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Panaracer Gravel King SK Folding Tyre - 700c

Looking for a tire that's more tread aggressive and wider than the mixte-tread narrower Gravelking? The 32 might just be the tire you need for the more hardcore roads. Aggressive knobs, natural rubber compound, puncture protection breaker and a special low rolling resistance casing make the Gravelking a go-anywhere tire.



  • Bead : Folding / Aramid
  • TPI: 126
  • Weight: 32c - 320g / 40c - 490g
  • Tubeless compatible
Great tyres have them on two bikes now and great service from Merlin
I am running these as tubeless and they took several days to seal, but have since worked flawlessly. I have ridden them mostly on a mixture of pavement and gravel roads and I have been very impressed at the low rolling resistance and relative comfort. I have also used them on single track, but grip in the wet is poor and generally it is not a good idea. After about 500 km they are showing little wear so i am hopeful that they will last. Nil punctures so far.
The best gravel tyres in the market
First foray into gravel tubeless tires...easy to set up, tread pattern perfect for on/off road jaunts and just the right width.
Great product fast rolling on road super grip in sketchy surfaces.
Decent tires all round, bit fiddly to get on to start but once on they work well. Not bomb proof against punctures.
Great tyres for mixed gravel and road rides. Low rolling resistance and do well on hard pack and light sand.
Great tyre to go on my crosser for a bit of gravel grinding. Went on easily with no need for anything other than my standard track pump & some soapy water.
Brilliant all rounder. Rolls surprisingly well on road but copes with rough off road
Great tire, I think this is the best in category. A good casing and uses a really great compound.
Can`t believe the difference between these and 32c tyres... They just fit my CX bike with a couple of mm to spare... ride quality is so much better... smooth...takes the bumps well.. still keep up with the roadies ... and no pinch flats.
The tires work as promised. Great grip on all types of gravel and low rolling resistance on the pavement.
Gravel King is a good name for these puppies. While many brands 40C gravel tyres run small, these run a tad large and measured 42mm on Hed Ardennes -- making them in truth more than 5mm wider than WTB Nanos. Given this the 475gm (measured) weight isn't so bad. They fit -- and nearly max out -- the rear clearance on my Kinesis ATR perfectly, and do the job on dry dirt sand and pebble surfaces. Have not tried mud yet but they should be OK. No problems with the tubeless seal either. Solid product.
I purchased these tyres to use for some riding on unsealed roads on my CX bike. If I'm honest the 32mm tyre doesn't offer a whole lot in terms of ride comfort nor are they confidence inspiring on the loose stuff. I'd probably go for the 40mm option if I had my time again.
Huge air chamber, meassures 43mm on DT460db rims (17mm internal). Can be ridden safely as low as 2.2bars, in the woods I would probably go upwards 2.8 or 3 bars to keep the tyre on the rims. Easiest tyre ever to seal tubelss ever: I've tried tubeless ready MTB tyres from Michelin, Geax and Schwalbe + 35mm Compass road tires. Grip: like glue on wet and slippery autumn surfaces. Rolling resistance - not as low as on my 35mm Compass with exralight casing though. You won`t notice the diference between a herringbone thread and this SK on pavement. I doubt that Schwalbes more expensive G-ones can compete. Casing is really subtle and comparable to Vittoria`s Pave open and Pave tubular. Weight: heavy due to the size. Affects acceleration but when setup tubeless you`re not far from a Compass or 32mm Gravelking with butyl tubes. Still lighter that a pair of +30mm Gatorskin, Durano's or Paelsa's. Cost: dirt cheap for a tire this quality - that would cover all gravelking from the skinny slick 23mm throughout the range. Durability: so far no punctures, based on my experience with compass tires suing same compound I'd say they will be really hard to wear out or puncture. Wind resistance: probably the only drawback - but that`s unavoidable for a tire this size. It can really be felt in headwind or when exceeding 30-35km/h. Merlin. please carry the slick 26, 28 and 32mm editions. This new pannaracer range is unbelievable in regards to rolling resistance smoothness, grip, durability and cost - while still keeping close to the weight of a top end clincher/tubless. And they are a hell of lot lighter than Swchwalbes less durable S-one / G-one range. The 23-32 slicks are identical to Compass's non-extralights.