ISM PR1.0 Road Bike Saddle
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ISM PR1.0 Road Bike Saddle
Code: ISM-SA-PR1.0-K
ISM PR1.0 Road Bike Saddle

The PR1.0 is a new seat in the line, set to reset your expectations of comfort. PR stands for Performance Recreation, as this seat is as comfortable on a hybrid bike as it is on a full-blown race machine.


  • Thick 50 series foam padding
  • Contoured front arms
  • A synthetic leather cover.
  • 245mm long and 140mm wide.
Mr ahliBest seat for triathlon, been using it for long time and its my second seat for another bike.
Mr TaylorWell made and appears to be good value. Good level of padding but not too much as to be a problem. Good scoop out before the saddle divides into two front arms which is what attracted me to this saddle. These are tricky saddles to set up correctly despite watching several aging google how to videos. I'm still trying to find the ideal position ith my saddle, hampered slightly by bruising and damage from my previous saddle. However I have high hopes and great expectations of this saddle it says all the right things and it definitely does relieve some of the pressure and potential damage but is it enough, early days. Plenty of forward rotation with this saddle as no 'saddle nose' to dig into you and obviously good ventilation. Overall a nice product, well constructed, not too pricey and says it does the job but fiddly to set up and needs a lot of trial rides to get it right. Take a tool out with you to adjust seems to be the consensus here.
Mr PuttickI have one of these on my ATB so bought this one for the turbo but it is horrible, Where I get very sweaty around the top of my quads, it rubs and makes it very sore, Whilst my 'bits' are very comfortable my bum aches after an hour. So.... great for the mountain bike but iffy for the turbo.
Armando M.After having six different saddles of the best brands I finally found the one really relieving pain! Still can't believe it!!
Mr RowanThis is a good replacement of the much loved Typhoon saddle which is no longer available. It is a narrower saddle but, despite the truncated nose, is long enough to adjust your riding position ocassionally. Would definitely recommend if you suffer with blood-flow issues on long rides!
Mr HolmesI have ridden many saddles and always suffered from bum pain etc but this saddle has cured the problem. To a degree it has replaced it with sore sit bones and initial rides may leave you questioning its validity, but after 50 or so miles you start to see that bum pain is history and sit bone pain not such a big issue. I wouldn't ride anything else now. (I'm 54, 5ft 8in and 16 stone)