Icetoolz AirDam Glueless Patch Set
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Icetoolz AirDam Glueless Patch Set
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Icetoolz AirDam Glueless Patch Set - 6 patches.

Icetoolz AirDam Glueless Patch Set - 6 patches

Outlaw Hobbs Essential kit on any ride. Bargain
Sam Campbell These worked very well, when I had to use them, sealing firmly and successfully.
Mr Masters Nice small pack, easy to carry n a saddle pack. One has got me home in the past, I always carry one tube, but two punctures meant I needed a patch, quick and easy and airtight.
Paul Works great! Tiny, light and packable
Will Cotter Cheap and cheerful. I love the tiny compact case they come in. Really handy to have in the backpack.
Mr Bradbury Nice and small, handy to have hope to not need. Not used as yet but looks good.
SJM Not used yet, but have been reliable in the past on latex tubes.
Mr JH Neat little patch kit, although touch wood wont have to use them that much aha
Mr Ates It reacts with the tire and adheres perfectly.
Mr Greenhough Very handy as the glue is built into patches
Jonathan Neat little container keeps the patches safe and dry, easy to squeeze into my saddle bag.
Mr Crawford Convenient and work well. Even patched a split tyre sidewall from the inner - recommended ✅
Mark Great, handy little carry-around patch kit that doesn't require you to carry a separate tube of glue! Lightweight and extremely convenient.
Anthony Simple product, but would have expected it to be more sticky. Worth buying
Mr Dumigan Good in an emergency, makes sure you rough up the inner tube & press them on hard as they can peel off
Filofax Fine so far - a bit more substantial than other instant patches.
Daniel Great to have in your pocket just in case
Mr Petrov The best patch kit you can carry with you
Jay-v Affordable yet dependable patches.
Mr Alcalde Cómodos en caso de emergencía.
Dung Nguyen It looks very good although I have not used it yet. I always hold it in the tool box. I feel safe more on the road. Thanks
Adam Great product and easy to use
Junichi 接着剤なしにパッチできる便利アイテムです。
samo Quite small and only 1 small piece of sandpaper but looks like it should do the job for nails etc
Mr Peykov Good patches for a quick repair!
Michael Convenient little case for keeping in your saddle bag or pocket. Not used them yet...hope I don't have to!
Mr Mandrioli Had unfortunately to use them right before having bought it. Work just fine and is easy to use. Even used it for a temporary fix of a tyre
Mr Grant Bought these for emergencies and will do the job just fine.
colin Great piece of piece of kit to have in your saddle bag
Tim Childs WGTN, NZ Good idea, great for my tool bottle.
Desmond Handy size- I always carry them ...just make sure tube is dry and clean!
Mr Wagner Haven't had to use these and hope I never need to. But having them as a backup is a great plan when you are out in the bush.
Mr Lex C Arrived in good condition, very reliable patch tools... so that it wont burn your pocket each time puncture happen. Been using a few patch for more than 6 months ... all still working fine.
Sean Brilliant patches take with me for back up just in case
Mr Stewart Size is great for a small bag or even to pop in your pocket. Enough patches so as not to be caught short.
Stephen I've not had chance to use these yet, but hopefully will provide a good backup should I run out of spare tubes. Very small pack, ideal for keeping in a saddle bag just in case
martin Had them before, work well so bought again
Mr Bates Nice and sticky - sealed punctured tube no worries..
Mauricio Light and small, so no excuse to not have one of these with you when you go out.
PhilR Amazingly small box. Easy to fit in the tool bag
Mr Robert Martin Virtually weightless and a ride saviour after your 3rd puncture. A must in every tool kit
Selimoglu Works well if used correctly.
Mr Van Doorn Work fine. Tend to dry out after they have been on for a while but do the job
B. Clark from Atlanta, Georgia [USA] Kit is tiny and compact, small enough to wear in the back of my jersey.
Mr Achten First time I have used Glueless patches, worked a treat .
Mr Wilkes These work a treat, would like to buy them in a 50 pack.
Mr Schmitt This patches are very easy to use. It is very cheap and very good.
Mr brewster Super little kit for emergencies, just does what it says on the tin, buy one !!
Justin Rolfe They work, and the packaging is small.
Nash Bakhit I am sure thet come very handy when needed, Hope not so soon but :) ,, very small, easy to carry when cycling, and quick to use when needed.