Muc-Off Limited Edition Team Sky Hydrodynamic Lube
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Muc-Off Limited Edition Team Sky Hydrodynamic Lube
Code: MUC8951
Muc-Off Hydrodynamic Lube

Muc-Off is excited to launch their newest chain lube, formulated to lubricate your chain over long distances and during the harshest weather conditions. May we introduce 'Hydrodynamic' - the result of a dedication to innovation by both Team Sky and Muc-Off. Born in 2014 and baptised at the most famous French road race in the world, with the worst weather conditions seen in years, our new Hydrodynamic Chain Lube is the first to be created by the  Muc-Off research team in collaboration with Team Sky.



  • Formulated for the harshest conditions
  • Our fastest and most efficient lube
  • Developed with Team Sky
  • Offers ultimate protection whilst remaining incredibly low friction coefficient
  • Cutting edge hydrophobic lube created from intensive research and development
  • Application Dye
  • Ultra Low Friction
  • Hydrodynamic
  • Hydrophobic
Mr BISHOPEasily applied to the chain, does not build up a sticky residue which attracts dust.
Mr EvangelistaOne of the best lubes I have ever purchased
keithBeen using this over last few years - rides a bit dirty, but does the job really well & smells amazing!
SpeedyExcellent lube. Been using it for years. It’s a must have in my house. Keeps my chains moving for thousands of miles a year.
Mr MitchellGreat stuff, application is accurate and stays on for many, many miles.
MervynSimply the best lube out there. Easy to apply, great consistency and shifting is so much smoother after using this lube.
Mr RossCool stuff, quiet, slick chain and comes with a little UV LED to check for chain coverage (the lube fluoresces under UV)
DanielThe best lube in the market in my opinion
Mr GreenhalghGreat product and easy to apply. Although a small container I’d suggest it would last a year cycling 5000 miles a year.
Mr PackerAfter applying this lube one drop at a time to each link and leaving overnight I'm around 200 miles and still not needed to relube chain. Gear changes are much slicker and doesn't pick up any road grit/ debris will definitely recommend just don't apply more than a small drop per chain link as it works it way into the chain as you ride
ianI think this is the best chain lube out there, over priced ? Not in my opinion, it's that good.
Mr RantaOK, seems to keep drivetrain quiet even after some rain and wet weather. A bit messy though when compared with Dry lube.
Mr HowellUsed this for years. Really good lube in all conditions
Cardiff DadDoes the job. Used on my daughter’s track bike chain. Light blue colour of the lube makes it easy to see where you are applying it. Nozzle dispenser easy to control
MarkGet your chain mega clean before applying for best results.
GlenHad good experience with Muc-Off wet over the past year and decided to treat myself to the “blingy” upgraded stuff for when it runs out.
Mr GraeffI use this lube a couple of years now and never disappoints me. It is very economical in use, only uses a literal drop per chain link. And what is so good is that if you abide the drying time of at least 4 hours it will hold at least a month come rain or shine. I definitely recommend this lube.... a winner.
Ken LokeJust got it and applied on my road bike chain. It is super easy to use and smooth.
Mr Ahmad FawzanOne of the best lubes I've ever used
Mr BostockLong lasting and highly efficient and durable lubricant.
FreddieLast longer than the C3 dry lube. Not sure if it's any smoother.
MWWorks well, UV light seems a bit gimmicky but I did spot one missed link using it, chain ran smooth and quiet afterwards
Mr MolnarBetter than C3 lube, which was noisy. This is a silent lube. Works really well!
JBPricey but a great lube and a bit more durable than the C3 ceramic dry lube which is what I use as my regular dry weather lube.
Mr FaustinoBest lube I've used so far. Drive train remains quiet and last long.
Mr Gen KaI have been using this lube for more than 3 years. I continue and will continue to use Muc-Off. UK quality.
CesarProbably the best lube I have tried! Lasts way longer than Squirt even in rainy weather!
BrentWell made and best chain lube on the market.
Mr SandovalThird time buying Muc off its unbeatable, makes my drivetrain super smooth and it lasts a really long time. I have only had to buy a bottle of this every 6 to 9 months, and I ride a lot.
Mr MerulloGreat lube all weather lube. A little pricey, but worth it.
Mr MandalisWell the facts are: a) Compared with the ceramic dry lube this one is more subtle, resulting in less chain resistance b) It gets darker, yet, this seems to be an inherent characteristic of the product rather than due to the on-road grit
KaranIt smells like blueberry :) Once you lube the chain it has to dry like 12 hours or it will pull dirt on the chain
Mr SandovalI still have some left from the first one I got. This is the second time I use muc-off team sky hydrodynamic lube, I thought 50mL was a joke when I saw it but has lasted me six months of applying to my chain every other four days. I just got some to re-up on it when the other finishes.. It really does make my drivetrain that much smoother it feels real smooth. Its definitely way better than that wax stuff.
Mr VaniasI don't want to tell anybody about this stuff because it is my new secret weapon...