Fenwicks FS1 Bike Cleaner Concentrate & Degreaser
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Fenwicks FS1 Bike Cleaner Concentrate & Degreaser
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Fenwicks FS1 Concentrated 1 Litre, Makes 11 Litres of bike cleaner from 1 litre.
FS-1 Cleans CARBON and MATT frames, leaving them with a perfect finish, it always has done and always will do. Why pay extra? For expensive, overpriced cleaners
Fenwicks FS-1 - No acids or solvents, ideal for all bikes
In 1996 we created our first bike cleaner concentrate called 'Hog Wash' If any of you have a bottle drop us a line. This was way ahead of the curve as it didn't take off due to the already mixed, ready to use bike cleaners out there. Relaunched in 2003 as FS-1 because of our belief in giving you value for money, the demand for FS-1 Bike Cleaner Concentrate increases by the day as there are now lesser concentrates on the market. This is because 1 litre of FS-1 can make up to 11 litres of ready to use bike cleaner, making it £0.91 per litre, a no-brainer really. We even have a special fill line on our FS-10 bottles at the bottom to help you out creating the perfect bike wash every time.
Like no other company we produce such highly concentrated cleaners using a complex blend of high quality liquid raw materials (others use cheaper powdered raw materials, which can leave a powdery residue when dry) FS-1 Bike Cleaner Concentrate cleans deeply and easily to leave exceptionally clean contaminant-free surfaces. Safe for you, your bike and the environment. Free from caustics, metasilicates, abrasives and silicone. Safe for use on all bike parts including carbon fibre, disc brakes, delicate anodized parts, etc. Plus it's strong enough to be a great degreaser.
How to use FS-1 as a degreaser
No need to wet bike beforehand.
  • Step 1: Apply neat to drive train or parts that need degreasing - can be used in any chain bath and allow to soak in for a couple of minutes before cleaning off.
  • Step 2: Agitate with brush or sponge.
  • Step 3: Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
How to use FS-1 as a bike cleaner
Using the fill level mark on a Fenwicks spray bottle dilute 1 part Fenwicks FS-1 Bike Cleaner Concentrate to 10 parts water. No need to wet bike beforehand.
  • Step 1: Spray bike thoroughly with the diluted mixture.
  • Step 2: Allow to soak in for a couple of minutes before cleaning off.
  • Step 3: Agitate dirt with brush or sponge.
  • Step 4: Rinse thoroughly with clean water..
HoneybadgerGets the job done and in my opinion far better value than muc off
Mr ByfordGreat product eats through grease and grime plus friendly to the environment too
Mr LemberQuite good. Same as the mucoff
PeterThis is great stuff. Use neat in a chain scrubber and dilute a capful in a bucket for the rest of the bike. You can even mix it with water in an old spray bottle if that is your preferred approach.
Mr DaykinExcellent degreaser, my favourite. Lasts a long time if used sparingly. Doea a good job
JamesGood value product that gets the job done
DesmondI have used Fenwicks for the last ten years and found it to be an excellent degreaser. Used neat, I paint it onto the entire drivetrain, agitating with a brush. It washes off easily with clean water. For stubborn grease on particularly dirty chains, I put the Fenwicks in a chain cleaner. This works well.
Mr corcoranGood product at a fair price. Versatility is what attracted me.
Richard VickeryGreat value for money - I use it concentrated as a degreaser and diluted as a bike washing agent
RDGGood stuff, works well. Make sure you read the label - the provided strength is rocket fuel, it needs to be well diluted!
Mr Igor MonteiroExcellent service from Merlin. Does the job for a reasonable price. Excellent 2 in 1 product!
pgk188Good cleaner, economical when diluted
Mr GradonAs they say it does what it says on the tin. Great value.
RebeccaGood cleaner, concentrate dilutes and goes a long way. Seems to be not as harsh as Muc Off and doesn’t destroy bearings as bad.
PJFirst time I've used Fenwick and so far it's an effective cleaner when used neat on my chain. The price is great and as always Merlin dispatched quickly and with no fuss.
