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Muc-Off Limited Edition Hydrodynamic Lube - developed in conjunction with Team Sky.

Muc-Off is excited to launch their newest chain lube, formulated to lubricate your chain over long distances and during the harshest weather conditions. May we introduce 'Hydrodynamic' - the result of a dedication to innovation by both Team Sky and Muc-Off. Born in 2014 and baptised at the most famous French road race in the world, with the worst weather conditions seen in years, our new Hydrodynamic Chain Lube is the first to be created by the  Muc-Off research team in collaboration with Team Sky.



  • Formulated for the harshest conditions
  • Our fastest and most efficient lube
  • Developed with Team Sky
  • Offers ultimate protection whilst remaining incredibly low friction coefficient
  • Cutting edge hydrophobic lube created from intensive research and development
  • Application Dye
  • Ultra Low Friction
  • Hydrodynamic
  • Hydrophobic
Mr Molnar Better than C3 lube, which was noisy. This is a silent lube. Works really well!
JB Pricey but a great lube and a bit more durable than the C3 ceramic dry lube which is what I use as my regular dry weather lube.
Mr Faustino Best lube I've used so far. Drive train remains quiet and last long.
Mr Gen Ka I have been using this lube for more than 3 years. I continue and will continue to use Muc-Off. UK quality.
Cesar Probably the best lube I have tried! Lasts way longer than Squirt even in rainy weather!
Brent Well made and best chain lube on the market.
Mr Sandoval Third time buying Muc off its unbeatable, makes my drivetrain super smooth and it lasts a really long time. I have only had to buy a bottle of this every 6 to 9 months, and I ride a lot.
Mr Merullo Great lube all weather lube. A little pricey, but worth it.
Mr Mandalis Well the facts are: a) Compared with the ceramic dry lube this one is more subtle, resulting in less chain resistance b) It gets darker, yet, this seems to be an inherent characteristic of the product rather than due to the on-road grit
Karan It smells like blueberry :) Once you lube the chain it has to dry like 12 hours or it will pull dirt on the chain
Mr Sandoval I still have some left from the first one I got. This is the second time I use muc-off team sky hydrodynamic lube, I thought 50mL was a joke when I saw it but has lasted me six months of applying to my chain every other four days. I just got some to re-up on it when the other finishes.. It really does make my drivetrain that much smoother it feels real smooth. Its definitely way better than that wax stuff.
Mr Vanias I don't want to tell anybody about this stuff because it is my new secret weapon...