Lezyne Smart Kit Puncture Repair Kit
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Lezyne Smart Kit Puncture Repair Kit
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Lezyne Smart Kit Puncture Repair Kit
  • Six glueless patches
  • Emergency tire boot
  • Stainless steel tube scuffer
  • Low-profile pouch
Mark M Favorite patch kit
Mr Fava Worked exactly as expected. .
Mr Columbres good set of patch kit
Mr Carter Incredibly useful kit, repair kit works perfectly and fits nicely with all my tools.
L. Hird super low profile and easy to carry round in jersey pocket if you dont want to carry a spare.
Mr luis barretto have not tried this one since i have not gotten a puncture yet but a friend of mine who i gave a pack of this told me that its easy to use. no air leak for the past 6 days already.
Grant This is my puncture repair kit of choice, been using it for many years as I prefer the reduced maintenance of running tubes. One major thing I have noticed is that in order to get the best seal on a puncture it's best to let as much air out the tube as possible before you apply the patch otherwise it will shrivel up and leave small airholes, whereas if you apply it to a deflated tube it will stretch and contract with the tube and generally stay sealed a lot better for a whole lot longer
Charles Never leave home without them
Mr Elmes Not used yet. Hope I don’t have to!
Mr Redsell Not used yet but nice and compact.
Nicholas Eldred Compact and useful to have in the saddle bag. Contains a tyre boot which is always handy to have out on a ride in case of a split tyre.
Si Patches and a tyre boot, in a handy pouch. Simple and effective.
Mr Feliciano Nice packaging. I have yet to use the product but instructions are pretty clear. Small size and will fit well in a saddle bag. Would never go for a ride without it!
Tom Great little kit
V Compact and easy to use. The instructions also doubles as an emergency tyre boot - really handy for deep tyre gashes.
Michael Probably a little out of fashion with the tubeless being very much the standard but for 'old school' tube setups these are an essential to pack before heading out. Quick and easy to apply permanent fix.
Simon Fortunately haven't used it yet but it's about as tiny as you could possibly make it while still having exactly what you need for a swift repair. Takes up no space at all in my saddle bag.
Mr Funnell better for on ride repair no glue or other bits to take with you
Mr Joy Good little kit.
M Wilson Slimline and take up no space in a bike saddle
Mr Macpherson Hope to never have to use these, but great as an emergency if spare tubes fail, weigh next to nothing.
Rob Nice compact kit for ease of carrying on a ride.
Suffolk rider01 Small to carry on every ride
Ali Nice patches. work well
Mr Geake Very light and easy to fit into saddle pack. Not had to use yet but pretty confident.
Mr Smith These weigh nothing, take no space, and work reliably for me. To be fair I have yet to fit one in the rain yet.
Thomas Oh Always good to bring in your saddlebag.
Mr Carneiro Bought it several times in the past. Works very well.
Sputnik Small ,light and compact and perfect to have in the kit for peace of mind
Sam Great little compact kit. Team this with just a pump and it’s great for 20 mile rides so I can ditch the saddle bag
Mr Mayers Amazing product. Quick and easy to use. Speedy delivery too.
Lillee Excellent, had to use the tire boot on the weekend so just past and rode 80kms since so can vouch for it's effectiveness! Annoyingly though I have to buy a new pack just to replace the boot, should sell boot seperately?
Nicola Very compact! Have not used it yet, but so small you can easily take it with you anywhere.
Mr Hubycz Super fast to use and never had one fail. Will never use a glue patch again
Mr DuQuesnay Nice and sleek perfect safety net for any ride and the price is right
alon It looks like it will be good for the job. I hope not to use very often😊
CFOO Worked very well and last long in my torn tyre
Mr Galbraith Neat little patch kit that will get you out of trouble. Patches are quite sturdy and adhere well to a punctured tube.
AF Tiny pack, easy to take anywhere, I haven't use it yet but I bought it because it had good reviews and easy to use.
Mr Langdon Very nice kit. Light and small. Used to effecively repair one puncture. Merlin service excellent.
Laura This is probably my favourite piece of emergency kit. It's so small you can slide it anywhere. Ideal for those (rare) days when you get too many punctures on the go. It'll bring you home safely
Mr Filipek Used this kit for many years good patches with an included tyre boot great for roadside tube repairs
Richard I've used these before, very easy to use and handy to carry.
Mr Convento Small and very convenient, easy to store in your bike bag or pocket
Jared Perfect quick patch repair and reliable too
DAntonio Great patch kit, definitely a must have item
George The best puncture repair kit. Period. Small, light, easy to use, strong, versatile, and cheap, what's not to love??
BPArchibald Easy-to-use repair kit, saved my life a couple of times. Makes it quick to get back on bike after small punctures.
Kiwi Chris Simply the best patches.
Mr Kalaj Stick well and stay on. Great patches.
Mr angeles I have used it on latex inner tire and performed well. Easy to use.
Mr Evans I have not had to use them yet. Really light and compact package, stick in your pack and forget about it.
Buddykin Fantastic puncture kit that is small but works remarkably well
Wayner A compact repair kit. Not used yet, but there in my backpack for those moments!!
J Auriemma Perfect slim size to store anywhere, great product.
Euan Compact enough to fit in saddle bag without taking up much space. Only used one patch so far but seemed to work well, still going strong.
Andy J. Great little patch kit, very handy for the saddle bag!
BR Clever little kit to keep you rolling, small and useful!
Mr Roberts Works better than the Topeak glueless patches I had been using. Plus it has a tyre boot in the pack.
Mr Bratley Oooh such a small package - I almost never noticed them. Great little addition to the minimalist emergency kit.
C Reid Excellent small emergency patches that I have used on both road and mtb tubes
Mr Mortimer Use these a lot, they are very good and you don`t need glue
Mr Barclay Very compact & excellent patches
Mr Popov A must have repair kit. Fix punctures in just a few minutes.
Mr Angove Hopefully wont need this, but small and compact to easily carry.
Mr WONG Inexpensive and compact kit to keep on your bike for those unexpected punctures.
Miss douglas Best repair kit.
Mr Jenkins Great repair kit, easy to use and patches stick very well.
Mr Hopper Lovely little kit to add to my other lezyne products.
Mr Morris Kit takes up no space at all and is so easy to use. Great product.
Mr richardson Great price, great product. Amazingly fast delivery
Mr Tran Easy to use and works really well.
Mr rands Patches stick really well, seem a bit stronger than the Park equivalent. maybe a bit more expensive than glue type patches but easier and less messy !!
Mr Bickham Great patch kit. Find it really quick to use, as it seem to stick and hold in place within seconds and no need for glue so it's no mess. Nice plastic sleeve so it takes up no room in the saddle bag.
Mr Parkinson
Mr Foulds Have not used yet and hopefully will not but a nice little pack slips easy into my seat bag.
Mr Wardley Nice quality and light bit of kit
MTB_CRAZY Used one of the patch over the weekend. Very quick and easy to repair a flat. Ligth and easy to stash in your pack.