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Maxalami Road & MTB Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit


The MaXalami tubeless tyre repair kit makes road or trail-side tyre repair easy and convenient. Designed to work with road or mountain bike tubeless tyres all the parts you need are stored in a simple carrying-tube which can be easily stored in your jersey pocket, saddle-bag or trail pack until you need it. Featuring an assortment of plugs and a specially designed insertion tool the MaXalami repair kit can seal cuts up to 10mm quickly and easily without the need to remove your wheel with fast, effective inflation achieved with a CO2 cartridge. Simply take out any offending foreign object and insert a ‘worm’ using the provided tool. As you hold the worm and take the tool out, the worm stays in and seals the hole. Tested up to 140psi. 


Repair Kit Includes:

  • 3 x 3.5mm x 10cm Worms
  • 5 x 1.5mm x 5cm Worms
  • Applicator Tool
Good product at a great price. Haven`t had to test it out yet, and hopefully never have to!
Well thought out lightweight kit at a good price. Saved a long walk home when the rear tyre on my road bike got a 4mm cut in the centre of the tread that the sealant couldn't seal. I've cut the 3.5mm strings in half and they plenty long enough.
Nice and compact. This will live in my trail bag permanently. Not had to use it yet and hopefully never have to!
Easier to stash than some of the other tubeless repair kits. Haven't needed to use it in anger yet.
Very simple idea. Small and easy to pack in the toolbag. Fortunately not needed to use them yet.
Excellent product that really works. I'll be buying more. The worms are sticky meaning you don't have to apply any adhesive to them like some systems, and the effect is instant. Just pump up the tyre and you're on your way.
Nice neat compact kit, Have been using this system for years in dirtbike tyres but the dog turds are more the diameter of a pencil, ive puntured a tyre that I was about to remove (stuck a screwdriver through the sidewall) It repaired right up so im happy, Nice little piece of mind to chuck one in your back pack.
Looks to be just the ticket - nice and compact, but large enough to be fairly easy to use. Decent price, reasonably fast shipping.
Very compact and easy to carry in a pocket. Hopefully I it will never be needed
The size and weight are ok for a just-in-case type of item and the tube that acts as the packing is good for carrying all the pieces. The functionality is still a mystery as I haven't punctured yet while carrying this.
Looks neat- hopefully I wont have to use it- fits easily into rear pocket
Lightweight, effective and easier than attempting to drop a tube into a tubeless setup.