Peaty's PT17 Maintenance Spray
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Peaty's PT17 Maintenance Spray
Code: PE-PA4-PT1
Peaty's PT17 Maintenance Spray

The versatile, biodegradable and PTFE-free care spray displaces moisture on freshly washed bikes, leaving a light lubrication and a long-lasting, thin, corrosion-resistant coating on chainrings and other moving metal parts. PT17 also releases corroded and seized parts with its high potency. When applied to paints and powder coatings, PT17 effectively reduces sludge build-up on your tours or racing.

Suitable for use on all metal parts, paints, rubber, plastic and carbon.

Instructions: Shake thoroughly before use. Spray from a distance of 15 to 25 cm directly onto the component or the surface and allow to act for up to 60 minutes to allow complete exposure or to form a protective film.



  • Intended use: Care and corrosion protection spray for bicycle frame and drive
  • Container: aerosol
  • Environment: biodegradable, PTFE free

Note: Do not use for brakes, tyres, calipers and handles. Do not spray on hot objects or in open flames. Please test the compatibility before use.