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Panaracer Gravel King SK TLC Folding Tyre - 700c

Looking for a tyre that's more tread aggressive and wider than the mixte-tread narrower Gravelking? The GK might just be the tyre you need for the more hardcore roads. Aggressive knobs, natural rubber compound, puncture protection breaker and a special low rolling resistance casing make the Gravelking a go-anywhere tyre.


  • Suited for gravel and off road riding
  • Natural rubber construction
  • Integrated puncture protection
  • Aramid beading for durability
  • Low rolling resistance casing
  • Weight: Approx. 380g
  • Tubeless Compatible
steven Fitted these to my Croix de For with the amber walls they look great easy to set up tubeless and roll very well impressed so far
Jason Totally mega tyres, would give 6 stars. Run at 45psi tubeless over some crazy terrain and they never let me down once. Easy to fit and can’t see me ever buying a different tyre again.
Mr hill Extremely pleased they are as good as I had hoped great on the rough stuff and good on the smooth
mdeth1313 Customer service was great. They arrived quickly and are in working order. I can't speak to the quality of the tires as I haven't mounted them yet.
Mr gillion I've tried a few gravel tyres, these are by far the best! They have covered 200km of gravel and forest track and have performed superbly. Fantastic service from Merlin and an amazing price too! What more could you ask for. Thanks Merlin!
Freddie Happy so far! As expected slightly slower on the road than the GP4000, but just goes everywhere! Gravel is a blast and even took them on mtb trails!
Matty Wow, what a tyre! Amazing grip in corners, on loose sand and gravel plus in a straight line, even in the wet. Tough sidewall and has survived multiple 200km+ rides through Australian fire roads (sandstone, rocks, tree roots, kangaroos). Bit on the heavy side, but gotta love Japanese quality. Highly recommend this tyre.
Mr poblete I found sitting this tyres very difficult. I’ve used TL tyres from different brands but this is a tough one. I had to sit it using a tube just to push it to the rim. I’ve used airshot to no avail. Once on it was awesome to use
Mr Pog So much enjoyment from these tyres so far, bombed through single track and heavy gravel/ rocky paths...happy with my choice for sure
Ed A doodle to set up tubeless on a set of Fulcrum wheels. Seem to be tough enough so far.
Mr Wood I set these tires up tubeless and they grip great in the gravel and roll really nice on the road.
Saki Good grip on wet roads. Lighter than my previous tires.
Mr Espiña Muerza Excelentes cubiertas para Gravel y tubeless.
Mr darch Got tired of punctures ;-) received these beauties promptly and set about converting to tubeless. Now mated to some HED Ardennes , after 100 miles safe to say pleased .Roll well on and off the road, not tested its limits in terms of grip yet. Also starting to lower pressures in tyres for a plush ride. Pull the plug great tyres.
Tiago The tires perform very well on the various terrains, mud, dirt, I am very pleased with the purchase, I recommend.
Mr moore Awesome tyres, very smooth riding on gravel and love the weight saving from my old tyres
Gravel guy Amazing tyres, great in most conditions. Would recommend.
Mr Clish A really good quality tubeless tire, easy to seat and fast rolling on most gravel surfaces. I switched to these from WTB a few year ago and wouldn’t go back, the build quality is far superior. I’m running the 43c tan wall at 35psi and that works perfect or me.
Mr Gilding Very surprised at just how good these are. Using tubeless at 40 psi front and 45 psi rear. I weigh 107kgs. Very good on both tarmac and gravel. Found my new favourite tyres for gravel
Will These seem pretty good. It's hard to review a tyre until a load of miles have been ridden, but first impressions are good. They seem decent on the road (not too noisy) and good off road.
Mr Turner I choose not to go tubeless. The tyres were a tight fit on my rims. Serious leverage required to get them on. Seated true straight away though once they were on. Surprised how comfortable and smooth running they are. About 500 miles done so far on and off road. Theses tyres are up there with the best tyres I've ridden on (Compass Barlow Pass). What makes them better than the Barlow Pass is that these have not punctured. Very pleased with them so far. My only worry is struggling to get them on and off on the road should they puncture. Perhaps I should have gone tubeless.