AnthonyDoes the job, I’ve been using this product for years. Diluted to clean most of the bike and neat for the chain. Does what it says on the bottle. All so the product doesn’t seem to harm my lawn in harmful way.
SimonThis is my go-to degreaser. A small amount and the dirt just falls away!
LK LancasterOk but not a patch on the pink stuff for degreasing my bike. I know what I'll be ordering the next time I need to get the Muc Off!
Mr EllisSeems to work well, may need to leave for 5 mins. Giant tub, will last forever.
Paul NSeems to work well and versatile
Mr McveighOnly used once but did the job that I wanted. Easy to use
Mr BowThe best degreaser I have used. Tried it out as it was a reasonable price and not disappointed. Won't be cleaning my chains, cogs and any other oily bits with anything else. Rinses off completely with just plain water unlike some other degreasers which still need some soapy water. Smells nice too. Perhaps a bit too nice so if you have small children around, make sure this is stored out of sight and reach of them!
Mr WelshGreat for decreasing and cleaning
Mr BarbyExcellent product. Bought for use with my Pedro's Pig chain cleaner. Works a treat.
Mr HayleyUsed this for years very versatile use neat to clean drive chain and diluted as an effective cost effective general cleaner
AndyGood value bike cleaner. Preference over muc off.
northUsual Fenwicks quality, highly recommended
Mr ColeReally gets chain clean .Diluted makes brilliant bike wash.
Mr PughDoes the job you need it to very well at a great price.
Johnny SledgeSmells great, gets the gunge off your drivetrain when used neat, and cleans your bike well when diluted and applied as a spray. Love it. Get some.
Mr Lucas-GarnerI’ve used this in the past and managed to get a great price at Merlin. I like being able to dilute to a concentration of my own choice.
BrianHave used Fenwicks previously and this dilutes to make 11 litres, so ideal for squirty bottle and also using neat. Works well at shifting muck and grease with no nasty additives and good value for money.
WarwickBrilliant stuff. Use it neat as a degreaser, 1:1 as a chain cleaner, 1:10 water as a bike cleaner. MucOff despite being significantly more expensive, isn't nearly as good or versatile.
Mr sandersonWhat more can be said,it does what it says
paulWorks well cleans up the gears a treat when neat
NEIL WARNERJust sticking with degreaser I've been using for many years. Like fact that I can dilute it, even for cleaning chain & transmission, and thus a 1L bottle seems to last a fair time.
Mr Wilsongreat cleaner and good value
TonyI have used this product previously so have just ordered more. Use neat as a chain degreaser or dilute to wash my bike
martinReally good chain cleaner for the money, smells nice too
Andy in MKAbsolute game changer. Used neat with the Fenwicks chain cleaning sponge my chain and cassette hasn't looked that clean since the bike left the shop. Cleans rest of bike at 1:10 dilution so will last ages.
TOGGood degreaser and not made of toxic stuff
MathewGreat stuff, really good for cleaning drivtrain. Great merlin service as always
DanielDoes what it needs to without being too harsh
Mr GlewBest degreaser I have used and cheapest.
MARKAlways use muc off but disappointed with the price, so tried this as a chain degreaser, works just the same. Good job.
Mr LingwoodI have used several different bike cleaners in the past. Some just move muck around and leave a scum on the bike. Fenwicks FS1 is easy to apply and dirt simply washes off leaving the bike nice and clean and ready for polishing. Great as a chain degreaser too!
PMKSmells great. Cleans everything. Lasts ages.
TristanQuite simply the best you can buy and I love to buy British.
Mr BurnsAmazing value for money, I got 10ltrs out of this product and still worked as well as muc off. Will definitely buy again
IsaacExcellent value, and does the job well! Will hopefully last a long time
Mr TelfordI love this stuff - it’s really good for both cleaning the bike and degreasing the chain. Such good value in the sale too!
GreigOnly used it as a bike cleaner so far and it was excellent. Highly recommended.
Neil RelphBest stuff I've found for general cleansing. Works great in an ultrasonic cleaner, too.
