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Fenwicks Carbon Assembly Paste
  • Ideal for carbon-to-carbon or carbon-metal interfaces
  • Prevents creaking
  • Packaging – non porous so zero risk of contamination
  • Long applicator nozzle – no need for a grease gun, no mess when applied
  • Easy to store – hang it up or stand it up. A good size for the tool box
  • Clear paste with polybeads – non-smeary, non-staining
BikeRida It works well enough from what I can tell so far.
Mr campbell My seatpost hasn't moved, so it works.
ROGER V. This is my 2nd purchase, for my new road bike, need this for good grip in carbon seatpost and stem.
Mark Useful paste used for aluminium frame to carbon seatpost
Mr Talbot Does what it says. I've had no component sqeak or slippage.
Tim Solved my issue of seat post slipping. This tube will last for years as not much is needed
Mr Wimmer Nothing fancy here. Just the right answer for squeaky carbon bars and stems.
Mr Nicloux Did a great job to eliminate seatpost creaking
Felix Stopped my stem slipping. Even used it to fix my gps mount. Great stuff
Matt Hall Generous quantity without being over the top with handy application nozzle. As clean and mess free application as can be. No more annoying mid-ride squeaking or post slips.
Mr Perucho Good quality and effective...highly recommended
SANDELL Nice big tube of carbon assembly, long nossle for application and works great.
Seddon Not used a carbon paste before but needed to stop my seat post slipping. Didn't know what to expect but once I got the knack all went well and problem solved I think. Don't forget to shake it up as first squirt seemed a bit sloppy.
Edenburg Very economical as most other carbon paste is far more expensive. It does what it is supposed to do. This tube will last a long time in my workshop.
bikeyerasof This worked great to eliminate a carbn seat post creak.
David D Essential for carbon/metal interfaces to avoid overtightening. Good price.
Baker Clear grease with micro granules. This small tube will last for years
Mr Graham Works great for carbon on carbon installation.
Nathan Great - easy to use so that you only dispense what you need. Much prefer this to a tub.