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Michelin Aircomp Latex Tube 700 x 22/23

Super light latex inner tube

700c x 22/23

40mm or 60mm Presta valve

Mr Jones Great inner tubes for racing, more puncture resistant than butyl and much faster when it comes to racing
Mr BIHARI +I guessed that is the best what is available beside of the pricey Silca tubes :( +Decent tube quality, I trust in Michelin rather than Vittoria/Geax. (+)Relatively thick. During 24 h pressure drops from 8 bar to 5,5 bar. --The valve core isn't removable. You cannot change it if the valve core is bended. You cannot inject sealant easily into it. - - -Have a freaky tendency to leaking air if start to tighten the cap until full turn in (the cores are actually not bended).
Rozza Used these for the last three-four years (Summer & Winter) with Conti 4000II S (23mm & 25mm). Extremely comfortable, very reliable and zero punctures in all that time. Make sure to order the correct valve length as the core is NOT removable. Oh, of course, being Latex don't forget to pump 'em up every ride - but you do that anyway don't you ;-)
Mr David The Michelin Aircomp Latex tubes are a good price and have valve lengths in just the right sizes - great latex tubes
Mr Lambert Decent set of latex tubes. Bought them for the 60mm valve. Heavier than some light butyl tubes, but still latex. All the air loss issues are known detractors of the tubes, but use these for my criterium wheel set, so am not bothered by having to pump them up from time to time.
andrew Great tubes for a really good price. Hard to find 60mm stem in latex so quite happy to have found these. Using with Zipp 303 and they work great.
Shaw Good quality tube which I use mostly for racing. They are a great inner tube.
Mr Larsson Fast rolling, good feel. A bit hard to fit.
Badger Lower rolling resistance at the cost of pumping tyres up each ride (which I did anyway with butyl tubes). Easy to repair with glueless patches, be careful when installing as easy to pinch flat with tyre lever. Fit fine in 700x25 mm tyre.