Mr RendleSuperb cleaner! Way better than the rival products I've tried, and far more economical too. 1:10 dilution is fine, even for chain cleaning. No oily residue left – just spray on and wash off with clean water. Would thoroughly recommend.
Mr CookSpot on. Can work as a straight up degreaser or let down for a general cleaner. Works as well as any other brand I've bought, just considerably less expensive. Great service and delivery from Merlin too, as ever
KarenLove this cleaner, unlike muc-off it doesn't move grease from one surface to another. My chain scrubber doesn't require soaking in washing up liquid to remove the yuk after use. Fenwicks cleans it at the same time as your chain. MY drivetrain is spotless. It doesn't harm the environment either. Highly recommend it.
Mr WoodheadGreat value for money cleans well on par with muc off
EdThis is the cheapest and best way to get bike wash. I use it either neat for the chain or diluted for the rest of the bike. It only takes a second to mix up a batch in an old bottle.
Mr WennWay way better value than ANY other bike cleaner as much ore concentrated. You will need a spray bottle to dilute this into, but use very little to get correct mix, so 1/3 cost of the pink stuff, and cleans 95-98% as well IMO. Smells nice. Fully biodegradable too. More enviro as use less and in a bottle that can be recycled and not a pouch that can`t, like the pink market leader.
ChrisThe best bike cleaner that money can buy at the lowest price out there! Clean your bike without the harshness of other bike cleaners. This is also environmentally friendly and we use it to clean our boat whilst in the water also! Certificates are available for this on the Fenwicks website.
Mr SimpsonJust used as a de-greaser so far - works fine
Mr ChaldecottGreat product. Have used many times before. Works as spray on cleaner when diluted and also chain degreaser! 👍
Mr DruryGreat product used neat & diluted - used this product for several years.
Mr GDoes what it says on the tin. Good that it can be used as general bike cleaner if diluted or degreaser if used as concentrate.
AndrewDoes what it says on the bottle. Cleans my bikes up in no time. Due to it being a concentrate it also lasts for ages.
Mr BowmanEffective degreaser, used neat, for cleaning the drive train and a good general bike cleaner when diluted. Good value.
wayneStill the goto product for bike cleaning :)
Mr taylorI've used this for years. It cuts through the grime and cleans wonderfully well. Highly recommended. Good price and swift delivery.
RichardI really like Fenwicks bike cleaner. I have been using it alongside another (pink) leading brand and I think it has the edge. The concentrate is really good as a chain degreaser and requires little effort with a small brush to loosen the crud before hosing off. In its diluted form its a great all round cleaner for your bike too, leaving it nice and shiny. The other plus is its also cheaper than the other make. Highly recommended.
JoshTop all round cleaner
MarcGood when used as a cleaner - not messy, rinses well. Also fairly good degreaser.
Mr BrisleyWow, Fantastic product. Used neat on drivetrain it cleans really well. Leave it to soak for a few minutes the grease and dirt are left on the floor. Diluted it gives a great wash product too. Nice quick delivery too.
DCExcellent degreaser and all-round cleaner... even when used sparingly! There is obviously a best practice approach to (properly) cleaning a bike and when followed, Fenwicks left my bike frame and wheels with a lovely shine, my drivechain looking like new and allowing me to properly and carefully re-grease the necessary components without the fear of mixing grit in with new lubricant. Top stuff and smells good too!
StuNeed to make the solution stronger than recommended to be as powerful as muc off but still works out much better value. I use one of those 2 litre pump action garden sprayers that are cheap on ebay. Will buy again.
GarethNot found anything better than this degreaser, and diluted it cleans the bike well too
AndrewLove this cleaner especially used neat for cleaning your chain
GoldSo far so good. Seems like good stuff but only just started using it against muc off
MARTCYCLINGFirst time I've used this product, but I`m very happy, even cleans my alloy car wheels, very good value.
Mr MarriottVery effective cleaner for removing dirt from the bike, used straight from the bottle it worked well as a degreaser for my chain, I used it in a chain bath. Only slight negative is that the picture shows an outdated version, the item I received was the same shape but the colour of the liquid was green. Overall very effective, would buy again!
