Muc-Off Wet Lube 50ml
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Muc-Off Wet Lube 50mlMuc-Off Wet Lube
Code: MUC8671
Muc-Off Wet Lube - Race quality lubricant suitable for all types of bikes. Ideal for chains, cables, shifters, derailleurs, pedals & cleats.
Muc-Off Wet Chain Lube is an ultra durable, long distance bicycle chain lubricant and oil that's been specifically formulated to excel over long distances in wet or muddy conditions. Our state of the art formula has been derived from natural ingredients and made completely from renewable sources.
Muc-Off Wet Chain Lube penetrates deep into your chain link's core to provide long lasting lubrication and total protection. Our integral 'Extreme Pressure Additives' coat every part of the link to provide a silky smooth gear change and an ultra efficient drive chain.
  • Eco FriendlyOur unique formula contains no harmful acids, CFCs or solvents and is fully biodegradable
  • What MTB Gold Award"Your chain is now protected for about 50 miles of hard riding.
  • Wet ConditionsSuitable for the wet riding conditions
  • Vegetable BasedWet lube is a vegetable oil based formula so it's safe for you, your bike and the planet!
  • Bike TippBike Tipp award from the German publication Bike Magazine!
  • Tour MagazineThis Product was tested and Approved by Tour Magazine Germany
  • Ensures silky smooth gear shifts
  • Reduces friction and energy consumption
  • Repels water for chain and component protection
  • Excels in wet, muddy riding conditions
  • Extreme pressure additives for increased efficiency
  • Vegetable oil based formula for eco protection
  • Biodegradable  /  - Pipette system for easy application
  • Can be applied to chain, shifters, cables and derailleurs
  • Ideal for MTB, Road and Cyclocross


GuyYou don't need much... can be messy if you over do it.. but great for when the weather gets nasty
Mr martinGood stuff, stays on in all weather.
Mr FussellClean, simple to use
NicholasGood stuff, my favourite winter lube
Mud CowsPerfect wet lube, I use this one to lube inner cables and mechs.
Mr BeatonIt's lube, a few drops on clean chain and cassette all you need.
Mr KazemiGreat lube for bikes for the money for wet weather.
Mrs MorrisPerfect for wet, muddy rides.
Ayrshire cyclistThis is my normal lube. Works well
Mr KenyonDoes what it says on the bottle, great lube
Sam CampbellStays on the chain well, in wet conditions, without attracting too much dirt. Gives quiet running and smooth shifts. Smells, surprisingly, of cherry.
Mr ShahWorks well, 2nd time I have purchased.
Mr NaylorReliable and when discounted a no brainer. Perfect for your winter setup
SamPerfect for the wet weather we have been having. Keeps some mud etc off the drivetrain.
MalQuality lube for the wet muddy weather we are all riding in just now ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Mr PalmerGreat product at a good price. Best wet lube out there for road or mtb when it gets really dirty.
Mr WilliamsMy go to lube for riding in wet conditions.
Mr RathodMuc-Off Wet Lube is excellent quality. I have used it a number of times on my chains and gear sets. Its works a treat. And if you need any lube in your life, use wet lube to cover all conditions.
GaryAlways use this product, I find it very easy to apply and works well.
Hworks very well
Dr HaleGood wet lube, lasts a long tine on the chain and is low enough viscosity to penetrate easily. The design of the dispensing head makes it easy to apply the lube.
K BurgessDoes the job - very happy!
Mr jamesEasy to apply. Doesnโ€™t wash off in the rain either. Makes chain nice and quiet and improved shifting.
Mr Dolezalhandy volume of good quality of lube.
MichaelSeem to need a lot to get good lubrication, not bad but will try something else in future
Peter AGreat lube. Only need a few drops and it moves round the chain, crank and cassette.
StephenI've used this before and does keep the chain rust free although being wet lube the chain does need to cleaned often.
Mr HeppleHad my doubts but it worked amazingly on a really wet day, cycled 120km and it held up the whole way smooth changes even uphill
Mr JuddOrdered for muddy days at the trail. Great product.
SpikeGood size bottle for the price and good nozzle. Perfect chain lube
Mr JonesThis is my second tube of Muc-Off Wet Lube, which says it all really. Great stuff.
Mr CunninghamWorks great. Cleaned my chain and added this. Slick gear changes as well as noise gone! Smooth pedalling
PiersUsed for years, does what it says effectively. Recommended.
Mr stuartGreat value and very quick delivery. Easy to apply nozzle.
EspressoGranCremaSurprisingly good! Still a strange sensation having a scented oil, but I guess it is the detergent part of the solution?
Mr RendleIt's wet lube! Does a good job, and stays on and keeps doing its job in wet conditions.
Mr SanvictoresThis is a super lube, it last for a month when you use.
HowardVery good lube does not wash off easily so stays on in heavy rain keeps drive train running smoothly
AlistairGreat wet Lube!!
Mr BowmanGood lube for a UK mountain bike
Mr NaisbittA must for winter riding! Smooth running and doesn't wash off in the rain
NSTPLube for my Bike chain in the wet wintry months. Keeps chain well lubed even on 50mile + MTB rides on the North Yorkshire Moors.
Mr BellGood lube as always. Always keep a spare one.
Year-round riderI've been using this lube for over 3 years and it's great fro mtb and commuting, especially in wet conditions. WIpe / clean your chain and add a bit of lube regularly and the drivetrain stays quiet and maintains performance.
Mr LordThe fine application tip is very useful to only apply as much as you need.
Phil The HillVery good chain lube for winter
Phil The HillEasy lube to apply. Does not come off the the wet
Mr Tze XiangLow cost, high quality lube
JordanGreat lube, but after trying out the Muc-off C Ceramic Dry Lube in wet conditions, I actually preferred the latter. In any case Muc-Off products do not disappoint.
DaveLooks like it will do the job well - most important consideration was size - wanted a small lube for a 2 week bike tour.
OskarssonThe best lube! I run this all year on all my bikes and won't touch anything else.
Mrs LamarreI own a junior cycling team and I require the boys to lube their chains often so this product came in handy! Very effective and cheap!
StephenBest lube I have ever used. I use this for my cross bike. This stuff last twice as long as other lubes even in really sloppy conditions
NSTPWhat can I say that hasn't been said before, got this as my other tube is getting low. Does the job, seems to last reasonably well. Hopefully I won't need this wet version again for a while (fingers crossed)
Miss gallagherGood quality wet lube. Great for winter riding.
CHONGEasy to use and long lasting lube.
Mr RobertsI find this the best oil for summer and winter
ChrisGreat lube works really well in all conditions I have found. I`ve been using it for years. good price + quality
Mr KristensenNice little container with good dispenser nose. Can easily be refilled by larger containers.
Mr LehmannDoes what it's supposed to, lubricates... Easy to use and apply and slightly better than other brands I've used. Good pricing...
Mr RabeyNot much to say really, good lube for wet conditions and good price on Merlin.
Mr PatinamaGood for wet wheather riding