Muc-Off Dry Lube
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Muc-Off Dry LubeMuc-Off Dry Lube 50ml
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Muc-Off Dry Lube
Muc-Off Dry Chain Lube is a durable, deep penetrating P.T.F.E Chain Lubricant and oil that's formulated to hold up in extreme conditions that would destroy ordinary chain lubes. Muc-Off Dry Lube is a highly versatile, dry weather chain oil that has state of the art penetrative qualities to ensure that the lube is driven deep into each chain link's core. And there's no need to worry because Muc-Off Dry Lube is biodegradable, so it's safe for you, your bike and the planet
  • Eco FriendlyOur unique formula contains no harmful acids, CFCs or solvents and is fully biodegradable
  • Contains P.T.F.E.Our formula contains polytetrafluoroethylene (P.T.F.E) which greatly reduces friction, wear and energy consumption
  • Dry ConditionsSuitable for dry riding conditions
  • Ideal for MTB, Road & Cyclocross
  • Contains PTFE to reduce friction and energy consumption
  • Wax based formula excels in dry, dusty conditions
  • Added protection against contaminants
  • Provides smooth and quiet gear shifting
  • Can be applied to chain, cables, shifters and derailleurs
  • Pipette system for easy application
Mr Huxted Early days but works well, you need to allow time for it to settle otherwise it will fling off.
Mr Clayton Easy to use bottle. Good value for money. Smells like green apple - bonus!
Mr Burdini The best in the market
Matthew Good price. Works well in dry conditions
Mr Bell Good offer. Usual quality from this product.
Mr Schuster the best chain oil for dry conditions for me!
Kelvin very easy to apply and can easily slip inside jersey pocket
Mr Armit Repeat user of this lube. All good.
Mr Leech Excellent product. My wife and daughter race competitively so I am constantly cleaning bikes then relubing. I would not chose another lube for dry condition riding. All Muc- off products are exceptional
Mr Adam I have used this lube for the past 2 years and it is really effective with good coverage and from what i can tell good lubrication. As you would imagine for being a dry lube in comes off quickly in wet conditions but also means it is easy to clean off chain when a bike clean is carried out. I also use Muc-off wet lube for wetter months . Excellent price for the product.
Mr von Bibra Does the job as described, great value at Merlins prices.
Mr BALLAHO good quality
Mr Rautiainen Easy to apply and doesn't make a mess.
Mr Lee Great dry lube that works well
Billy Meaclem I only have experience in one other brand of dry lube which is the 'Finish Line Dry Lube' and thus far, this product makes my drive train feel so much better. I also applied it to the pivot points on my derailleur and immediately felt the improvement. Lastly, the clever bottle design makes it super easy to apply the lube to the chain and hard to reach places on the bike with more control and precision. Great product, would recommend to anyone!
Mr Rycroft Another great dry lube but without the ceramic additives. Keeps everything running smooth & quiet!
Paul Excellent dry lube and it smells nice!
Tom Got this to try, only used a couple of times but certainly no complaints!
Mr B-B Always use muc-Off excellent for the summer rides. Nice and easy to apply
Jean Good lube that won`t attract dirt
Mr Hansen High quality lube for road and mtb. I have noticed that slight condensation, even fog, requires reapplication of the lube. If conditions stay dry the lube lasts many rides.
Mikko Really easy to apply on the chain, thanks to the design of the bottle.
Gal My "go to" lube with the long and useful nozzle.
Mr Gallagher Works a dream
Alex Good value. Low viscosity.
Mrs Hodkinson Great value and a useful size to pop into the bike box for travelling.
Martin Excellent lube and small format to carry out in backpack for commuting
Mr mizrahi Very high quality oil for dry conditions. recommended
Mr Cahill Really great stuff to make sure everything runs smoothly
NSTP Seems to do the job well. I have found that some lubes are too runny and/or seem to collect loads of extra unwanted dirt. This works well and last pretty good even on the wettest of rides.
Mrs Lamarre I own a junior cycling team and I require the boys to lube their chains often so this product came in handy! Very effective and cheap!
Dimitrios Very good lube. Lightweight stuff.
Mr Lappay Perfect lubricant
Stephen Best Lube that I have ever used. Most other lubes last only 100 to 150K before next application, this stuff lasts twice as long.
Darren Use this out in the dry, hot and dusty desert tracks and roads of Dubai. Great lube as long as you keep the chain clean and apply regularly otherwise you end up with a very dry chain...Great product from the Muc-Off guys..
Mr Quetulio Good quality. The lubricant is viscous so less spill when applying to the chain.
Thomas Great product from Muc-Off, always buy my lubes from them
Mr McManaway Really good lasts ages
Mr Rycroft Love the Muc-Off range of lubes. Living in Dubai we have little to worry about wet conditions but the dry lube systems work really well out here with the heat and dust. I run mainly the ceramic lube but also have the regular dry lube for winter rides when its not quite as hot, dry and dusty. I also use the Muc-Off wet lube when I travel to Europe for our cycling holidays...Just in case it rains!
Mr Brunt Have used this for the last 20,000 miles. Quick to apply without excessive waste unlike some thinner lubes.
Adrian So far so good, thicker consistency than others I've used.
Lucky of Dubai Very easy to apply and it doesn't accumulate sand and dirt! I cycle here in Dubai so that's really something... amazing service again by merlin!
Mr Rabey Not much to say really, good lube for dry conditions and good price on Merlin.
Robbo Only used a few times. Minimal fling, works well in dusty conditions.
Yucel This lube smells very nice like lemon blossom, so you can use it indoors. The lubrication performance is enough but it's not successful in silence. I recommend it
Mr Mcbrine Works great for Speedplay cleats, which is what I purchased it for, will try on chain next.
Mr Patinama Gives chain a nice smooth feeling
Mr ÖZTÜRK This lube is easy to use and lubricates well. I Would recomend.