Tom Jones These tyres were easy to fit. They look great on the bike and they provide the right balance between grippy on gravel and rolling on road.
NigeRunNBike Great all around tyres that roll well on the hard stuff and grip well in the gritty stuff. Not tried them in the wet yet.
JW Good, easy to setup tubeless!
Roland Very good tubeless tyre. Quick on the road and grippy on the trail. They do wear relatively quickly though, but they are my go-to gravel tyre. Available in different colours too. Recommended.
Jamie Great tyre, not yet tried it on rough stuff but looks the business
Robert These tires are the best I've had for gravel riding. and they look cool as a bonus!
Mr Schenck These are my go to racing tires. Light but tough for long gravel races. Can not beat the price for a TL ready tire.
darren Got these after Schwalbe x one's were left wanting on a gravel ride. Very impressed, great traction on a variety of surfaces and roll really well on tarmac. Easy to set up tubeless also.
Grumpyoldguy Haven't used them too much on my CX bike yet, but first impressions are that they roll well on bumpy tarmac and are very stable on limestone screening trail surfaces and small loose gravel. I have them inflated to 50 psi and the ride is quite comfortable. Overall, very pleased with them so far.
Mr Bak Great gravel tyre. Easy to install.
Ian Up to now, great tyres. Pretty easy to fit & popped into place easier than some other tubeless brands I have used.
kovacsfree Very good grip yet rolls fast and smooth. A bit difficult to install (maybe it's just my rims). Made in Japan.
Mr Auclair Tires appear to be made of quality materials, was expecting a width in the 38-40mm range but it actually inflated to 37mm on a 20mm internal rim. No complaint.
Mr Parkhouse Great tyre - perfect for my trail/road commute, fast rolling. I would definitely buy these again.
jared Love these gravel tires! Made my fixie mire capable in all terrains! Delivered quickly and the quality was great!
Mr C My go-to tyre for my gravel/commuter bike. Got 3200km out of my last one on the back with 70% road/30% offroad mix.
Mr Nascimento de Oliveira Great pair of tyres. Bought the 35mm for the back and 38mm front for more grip and control. Still need to try them tubeless with 17mm internal rim width.
Andrew Its early days, but these seem like excellent tyres, comfortable and grippy offroad, seem to roll smoothly on road.
John Excellent tyres, and a great price. The 38 is a good choice for smooth gravel and backroad routes, just a bit nippier than the 43.
C N Bought to replace existing Gravelking. Tyre rolls well, is easy to set up tubeless and is surprisingly capable off road in the Welsh winter. Tanwall version looks particularly good. Great price from Merlin.
Simon Fantastic riding tires, supple ride, good grip, very easy tubeless installation.
Mr Gough A great tyre, easy to fit and seal tubeless, roll much better than I thought but enough width to give plenty of cushioning. On DT Swiss ruims they actaully measure 37mm.
Petr I've bought these for my Triban RC520. I was able to setup them as tubeless and they are working well so far. They are little bit tight to get on rim. They rolls well on tarmac and I'm quite confident on gravel sections. Comfort depends on the pressure. The brown color is superb.
CMan High quality, and seem grippy. Rethinking if I should have just gone with slicks, but wanted to have some tread for mix of trail and road. As some other reviewers have mentioned, does seem to grab and throw small rocks/pebbles.... very sticky rubber when new, so will see if that continues
Thomas Very fast rolling and still comfortable
Mr Kaponen Best gravel tyres I have ever ridden. Also easy to install.
Mr Vera Barrientos Very good covers. Very good grip on the road, with 3 bars can be enough more or less depending on the terrain. They are fast on the road and roll very well on flat sections of asphalt. The next time I will try the bigger size to see that such though the bike will become somewhat slower.
Mr C 43mm is great tyre for my gravel bike. Not immune to occasional punctures though.
Mr C Perfect tyre for mixed surface commute. Got 4000km out of my last rear one. Good price too.
