 stars. Well, this sponge is fantastic at cleaning the grottiest of chains, if used with the right cleaner. It last's for approx. 50 uses and it can potential save you a fortune, all for a couple of quid. If used properly it will not only save you wear on your chain but also chainrings, cassettes and jockey wheels. A few bobs worth. Great service as always from merlin cycles.
Thought I've give this a try as a quick and easy way to clean the chain without resorting to the full chain cleaning machinery. Works ok, but not sure how long it will last.
Simple but effective.