Muc-Off Tubeless Rim Tape
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Muc-Off Tubeless Rim Tape
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Muc-Off Tubeless Rim Tape
The Muc-Off Tubeless Rim tape is made from Muc-Offs proprietary performance material with a pressure-sensitive adhesive to provide just the right amount stretch whilst maintaining durability and strength needed to create a lasting airtight seal. The Semi-transparent material makes locating the valve hole easy. Available in 6 widths to suit most Road, CX, Gravel, MTB and Plus-sized rims 
  • 6 x rim widths
  • Supplied with 4x Seal Patches 
  • 10m Roll
Alan Does what it is supposed to
Matt Easy to use, good quality, great price. The wiggle technique really helps with fitting.
Mr Levy Great product!
Dr. B. Very happy with this tape! I bought because others recommended it and I was not disappointed! It has just a little bit of stretch to it and that really made all the difference in getting a tight fit to my rims (especially in the centre channel). The price on Merlin couldn't be beat either. Merlin is my go-to site for the best deals1
RDG Good tape, and who doesn't love VHS too (ok, so betamax was better..)
Mr Ward Works a it's supposed to, decent price.
Pamps Easy to fix and cheap
Steve M This tape worked wonderfully. After cleaning and allowing the rim to dry was able to apply rim tape and seat a set of tyres that had been causing problems. Take time to remove the air bubbles by rubbing around the rim with a cloth, the clear tape makes it easy to see when this is done. Great product highly recommend.
Mr mitchelmore Does the job. I have a 30mm inner diameter on my rims so I decided to go for the 35mm tape in order to fit the bumps in the run and fit from side to side. At first I thought it was too big when fitting however, once getting used to the technique of stretching and wiggling the tape whilst applying it went on well and covered the entirety of the rim. There was many air bubbles by the spoke wholes but once inflated with air and ridden the air bubbles do sort themselves out. Would recommend
Mr Beaton Best tubeless tape I've ever used using 28mm on a 25mm rim went on and stuck no problem won't use anything else ever again
IKD Perfect for converting a pair of elderly (hence narrow) Mavic XC517 (rim brake) rims to tubeless.
nic Good quality tape, both tyres sealed & inflated first time without any sealent.
Dave Johnson Really good tubless rim tape, would suggest going upo a size so if your rims are 17mm internal width, go for the 21mm tape, this just allows for the bevelled surface you will be sticking the tape onto.
Mr Shamir great stretch, sticking and sealing. best rim tape iv'e had yet.
daniel Does what it says on the box, applied easily enough and no leaks
Richard Wow, this goes to show using the correct product for the job is well worth it. I had previously used gorilla tape, which did the job, but left a very sticky residue which took ages too clean off. Muc-off rim tape went on really easily and the tyre seated first time with just a floor pump, fantastic. It has stayed inflated and kept the pressure. Great price and service again from Merlin, thanks.
PAUL Sticks well to wheel rim and easy to apply. Would definitely recommend this tape.
NATHAN brilliant, very easy to use
Mr Hamilton The tape has is transparent with a pink tinge to it, as you apply it to the (black) rim the pink disappears making it easy to see any missed air bubbles.
Aaron Easy to install and good quality aswell as good customer service
AdrianP Good rim tape is a must for good sealing. Some use gorilla tape or duct tape, why take the chance, use proper tape designed for the job!
Mr Conlin Easy to apply, tire inflated first time no problems. No leaks yet.
Mr Davies Sealed my old rims with no issues. Recommended
richard Good quality tape and one extra layer saw the tubeless tyre inflate and seat itself. Good value too
Mr Joy superb tape! super shiny means the tyre doesn't try to pull it off at the bead when removing - recommended!
JB Great tubeless tape!
Chris Great product. Very easy to use and apply.
thomas Top notch rim tape. Typical muc off quality.
Mr Lane Seems very good quality but I did struggle with application, more through user error than product though I think. Very sticky stuff so do get it right first time!
Mr Kefford Top quality tape. Don't use cheap alternatives.
Mr Green Nice tape. Sealed without a problem.
Andrew Good tape that does what it needs to. Only one layer is enough to give a good seal. I’ll be buying more of this when I need to refresh the tape. Recommend.
Mr Marriott Impressive kit . Clear instructions. Plenty of tape and decals to seal off join.
ErZen Job done perfectly. I have started applying this tape on all of my wheels even though I don't use tubeless. The tyre slips very easy on the rim and no more scary pops while you are pumping the tyre.
Mr Bevaart great tape simple and effective
Mr Glass Nielsen Perfect tape, easy to install. 9 out of 10