Sam I Am Great tires with a good balance of on and off road capabilities. Good mud traction but not too much tread for on-road use. Giving 4 stars because they were quite difficult to mount tubeless. Worked eventually, but I needed to use an air compressor.
Mid Sussex Cycle I stretched these out with a inner tube at about 80 psi for a couple of days before going tubeless with them. After this, they were easy to fit, and I managed to get them on the rims using a standard compressed air cartridge. Running them at 50 PSI is smooth and fast, and there is minimal (unnoticeable) air loss once the sealant has filled all the gaps. They are grippy on road and gravel, although the 32mm is not wide enough for anything too muddy. On the road they run surprisingly quiet, with no rumble from the small nobbles on the tyre. A great tyre giving the option to go off the tarmac and onto the gravel cycle paths. Highly recommended.
Mr West Great tyres, just enough grip off road without being to draggy on the tarmac. This is my second set, they last pretty well!
Mr Jackson So far so good. Coming from a Continental Cyclocross Race tire, the Gravel King seems to soak up more of the bumps and keep the wheel on the ground much better. I installed the 38 in the rear where I have more clearance and the 43 in front for a little more cushion and traction. Rolls fast, can't speak much to the traction yet.
Mr Norris Got a pair of these in the 38mm size to replace a set of 40mm maxxis ramblers. The ramblers measured 40mm wide on 19mm id rims. The gravel kings are 41.5mm wide and several mm taller. In fact the rear tyre started rubbing on my frame after 50km or so as the casings stretched out. I will swap the rear to a 35mm and keep the 38s for the front. Great grip from the blocky tread but they do pick up a lot of small rocks and spit them out at you and your frame. Firmer sidewalls than the ramblers too so I could run lower pressures. Sealed up perfectly tubeless too. Overall very happy with the tyres and will buy again. Just beware that they blow up bigger than the stated size!
Andra Bought as a Christmas present for my husband. He absolutely loves them. Very good grip on all surfaces & perfect for going on adventures?l! Very pleased with this product, I will definitely get them for myself now.
Andrew These tyres are used as an off road and road tyre. They run smoother than my previous cx tyres. The width on the road smooths the bumps suspension like. They fitted easily being folding tyres
Sinnett177 Impressed with these tyres, roll nicely, grip well and look very cool indeed in their skinwall form. Easy to fit and responsibly puncture proof too. Perfect for a classy gravel bike.
Johan Great grippy tyre with a lot of bang for your bucks. Ideal tyre for mixed rides (gravel, cross, pavement, etc). Although it doesn't have much offroad profile, traction is still good on dry offroad stretches. Great tyre. Great service from Merlin to! Quick dispatch and (international) delivery.
Sjors Mahler Bought a pair of Gravel King 43mm. Absolutely love these tires - super comfortable, and they look great. Bigger is just better!
Mr Kovacs Amazing tyres! Grippy and fast rolling. Some experience is required when mounting because it's tight but once you put it on you'll be happy with it's performance and look. I ordered the 'brown' and I like it!
Mr Shotts Excellent tyres. Roll fast on road, corner well and great traction in the dirt. Run tubeless at 35-40psi.
Oyvind Lightweight, great colour and superb performance.
Mr howard Great dry CX or gravel tyres, good on road too - fitting was easy and set up tubeless first time - very pleased
Frazer Superb product, highly reccommended for gravel and they are fast on road.
Mr Paris Look awesome in the tan wall, and also sealed up easily running tubeless
Mr Berry Well made and super tough tyre. Have bashed it over sandstone, gravel, rock drops and gutters. I run it tubeless and it's been bullet proof! Rolls well with lots of small knobs in the middle and heaps of grip in corners (I have it on the front). About to buy another one!
Bnaya Livne Took few minutes to setup as tubeless. Really enjoyed my first ride on these gravel tires.
jan230 43 mm's are excellent so far. No tools needed for mounting! Running tubeless low pressure on Hunt wheels without any problem.
