Pedro's CHAIN KEEPER Chain Holder
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Pedro's CHAIN KEEPER Chain Holder
Pedros Chain Keeper Chain Holder

A great way to make cleaning easier is to remove your wheels.  While this may seem excessive, removing the wheels from your bike opens up many tight areas that are tough to clean, allowing easier access and better visibility of these surfaces.

The Pedro's Chain Keeper was designed with this wheels-off technique in mind and makes sure your chain stays off your frame preventing damage and  keeping your drivetrain free to turn as is commonly needed during cleaning.  Try it out!  The Chain Keeper inserts into the right rear dropout when the wheel is removed for cleaning, storing, or transporting your bike.  The quick-release lever allows for fast and easy installation and removal.  Allows full forward and backward rotation of the drivetrain.

Kim LengHandy tool for washing bicycle
Mr ShawVery useful for cleaning a chain after removing the back wheel also can really get in all other places at the back without the chain flopping about and getting in the way.
Mr NunesSpecific tool for a specific job, but before I had it I just had a left over PVC pipe cut to length that did the same job, but got to admit this is much cleaner and neat (don't forget to put it on the right gear before).
AlexGreat - works really well at keeping the chain in place and allowed me to clean the drivetrain much better
Mr NicholasVery good product. Does what it's meant to do ensuring easy chain maintenance without messing up wheels / brake pads.
LiamDoes the job and seems to be built well!
Mr Fitzgeraldvery practical gadget when cleaning or transporting a road bike, keeps the chain off the stay and maintains tension in the derailleur, very useful
TommI've only just realised what one of these is for and now I can't believe I've managed without one. A must for chain cleaning in my mind.