Flawless154 Andrew LawlessDoes the job, one of the better products I have used at this price point. Won`t hesitate to get it again.. Great service and delivery from Merlin
Mr BrookesEasy to use bike cleaner, use as a concentrate or diluted. Great value.
ElderI use this a lot and it goes a very long way
CyclingDaveWorks a treat, smells fine. I use it by applying on with a paint brush, and the chain bath. Gets my chain nice and sparkly.
Andy CurrieGreat chain cleaner. I don't use anything else.
Mr SearleGreat cleaner.
CookThe best degreaser I've found!
Mr WarnerFantastic stuff. Removed my cassette, soaked it in some of this before brushing off and it came out gleaming. Also used it neat in a chain bath and again worked brilliantly.
HansThis is fanatastic stuff! I recall mention of it somewhere being an extremely effective degreaser and suitable for cleaning chains. My chain tends to get very dirty very quickly, as I ride along a waterfront, so the chains gets fairly muddy and covered in everything from grass to sand. Cleaning the chain was always a huge chore, and utterly dissatisfying as the chain never became really clean. I used some off-the-shelf degreasers from Homebase which were only good at removing the worst of the grime, but never reaching deep enough into the links to properly clean them - I could always hear some crunching noise of caught sand or something else. With Fenwicks, the experience was really different. I soaked the chain in the liquid pure for about 10 minutes, and then agitated it in a closed container for almost 10 minutes. After a good rinse, my chain was in an almost-new state, and the links perfectly clean. I quickly covered them in WD-40 to prevent water from sitting in, and then went about drying and replace the WD-40 with some proper chain oil. Really great! For the cleaning the bike it works fantastically as well, and - no joke - it works as a good oil/fat based stain remover. I've used it on my carpet and on some cloths to good effect - disclaimer, I did experience some slight discolouration, but very minor.
Mr ArmstrongHadn't used this before and really impressed. Used neat on the chain and cassette and got a filthy drive train clean and shiny. Very impressed and would buy again.
PaclaVery good indeed, by far the best drivetrain cleaning product I've used.
Brian TrousersThe best product of its type I have used. Brings the chain up sparkly and new when used with the Park Tools chain bath. Use diluted generally on the rest of the bike in a similar way to Muc-Off.
Mr McbrineGreat for degreasing chains and also cleans rest of bike when diluted
Mr ScreenUsed this for years. Neat for chains, sprockets etc and diluted in spray bottle for general cleaning. Great product.
Mr NaisbittThe best bike cleaner on the market in my opinion. Used neat in a chain scrubber or diluted for general cleaning it gives great results in no time at all. Good value for your money as well
NdaveFirst time using this and it is Great stuff, really works well compared to previous other aerosol makes used.
Mr baylissI love the product, have used it for years but never found a 5ltr bottle untill I came to merlin cycles. Great product and great delivery, the order was despatched on monday and arrived the next day. Very happy with the product and merlin cycles.
Matthew TwiggerWorks superbly well. Have only used non-diluted so far but, in conjunction with a Park Tools chain bath, got everything sparkly clean!
Mr JackExcellent product. Use it diluted for cleaning and neat for complete degreasing. Have found it to be excellent on all parts of the bike. No worries about damage to the paint work etc. No sticky residue left unlike other well known products I have used
Dr MurrayExcellent product. Cleans the chain real good
Mr Kucuk-koseI use this in a Park Tools chain bath. It does remove the majority of gunk, however, after using the chain bath a bit of scrubbing and elbow grease is required to ensure that the chain is squeaky clean.
Alex MasidloverCleaned up old bike parts very effectively.
Mr CornickReally really good product. Cleans & degreasers like magic.
CopsThis stuff is great - either dilute for genearal cleaning duties or use as concentrate on chains etc. Fast delivery again!
Mr ClarkLove this stuff. I just use a brush to get the stuff on my chain and gears then rinse it off after a couple of minutes, with water. Clean as a whistle. Not used it diluted yet for the rest of the bike, but I am going to soon.