Mr Caine Seem really good. Roll great on road and been good on trails/gravel. Would recommend
Mr Pessoa Rocha Very bulky, low rolling resistance, very easy to mount on rims.
Dr Nic I believe Gravel King SKs are the best tyre for mixed on/off use and super on everything except mud (which they collect excessively). Sizing has been revised so that the purchased "38" is actually 38mm mounted, and it weighs about 450gm. This contrasts with "40" SKs bought a year ago which measured 43mm mounted and weighed 495gm - the same tyres now listed as "42" I expect.
Yukiyoshi Ordered the 32 mm black/brown ones and they look and feel amazing, pretty robust yet comfortable. Set them up tubeless, my first! Was a bit worried but pretty straight forward to sit them on the wheels on the first go, no leaks! Absolutely love it!
Adam Great tyre, setup as tubeless which panaracer say is fine up to 55 psi.. Bit of a faff, but inflated with a tube first to get them to pop onto the rim, then removed the tube and added sealant, used a Co2 to inflate.. been fine ever since.
armalite44 Very resistant tyre for hard surface !
Jason Ellul Mounted tubeless quite easily on the Hunt wheels I purchased. Took a week or so to seal which isn't too bad. Faster on tarmac than I expected and really good on everything else, except for thicker mud which is understandable given the tread pattern. Used for commuting on bike paths and weekend rides on fire trails and gravel roads. Definitely recommend!
Mr Krupkowski Great tyre. No problem with setting it tubless.
Dave Robertson Set these up tubeless on my gravel / CX bike. Only used on road so far (commuting) but seem to be fairly smooth running and grippy on road (for a gravel tyre) on road. Set up tubeless was easy - seated straight away using Airshot tank.
Darrell For some reason one tire went on easy, the other was a royal pain. But they roll good on pavement for a gravel tire, though my previous tires were Clement MXP's. Only ridden on dry dirt and gravel so far and they're fantastic. Based on minimal tread, Mud will be probably not be so good. Not why I bought them though.
Mr Theobald Superb gravel tyres. Plenty of grip and the brown wall version looks mint on my Mason Bokeh
Peter Tightest beads I can remember in years; I guess this should reassure most above and beyond the added hassle of fitting. Sidewalls not as supple as the tyres they make for Soma, Compass, etc. - this is the only disappointment, although I guess their partner companies would be pretty pissed if they were selling equivalent tyres at almost half the price. On a positive, there's no leakage, personally i'd rather suffer adding extra sealant and the faff that comes with it. Come up to size and weight as per manufacturer claims
Rob Easy to fit, seem like a good balance of knobs and tread for both road and gravel. Roll on the road OK and on hard packed gravel OK as well. Have not tried on loose gravel or mud yet.
Johan Excellent tyre! Used it in 38c for a 150 km long gravel, trail and mud race and it was really good on all the gravel parts and even gave me some grip in the mud. And no punctures :)
Andrew The Gravel King 700x43mm have proven to be a great purchase. Offered at a very competitive price and delivered promptly by Merlin, they've been on the bike for just over a week now. Set up tubeless, they were a tight squeeze to get on my Hope Tech XC rims. Out of interest I tried to seal the beads with a regular track pump, but couldn't. However, using the Bontrager Flash Charger they sealed first time and, other than dropping from around 40psi to 30-35psi after the first couple of rides, have held their pressure. They roll really well and reasonably quietly on tarmac and metal roads and, in my opinion, inspire more confidence than wider, chunkier pair of tyres (Nano 2.1") on my gravel bike which is used primarily on tarmac, metal roads, sustrans routes and only very occasionally anything that could be classed a trail. Other reviews I've read indicate that durability will be as good as many other tyres. I'm seriously considering the 35mm version of these for the cross bike. My opinion is highly favourable. My only complaint is that I couldn't get them with the tan sidewalls!
Jason Really happy with these tires. I ride on a mix of gravel and paved roads and they roll very well on both. The handling on gravel is secure and well footed. Big test will be how resistant they are to punctures, which was the main reason I switched. But they seem more rugged than the previous tires I was using.
