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Michelin Airstop A1 700c tubes
  • Michelin Airstop A1 tubes
  • Premium quality butyl 
  • 700c x 18/25c
  • Presta 40mm valve
There are lighter tubes out there, but these are pretty tough and reliable, especially when struggling to get tight fitting clinchers over tubeless ready rims.
I have been using this for 100miles now, no puncture so far. It's a good quality tube.
I have used Michelin tubes for many years. Fairly good puncture resistant. My trick is to put a little baby powder around the tube then put it in the tire.
Good tubes seem to do the job and last
I have been using these tubes for some time and have found them to be great value and they last a long time through regular use
These tubes are great for general use. They lose minimum pressure over time, and have great longevity.
These are my favorite tubes. Never had a quality issue . Valve is smooth so doesn't have that nut that threads on to lock it against the rim
Easy to install and fits perfectly on my road bike rims with a little bit of wiggle room. Seems to be able to hold air pressure well, even after bumpy rides on uneven gravel.
Only been out on a few rides but so far no punctures! Great price!
I 've used these tubes for years they're the best period. At Merlins prive they are a steal quality and price wise. !!
I always have a couple of spare tubes at home, ready to become one of the spares in the saddle bag, and onward in to active duty. This one got promoted in to the saddle bag waiting to be called in to action on the roadside. These ones are folded nicely in to a oval/rounded rectangle shape either side of the valve, which always fit a bit better in my saddle bag (than ones that are rolled in a circle)
High quality tube. Rode over 60 miles with them and lost no pressure. Quiet presta valve, does not rattle against rim.
The Michelin Airstop tubes provide what I think is the best value. They are very durable, and Merlin does a great job of getting the package out in a timely manner. Highly recommend.
It holds air, cheap and fairly light. Also goes to 25mm.
Best inner tubes for general road bike use...in my humble opinion. Much prefer them to continentals.
Good brand, very reliable and amazing value for money
Good tubes. Valves a little short for my wheels (30mm deep) but no problems inflating
Fantastic value! I love the smooth unthreaded valves. Seem much lighter than my current tubes.
Good lightweight tubes and they fit well in my compact saddle bag nicely.
No complaints. They are tubes; they do what they are designed to do. I will say that finding shorter valve tubes in the states has become difficult, in my opinion. So, Merlin Cycles, on yet another item, is the best place, maybe worldwide.
Great product with recognized Michelin's quality.
Great tubes keep their pressure well
My preferred replacement tubes! Reliable spares and Merlin's offers always excellent. I am very happy to recommend Merlin to all potential customers.
Light weight and reliable, my go to brand for road inner tubes.
Decently light for the money and hold air well.
This is certainly the best budget road tube. It holds pressure very well compared to other butyl tubes and does not pinch when mounting thanks to the particle-based coating the applied to it.
My new favorite tube! love the threadless valve. Also, they seem to lose less air than the tubes I've been using.
Best basic inner tubes available. No comparison!
The best tube for my money, it took double puncture by rusted old staple before I had to finally replace it ... can't go wrong.
These are great inner tubes, and although rated upto only 23-25mm, I've used these with 30mm tyres and still only one puncture in 6-7months! Pretty light weight for what they can do, and although you can't replace the valves, that also means no annoying loose valves.
Relatively light weight (< 100 g) for these durable, air tight tubes. Highly recommended
Started using these tubes about 6-7 months ago and never had an issue.. have been top notch and doubt I will use anything else
These are nice tubes, they are not super light, but they provide good enough rolling resistance for training and leak very little air. The butyl A1 has been around for a while and it is an easy recommendation.
The product was excellent and very good quality. The price comparison with other bicycle part suppliers was better than expected. Very satisfied customer. The parcel also arrived two days ahead of schedule. Thanks Bill
good product good price from Merlin
have not had to use this yet.But tube looks good for the money.
Reasonable quality tubes at sensible prices.
Good quality tubes and a good price.
Good quality product from Michellin relatively cheap hold there pressure fairly well between rides.
Great value tubes with quick speedy delivery.
Light, cheap, no problem.
seem like excellent tubes and on par at least with contis i've ridden for years. thought i'd try them because i really like their tires. 4 stars for no issues (yet), having good valve stem length for regular wheels, and doing their job without notice.
Good all round tube for every day riding and training
luckly enough i've not had to use them yet as i've not had a punchure since getting them.
Haven't used these yet. I keep them as a spare.
Good tubes, seem good quality.
Inner tubes - they fill the gap between the wheel rim and the tyre. And, as you'd expect, the Michelin ones do the job without fuss.