Fenwicks Professional Bike Chain Lube
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Fenwicks Professional Bike Chain LubeFenwicks Professional Bike Chain Lube
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Fenwicks Professional Bike Chain Lube - 100ml

The ultimate in quiet, efficient and smooth running chain lubrication.  Developed over many years using innovative raw materials, Fenwick’s have formulated a unique chain lube.  Its ability to run in all conditions at such high levels of performance are unsurpassed.  This chain lube will perform in the dry and in the wet.  Longevity and efficiency are the key features resulting in an extremely smooth running chain.  Ideal for road and off road where performance is paramount.

  • Silent
  • Smooth
  • Clean 
  • Amazingly quiet with exceptional longevity.
  • 100ml
Mr Clayton Best to keep the oil inside the house - gets VERY thick when kept below 15 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, a good oil for non- racing use. Thick and long-lasting++
Mr Foxall Trying this for the first time.,.. really like it. Chain staying quiet and don't need to keep applying. Nice
Mr Henderson Love this stuff. Only need a spot on each roller. Warm it first. Less product less mess
Jake Best dry lube I've used - far more durable than muc-off dry lube and still better than the finish line teflon I used mostly before. Thick stuff - apply sparingly and it's amazing how quiet-running and durable it is. Good for 250 dry miles before light re-application and lasts fairly well in the wet on road.
Mark Does the job in both wet and dry conditions. Has to be left for a few hours before riding.
Mr Johnson The best lube I’ve tried. Keeps the drivetrain smooth and silent, and doesn’t pickup dust too readily
DT Early days but so far I like it...Quiet and smooth running.
Alan Good quality product!
Mr DENNIS Good lube in all conditions
Jako Keeps the chain clean and smooth running.
Mr Simmester Applied after cleaning my chain, sonds much quieter than when using previous dry oil.
Mr Voukelatos Nice lube oil. I apply and I left it for 5 hours until I ride. Very quiet and doesn't make the chain and the gears black.
Philip Different lube but very effective and clean running
Phil BNE Aus Good lubricant for all bikes. It has a clean finish once applied.
Prof DAGLIOGLU High performance product
neville A bit tedious to apply but the chain runs very quietly and smoothly. The weather here is mainly dry so I don't know how it stands up to the wet.
Mr Whitmarsh My favourite non-wax lube. It makes the transmission nice and quiet and lasts a decent amount of time too. Just don't put too much on or it can get a bit claggy.
Mr Wright Really good product, best I've used. Keeps the chain nice and clean and seems to run a lot smoother through the gears.
nezih It takes a bit longer and caution to apply but it's clean and smooth.
Mr C A little too tacky for my liking, chain got a bit gunky and required frequent cleaning.
Vanier What a surprise this chain oil is the best for durability and stay clean for much more time than a sticky one. Very pleased with the product
Mr Sonmez Very very good lubricant. I used it on my city bike and saw that it shifts better than my road bike.
Mr bickley Fast Delivery. Great product, my second bottle, covers all weather conditions.
McKinney Used for the first time today. Left smooth running drivetrain. Smells pretty awful when you put it on.
GeraintNotThomas Excellent stuff. To apply I removed chained, scrubbed clean in degreaser then rinse and dryed overnight. Warmed lube in cup of water then applyed a drop on each link (mine didn't come with the pipette just a standard noozle) spin the pedals for a bit and then left overnight. Couple of rides later on wet muddy back roads and its pretty much silent . The best lube I've used.
Alwyn A The products and service from Merlin are second to none Best oil I have ever used.
Kish A very effective lube insofar as it keeps chain fairly clean and noise-free. Similar appearance to a diluted copper grease and although needs to be applied carefully. A good compromise between a heavy oil and a light grease.
Mr Greenhalgh Runs slient, runs smooth, get some!
Kerr Has kept the gear change smooth for the past few weeks and if it sticks to the chain half as well as it sticks to my legs it should be a while before I need to reapply.
Mr Mcbrine Seems to work very well, a bit labour intensive but worth the time.
Mr Wells I was expecting stealthier but it is a nice light lube which works well in the dry and with regular cleaning and reapplying. Works better when it's warmed up but don't put it in the microwave as I did as you will knacker the pipette.
Mr cunliffe Very smooth, I needed my glasses to apply to my chain. Took some time to apply but worth it
T Storr Very easy to apply and seems much quieter than previous lube and much less messy when cured
Mr Pyrah Yep, I definately like this!
Mr topp I am undecided on this- it works, its nice to use but it is not making my SRAM RED as stealthy quiet as i hoped- is that the lube or the groupset?
Mr russell very good product if put on and left to dry a little bit exspensive but still good.
Mr little fantastic, sticks like xxxx, easy to apply, long lasting,best chain lube i have tried....