Shaun Monk Great tyres have them on two bikes now and great service from Merlin
Mr Hughes I am running these as tubeless and they took several days to seal, but have since worked flawlessly. I have ridden them mostly on a mixture of pavement and gravel roads and I have been very impressed at the low rolling resistance and relative comfort. I have also used them on single track, but grip in the wet is poor and generally it is not a good idea. After about 500 km they are showing little wear so i am hopeful that they will last. Nil punctures so far.
Mr De Laurence The best gravel tyres in the market
Mr russo First foray into gravel tubeless tires...easy to set up, tread pattern perfect for on/off road jaunts and just the right width.
Mr Masters Great product fast rolling on road super grip in sketchy surfaces.
Mr Thompson Decent tires all round, bit fiddly to get on to start but once on they work well. Not bomb proof against punctures.
Mr Shotts Great tyres for mixed gravel and road rides. Low rolling resistance and do well on hard pack and light sand.
Ian H Great tyre to go on my crosser for a bit of gravel grinding. Went on easily with no need for anything other than my standard track pump & some soapy water.
Mr Hainsworth Brilliant all rounder. Rolls surprisingly well on road but copes with rough off road
W. Galdino Great tire, I think this is the best in category. A good casing and uses a really great compound.
calvin Can`t believe the difference between these and 32c tyres... They just fit my CX bike with a couple of mm to spare... ride quality is so much better... smooth...takes the bumps well.. still keep up with the roadies ... and no pinch flats.
Bidstrup The tires work as promised. Great grip on all types of gravel and low rolling resistance on the pavement.
Nic R Gravel King is a good name for these puppies. While many brands 40C gravel tyres run small, these run a tad large and measured 42mm on Hed Ardennes -- making them in truth more than 5mm wider than WTB Nanos. Given this the 475gm (measured) weight isn't so bad. They fit -- and nearly max out -- the rear clearance on my Kinesis ATR perfectly, and do the job on dry dirt sand and pebble surfaces. Have not tried mud yet but they should be OK. No problems with the tubeless seal either. Solid product.
Kiwi-rider I purchased these tyres to use for some riding on unsealed roads on my CX bike. If I'm honest the 32mm tyre doesn't offer a whole lot in terms of ride comfort nor are they confidence inspiring on the loose stuff. I'd probably go for the 40mm option if I had my time again.
Mr Knudsen Huge air chamber, meassures 43mm on DT460db rims (17mm internal). Can be ridden safely as low as 2.2bars, in the woods I would probably go upwards 2.8 or 3 bars to keep the tyre on the rims. Easiest tyre ever to seal tubelss ever: I've tried tubeless ready MTB tyres from Michelin, Geax and Schwalbe + 35mm Compass road tires. Grip: like glue on wet and slippery autumn surfaces. Rolling resistance - not as low as on my 35mm Compass with exralight casing though. You won`t notice the diference between a herringbone thread and this SK on pavement. I doubt that Schwalbes more expensive G-ones can compete. Casing is really subtle and comparable to Vittoria`s Pave open and Pave tubular. Weight: heavy due to the size. Affects acceleration but when setup tubeless you`re not far from a Compass or 32mm Gravelking with butyl tubes. Still lighter that a pair of +30mm Gatorskin, Durano's or Paelsa's. Cost: dirt cheap for a tire this quality - that would cover all gravelking from the skinny slick 23mm throughout the range. Durability: so far no punctures, based on my experience with compass tires suing same compound I'd say they will be really hard to wear out or puncture. Wind resistance: probably the only drawback - but that`s unavoidable for a tire this size. It can really be felt in headwind or when exceeding 30-35km/h. Merlin. please carry the slick 26, 28 and 32mm editions. This new pannaracer range is unbelievable in regards to rolling resistance smoothness, grip, durability and cost - while still keeping close to the weight of a top end clincher/tubless. And they are a hell of lot lighter than Swchwalbes less durable S-one / G-one range. The 23-32 slicks are identical to Compass's non-extralights.