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    Mountain bike (MTB) handlebars

    They aren’t just straight pipes. Selecting the most suitable handlebar for your bike and your riding is important. It’s thankfully nicely straightforward. Your hands govern how your bike rides. Where you put them and how they interact wit the bike and the trail is dictated by your handlebar. It’s an important component that has a massive effect on your whole riding experience. Mountain bike handlebars have four main variables: width, rise, sweep, and material. Pretty much all modern mountain bikes come with stems that take 31.8mm diameter handlebars. There are two other clamp sizes out there: the old 25.4mm standard and the latest 35mm standard. The 35mm standard is super, super stiff and aimed at Downhill or top-end Enduro racers. You need to get the correct diameter bar for your intended stem regardless. We carry bars from Race Face, Easton, Renthal and Ritchey.