Muc-Off No Punchure Hassle - 1L
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Muc-Off No Punchure Hassle - 1L
Code: MO-82
Muc-Off No Puncture Hassle - 1L
Looking for a super lightweight but effective tubeless sealant? Muc-Off No Puncture Hassle performs under the most brutal of conditions. Using cutting-edge microfibre molecules help to fill the bigger holes and tears, whilst the advanced latex forms a strong seal instantly. This formula also contains a unique UV detection system that highlights any punctures you haven't seen during your ride.
Developed with the world's top downhillers and pro peloton teams, to give you the finest tyre sealant available. It's non-corrosive, biodegradable and easily washes off with water. Compatible with tubeless ready and full UST wheels/tyres, No Puncture Hassle works from 15psi-120psi and temperatures from -20°C to +50°C. The pouch is designed to fit your Presta valve perfectly and is ideal to add to your toolkit or ride pack for emergency top ups on the go!
  • For Downhill / Enduro / Road
  • Seals tears and holes up to 6mm
  • Contains UV puncture detection
  • Seals porous tyres and bead / rim gaps
  • Lasts up to 6+ months in temperate climates* and won't ball up
Mr hillsOnly sealant you need
anthonyvery effective in making my tyres more sealed - only pump them up every 3 days now. previously every day.
Mr GibbinsGreat product! been using for over a year, always my go to.
Mr BeightonNot had no problems with this as yet
JeffreyEconomical, smells nice! Not punctured since using this so can't comment on it's effectiveness yet
tonyNot had a puncture to test it’s sealing qualities but it’s easy to get in the tyre if you remove the valve core
Mr FordNo complaints with this. Easy to use and it's done the job well so far.
Mr FriendTook a while to seal fully on a rear tyre fitted with a tyre insert compared to the front which sealed more or less fully overnight. I think the insert was keeping sealant out where it contacts the inside of the tyre so not really the fault of the sealant itself. Would recommend pre-coating inserts with this stuff before fitting as doing so solved my problem. Big bottle comes with a little tube for filling through valve, I keep looking it though so get yourself a rubber band to attach it to the bottle as it doesn't come with anything like that.
DouglasGreat value, seals well and biodegradable to boot.
Mr hawkinsSo far so good👍
Mr LumsdenExcellent product, seals tyres very well at a good price..
BenGreat value, handy tube and markings on the bottle for hassle free injection into the wheel. This is the best stuff I've used for sealing power.
Chris's Cube e-BikeI've been using this sealant in all my tubeless tyres and it works really well. The 1l bottle is great value too
AdrianPHad the smaller kit before and was the only seallant i got to work. Slightly thicker than othe brands so is more forgiving.
martinI've started using this as it's quite granular in its consistency , personally I believe allows the liquid to block the hole quicker allowing a faster sealing process, unlike my recent experience with another extremely popular brand that just kept letting go every time I ride across a rocky section, resulting in me getting sprayed with latex sealant, head to foot! So it's now Muc Off for me every time! A very reliable product.
Rob StoneA great tubeless sealant. Easy to see and if you have had a puncture or leak you can see by using the UV tool. Smells nice too.
Mrs jacksonEasy to use, haven't suffered any punctures as yet
Sam RoachI find this as good as Endurance Orange Seal. Does the job and good value.,
RossReally great sealant. Works perfectly
Mr WallerGood value - time will tell how long it stays liquid before needing replenishing inside the tyres!
Mr BrightWorked great and holding pressure after getting the tyre to seat. Smells nice too
Stuart - CanadaSo far so good, a little thicker consistency than Stan's but still easy to work with. No punctures to report yet.
cleanchainappreciatorSeem to do the job well and smells nice. Had to use a fair amount (>100ml) on 47C tyres to get enough coverage. Only time will tell.
JamesReasonable price for a quality sealant
MatthewEasy to use , with clear instructions on the bottle and so far not one single puncture ......the Ronseal of tyre sealants
Mr MarriottEasy to use. Plenty spare if anything went wrong. Sealed first time.
Mr HANOne of the best sealant. A bit thicker than Stans but works well
Mr KAKIYAMA他社のシーラントで塞がらなかった穴がこのシーラントでは塞がった!
KR15Great sealant, does exactly what it says on the box for a good price. Does need topping up from time to time, but I'd still recommend!
Mr HartSeems to work well so far, no flats yet
Mr BALLAHOgood quality
Mr Morillomy trusted brand. enough for making your tyres tubeless.
KMGreat price on a refill. It is more viscous than most. The UV is a bit of a gimmick but it seems to be doing well. It did not seal one tread puncture for me leading to using a plug, hence the one star reduction. When I lost air, another hole it had sealed opened up suggesting it takes a bit longer to setup that skin that forms to keep leaks sealed even with air loss.
Mr ALVINLooks good, and works well.
PhilStanBought to top up No Puncture Hassle Kit.
BMcMLike all Muc-Off products, this is excelelnt quality and works as intended. Tyres fitted, inflated and sealed in no time.
Mr EngdahlGood value size for larger tires that require more fluid. Quick shipping to Sweden.
MJTanmanThis is a very good easy to use Tubeless Sealant. Easier to use than stans which I have converted from