Panaracer Flataway Puncture Protection
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Panaracer Flataway Puncture Protection
Panaracer Flataway puncture protection strip
  • Light and supple, produced from Kevlar® fibres that are woven together to produce a "bullet-proof vest" for your tyres.
  • 1 Flataway fits 1 wheel
OliverI bought these for a summer bike and a winter bike. I think they work well on the fixie winter bike as I really want to reduce punctures. For the summer bike I wouldn't buy them again, it feels difficult to get the PSI right. I had Veloflex Master 25s, moved to 28s of the same tyre with these and I'm sure the ride comfort actually went down. LBS has recommended to trial different pressure on the tyres. OK I will do that.
stefanNo more flats ever,best price around ,top product, thanks Merlincycles
Mr LoveI am doing a charity cycle ride, mostly off road, and have been warned punctures are to be expected and so far this lining has helped. Needs patience to fit. Great price and speedy delivery.
Mr RossSuperb protection from those irritating punctures
alanSuper notch. This has never failed me for tyre protection from punctures. Great product
SandraEasy to fit, good adhesive properties, no wrinkles, bit expensive, have not done enough miles to judge its effective protection.
BarryI've been using this product for many years, and it does reduce flats. Product arrived in Thailand timely.
Mr ClarkeHave used these on a number of tyres with success. The only few punctures had were outside the area covered by the tape. Light weight but tricky to fit
ScottGreat product. I use them on my OPEN gravel bike and run tubes. Definitely prevent flats. Easy apply. A++++
AndrewEasy to fit - although extra hand was required because they didn't stick to the tyre so well. Stuck to the table, so it's the tyre that had the issue. Won't know about puncture protection until there's a flat - which is what this product should prevent.
Sir LoureiroIt works for real, light and you do not notice the negative difference in rolling
Mr RobinsonSo far so good with these, I've got them on three bikes now and they help a lot , no puncture on any bike so far.
Dave PBought one roll of the 29" version for my Brompton & managed to do both wheels (with a bit of fiddly patchwork as not quite long enough)
Mr ClarkeDoes exactly what it says, but tricky to apply owing to low tack of adhesive back. May need a little help. Covers the middle section of the tyre to prevent punctures. No punctures in over 200 miles of off-road riding.
LeeHave used on my road bike and so far have had no punctures. Easy to fit and worth the money.
Ms applebyNo punctures as yet, quietly doing it's job hidden away on the inside of my tyre. Fairly expensive for what it is but hopefully saving me a lot of hassle in changing punctures
SteveEasy to fit and, as they are stuck to the tyre, will remain in place if you get a puncture and have to replace a tube. Slime liners were always fiddly to replace especially if it's cold and wet. And I have had punctures caused by slime liners. The Flataways are much softer so I don't think they will do this. Only had a few rides with this fitted to my mountain bike - no punctures as yet. Looking good.
Gary FPerfect solution to long-term puncture problems, highly recommended.
Mr FordReady to fit in 25mm 700c tyres hopefully should mean less punctures on my winter commute. So far I've done just over 200 miles without a puncture but I don't know if it's the tape that's stopped the holes or good fortune.
Mr BolerA bit dear for what they are but no punctures yet and I've repeated rides where I always got a puncture no matter how careful I was. Can only give full marks, it does what it says on the box.
Mr TriskaGreat great bit of kit, hundreds of people puncturing on the Exmoor Beast and I sailed through without a problem.
Mr HeathUsed this on my Panaracer XC pro tyres and not yet had a flat, so hoping that it works the same on the Razer MX's.
DBSeem to do the job, no punctures so far. Bit of patience required to fit as the adhesive isn't great.
Roger LuntDoes the job of preventing punctures very well. Great fast service from Merlin as always.
Mr SmithNo punctures yet, not as easy to fit as other linings
pat culkinHad to get this as my brand new maxxis croos mark tyre punctures on its first ride! (in fairness looks like a small galss shard cut through the tread). But all's well now: these panaracer tyre liners were very easy to put on ( I had been warned by a mate they prove tricky - the liner's he'd got had). And no punctures Job done!
Mr CowardGood, but as stated does not protect against side wall punctures.
Mr crichtonThese are great, not had one puncture since putting them on where my other mates have had punctures, only down side maybe that they can only be used once on a tyre??