Mr SargeantI only use this for cleaning, it does everything I need and lasts for ever!
Dave BGood value and cleans the chain as good as any other more expensive fluid.
Mr EllisEnvironmentally friendly and does the job perfectly. Brilliant!
Mr HarriesGreat product, use neat as chain degreaser and dilute for general bike cleaning.
MattGood quality powerful degreaser. Works well as cleaner at 10-1 and lasts ages.
Mr SpougeTop product! Cleans muddy MTB and chain set with ease! Wouldn't be without it.
Mr leatherExcellent stuff- use neat in a chain bath for sparkly chain, or dilute as directed for very a very effective overall bike cleaner. Carbon friendly and eco friendly too.
Mr rootsGreat product, does what it says on the bottle and excellent value for money as its concentrated so this 1 litre bottle makes 10 litres of cleaner.
Mr TIt calls itself a Bike Cleaner and low and behold it cleans bikes - well.
Ms BruntAmazing cleaning power!
Mr harleydoes degrease but not very good but water it down and you can wash ur bike in it .its better than m*** of and a lot cheaper will buy again
Dr MeadeClean the bike, degrease the chain, it works and lasts.
Mr WeatheringtonOnly used as chain cleaner so far and done much better job than the muc off chain cleaner.
Mr McCombieExcellent degreaser, price and service.
Mr LewisExcellent multi-purpose product
Mr ShortGreat suff, does exactly what it's supposed to do!
Mr NelsonGreat product. Equal to or better than muc-off when diluted and really powerful as a concentrate. Great value too. On another note, Merlin's service was outstanding as usual (1 day turnaround!)
Mr doreExcellent service as usual, i always check with merlin first. Thanks again
Tim StorrOnly used once but seems excellent. Only needed a small amount to bring the rear cassette up like new. Will dilute to use as a general frame/wheel cleaner.
Jon BlunnThis is the best cleaning fluid as it is concentrated so goes much further than a squirty bottle. Also used concentrated really cleans chains!
Mr LeatherlandUnbeatable value bike cleaner. Use neat to degrease chain etc. or dilute and use it like Muc-off. The best bike cleaner.
P HurstWorks really well for cleaning chain and chainset although you do need to scrub with toothbrush if very dirty
Mr HarriesExcellent stuff! Use neat as degreaser on mucky chains and dilute for other parts.
Jon ClementsSecond time I've ordered this. I use it neat on the chain with a chain cleaning device and dilute it down to give the whole bike a wash. Highly recommended.
Mr HINDMARCHThis cleaner when diluted to whatever strength you require, is first class. It beats the 'MUC OFF' product by a mile, and works out a lot cheaper. Highly recommend it. It's gereat for alloy car wheels as well.
Mr hawkinsGreat cleaner that does it all; dilute for using all over the bike (1/20 is fine) or use neater for degreasing (1/2). I can confirm that you can use on discs and pads with no problems.
Mr NetherwoodSeems to work much better than other chain degreasers I have used. Good price, good service.
Steve in DevonMakes up to 10 litres of bike cleaner when diluted which easily stands up to similar products for a fraction of the price. A bottle of this will last me approx 2 years and we have 8 bikes in the stable! Absolute bargain
Mr FletcherHave been using this stuff for years, does what it says and is good value for money.
Mr SargeantBeen using it for 3 years and always does the job, either diluted for a wash or neat on the greasy stuff.
Mr FruitbatUse neat in chain cleaner. Dilute 10:1 for general cleaning. Economical, smells nice. Can also be used to clean conservatories and othe PVCu stuff.
Mr RobertsonThis is the best cleaning liquid on the market. Delivered quickly and as described.
Mr KendallDoes what it should do. 1 litre dilutes down to last ages.
Mr harperThis stuff is great much kinder on the bike than muck off. Dilute down to make 11litres in total and spray it every where. Makes cleaning far easier.
Mr hansonfantastic product, excellent as a bike cleaner when diluted & good as a degreaser when used neat.