Hiplok Z-Lok Armoured Reuseable Tie Lock
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Hiplok Z-Lok Armoured Reuseable Tie LockHiplok Z-Lok Armoured Reuseable Tie LockHiplok Z-Lok Armoured Reuseable Tie LockHiplok Z-Lok Armoured Reuseable Tie LockHiplok Z-Lok Armoured Reuseable Tie Lock
Code: HLZLK1
Hiplok Z-Lok Armoured Reuseable Tie Lock - Pair
The first secured reusable zip style tie provides ultra-convenient added protection for use on car racks, with accessories and other outdoor equipment. A cutting edge concept in security with a multitude of applications, Z LOK is sold in pairs. Ideal for those much needed Cafe stops!
  • Security Level: Low Risk
  • Product Specification: Double sided ratchet design, reinforced steel core, universal release key.
  • Weight: 20g
  • 40cm long
Mr CampbellSimple, light, convenient, and strong enough to easily deter opportunists. Obviously not the last word in security, but great for coffee shop stops while you're out on a ride. It does need something fairly narrow to attach to - a standard bike stand or drainpipe is fine, but a wide drainpipe can be too much to get it around.
StephanieGood locks, are a great additional bit of security when on bike rack
LukkyphilGood peace of mind for a quick cafe stop to stop opportunistic theft. Light and easy to carry and use, which is important on a weekend roadie ride.
Mr ScrivenerLight, easy to use. Rolls up to fit a jersey pocket. And seems pretty tough. Be aware though that these locks use a generic key so maybe not as safe as you`d expect. But seems perfect for short trips to the cafe/shops. Would recommend do far but I haven`t had a chance to fully test it out!
Mr BarryExcellent product. Ideal for the coffee stop and very light to carry.
Mr LamshedReally handy lock for a quick trip to the shops. Would be better if it came with two keys. Also the key is pretty fragile, I've bent mine just from having it in my pocket. The locks will last longer than the key.
DanielGood portable lock for peace of mind, easy to carry and will stop people running off with your pride and joy. Key is a bit flimsy though and only one is supplied.
VincentThese are great to use for quick stops when you need to secure your road bike and don't have a proper lock. Lightweight and easy to use.
EckythumpHandy lightweight security solution. Obviously will not prevent a deturmined thief but a handy visual deterrent when you pop in to grab a post ride pie or to secure to a bike rack on you car. If used with the above in mind a great product.
Full CommitmentLooking for a lightweight lock for quick shopping stops. No heavy padlocks, this could stow away on my road bike in the handlebar for emergency use.
RThese are fantastic. I was looking for an easy way to secure my helmet to my bike and found it with these. Easy to lock and unlock, a great deterrent to an opportunist thief.
Scott UI love how light and easy to use these are. Just what I was looking for as a deterrent while I run in for a latte during my rides!
Mr MalcolmA bit fiddly but very light. Ideal for Audax cafe stops
CherneIt's a nice option for a coffee stop. Longer would be better for me and having a way to keep it coiled tighter for storage would be nice.
Paul FinnSecurity for the quick stops when bikes can disappear. It wouldn't stop a determined thief but the band's steel core is sturdier than expected and the cover protects expensive paintwork. At 42cm, it's long enough to lock two bikes together yet coils to fit easily in a jersey pocket.
LeiningerLightweight. Works as described. I like them a lot but a couple more inches of length would be even more useful.