Mirider One GB3 Folding Ebike 7AH
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Mirider One GB3 Folding Ebike 7AHMirider One GB3 Folding Ebike 7AHMirider One GB3 Folding Ebike 7AHMirider One GB3 Folding Ebike 7AHMirider One GB3 Folding Ebike 7AHMirider One GB3 Folding Ebike 7AHMirider One GB3 Folding Ebike 7AHMirider One GB3 Folding Ebike 7AHMirider One GB3 Folding Ebike 7AH
Code: MR1GB
Mirider One GB3 Folding Ebike 7AH
The MiRiDER One GB3, MiRider's very own take on a geared bike and an industry first for folding eBikes. Rather than take the easy, traditional option of moving the hub motor to the front and hanging a derailleur off the back, MiRider wanted to be smarter than that. They wanted to retain the balance, weight distribution and traction a rear wheel hub offers whilst avoiding a bulky and dirty gear set.
To enhance the unique gear system, MiRider added a custom belt drive system, which provides a quiet and smooth ride without the oil! The trio of ratios have been devised to offer a perfect selection; 1st for climbing or riding without assistance, 2nd for typical riding and 3rd for cruising or riding above the 15.5mph cut out.
Serious Style
The innovative frame is die-cast, breaking away from the traditional welding process to create a streamline chassis with a slick, enviable design. Renowned for its sturdiness, the frame is made from aircraft grade magnesium alloy, making it impressively lightweight whilst offering great shock and corrosion resistance.
Rear Suspension
The rear-suspension design perfectly balances weight with simplicity and comfort, all in one sleek, modern package. The quick release levers allows this e-bike to fold in seconds and its compact dimensions mean it can be conveniently carried in the car, motorhome, boat and train.
Fast Folding And Compact
As you would expect, The MiRiDER One GB3 folds easily in just a matter of seconds. Once more, the 16 inch wheels allow it to take up little space in this configuration. Whether you’re commuting, going on holiday or for a ride by the coast, the MiRiDER One GB3 folds compactly and securely, fitting easily into you car boot and can even be taken on public transport without a reservation (when carried in a storage bag).
Battery Power - 7AH / 252WH
The new larger 7 ah battery is manufactured using genuine OE Samsung cells. It is neatly concealed within the main frame, leading to great weight distribution and balance. If you need to remove the battery to charge it separately, or to switch it out on the go, access can be quickly gained when the bike is folded and it comes complete with a lock for security. The high quality battery combined with the new efficient motor means you can ride even further with the MiRiDER One GB3; expect an assisted range of up to 45 miles.
New More Efficient Motor
The MiRiDER One GB3 is equipped with an all new 250 watt rear-hub motor to assist when pedalling up to speeds of 15.5 mph. It has also been upgraded to perform more efficiently while also providing 25% more torque than the previous model. This ultimately culminates in a zippier bike with an extended range.
Control System & Colour Display
The MiRiDER One GB3 boasts the latest sine-wave controller, providing a ride that feels smooth, responsive and powerful every time. Once more, we have also included a thumb throttle which provides electric assistance up to 4 mph (when not being pedalled) and doubles up as a boost button up to speeds of 15.5 mph (when being pedalled) for those steep hills or windy days. The control system is enhanced by a larger Full Colour Display Screen with USB charging outlet. 
  • Hydraulic disk brakes
  • Large colour display with USB charge port
  • Lightweight CNC pedals
  • Selle Royal saddle
  • Wider riser handlebars
  • Frame: Full Integrated Magnesium Alloy with Rear Suspension
  • Folding Mechanism: Central Frame Holder
  • Fork: Full Integrated Magnesium Alloy
  • Wheels: 16" Aero Rims and a MiRiDER 1 Piece Front Hub
  • Tyres: Schwalbe Green Compound Road Cruiser - 16" x 1.95" 
  • Brake Levers: Clarks CMD-24 Disc
  • Front Derailleur: N/A
  • Rear Derailleur: N/A
  • Chainset: MiRiDER Single Speed
  • Cassette: Single Speed
  • Chain: Belt Drive
  • Pedals: MiRiDER Folding
  • Handlebar: Telescopic High Riser 60cm
  • Seatpost: Telescopic 
  • Saddle: Selle Italia Royal
  • LED Headlight
  • Horn
  • Throttle (twist-grip on right handle)
  • Hub Motor: Geared Brushless Rear Hub Motor
  • Pedal Assist: 5 Levels
  • Nominal Power: 250W (UK legal limit) with 40 nm of torque
  • Pedal Assist Top Speed: 25km/h or 15.5mph (UK legal limit)
  • Battery Type: Samsumg 18650 Lithium-Ion Cells
  • Battery Specs: 36v 7Ah / 252Wh
  • Battery Features: Removable and Lockable (chargeable inside or off the bike)
  • MAX Range: 72.5kms or 45 Miles (based on power level 1, average pace, rider weight and even terrain)
  • Climbing Angle: 25 degrees maximum (based on average weight)
  • Charge Time: 2-3hrs (using 42v, 2.0A UK charger supplied)
  • Display: Multi-Function LCD Coloured Screen
  • Controller: Sine-wave Torque Simulation KT Controller compliant with all UK legal parameters.
  • Dash board readouts: Speed (km/h or mph), Distance travelled ODO/Trip (miles/kms), battery % level, peddle assistance level, Led headlight (on/off)
Accessories Included 
  • Front/rear Mudguards
  • Front LED Light
  • Rear Reflector 
  • Folding Pedals 
  • Kickstand & Stabiliser Wheel 
  • Wheel Magnets For Secure Folding
  • Adjustable Folding Strap & Battery Charger.
  • Folded & Unfolded Dimensions: 770x430x680mm / 1340x575x1100mm
  • Total Approximate Weight Fully Equipped: 19.4kgs
  • Maximum Recommended Rider Weight: 120kgs
  • Rider Height: 152cm - 195cm/5'0 - 6'4
  • Road Legal: Worldwide
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