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Gear Inner Wire Caps 1.2 mm (Pack of 6)
  • The use of gear inner wire caps prevents cables fraying, ensuring optimum cable performance
  • Can be easily and securely crimped onto 1.2 mm gear cable end without splitting
  • Price is for a pack of 6
They are what they are and they work.
Good quality ferrules.
Works as they should. Good value
Used these already good quality at a fair price. Good order filler to get free shipping.
Well priced and very good for a neat presentable re-cable tidy up
Simple item, but works well
The best wire caps around
Very good high end caps.
Very simple but necessary
Good quality and effective...highly recommended
Four for the bike, two spare, seem like good quality caps
Standard caps. Good value. Easy to install.
What's to say - they do the job, neat and simple
Great product it always nice to have a few extra wire caps on hand.
Works good should have bought more !
Very useful wee gadgets!
Bought these just to top up my order to get the free shipping. Good to have some for when I need them. They are very basic but I can't think of a way of making them fancier besides more color options (which I frankly don't give a damn about).
Essential must have for gear/brake cable changing. Cheap as chips too
Not much to say about these most basic of components. Handy to have around.
Nicely bagged and very handy. What more can I say...they look better than frayed cable ends.
What can you say about these simple but essential little items except they are cheap, they work well and the shiny finish is better than the normal matt.
Great finishing touch for trimmed cables
Useful little things. Nice to be able to buy them separately.
Does what it says on the tin. Easy to fit and crimp and they stay on. If you need to remove 'em squeeze and they pop off. Do it carefully and they are re-usable.
They do the job just fine-handy to have a few spare to avoid the cable fraying.
They do the job, can't really make them much better and they are easy to fit. Super fast service from Merlin.
Hmm. You slide 'em on and crimp 'em in place. They stay slid on and crimped in place. All good.
Small but essential : )
Basic, functional wire caps; they stop cables fraying!
Very handy for gear wire change.
Perfect to have kicking around the tool box saves having to replace a more expensive gear cable due to it splitting.
They cover the end of cables to stop them fraying. They do this very well.
As described, cable wire ends caps.
Always worth having a few knocking about, dead cheap as well.
Perfect for the job
Simply do what you need!
They do what they say on the packet.
Work just fine, they don't seem to cut in half like others that i've tried.
good stuff
Great product cheap and realiable
Do exactly what you think they do. Nice and cheap, great
Finished my latest project off nicely.
Good quality wire caps - ' does what it says on the tin' Arrived in the post the day after ordering.
Very good
They do exactly what it says on the tin. Usual brilliant service from Merlin, received next day!