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Praxis BB30 Bottom Bracket you have BB30, PF30 or a Specialized OSBB frame, but you need to run a different crank
No worries. Our Praxis Works Conversion BB is just what you're looking for. Made to fit in either BB30 or PF30 frame.


  • The converter works with either BB30 or PF30. 
  • To fit the converter to a BB30 frame, please remove the plastic sleeve (tube). 
  • To fit the converter to a PF30 frame, please fit the converter with the plastic sleeve (tube).
  • 68mm for Shimano Road Cranks
  • 73mm for Shimano MTB Cranks
  • Designed for Shimano™ 24mm Hollowtech II cranks. 
Praxis Bottom Bracket Converters are available for both 68 and 73mm shell sizes. 
Perfect fit. Smooth bearings, clear instructions.
Great way to convert your BB30 bottom bracket to take a SRAM GXP crankset. After over 14k miles on the first praxis replacing like for like was a no brainier. Easy to install on my cannondale, creakfree and lasts ages.
No longer restricted by crank type for PF30 frames. A proper conversion too - not an 'adapter'. Only minor downside is that you need 2 shimano type BB tools to install but a small price to pay for your crank to work properly. Done well over 10,000kms with my last one of these and had no problems.
Converted my PF30 BB to GXP crank. Bearings are smooth and installation was easy-ish.
This is now my 2nd BB kit in Bianchi in 4 years. A great replacement for the PF30. Easy to fit and no creaking!!!!
Better than the converter inserts. Less noise.
Excellent bottom bracket for conversion of PF30 shell to Shimano Hollowcrank II Cranks. Easy to fit
Stops creaking, exceptionally well made. Highly recommended.
Read the reviews before purchase, wasn't disappointed either. Quality product
Great product. The quality was as promised and the easy to fit and adjust. Made converting from BB30 to hollow tech a breeze.
Great product that's fits a BB30 and a PF30 frame. Well machined and designed to avoid creaks, but can be removed to re- grease or change. Unlike the Shimano bearing cups these do not have a plastic sleeve between the bearing and shaft, so make sure you preload them when installing the crank arm otherwise creaking may start...
Amazing piece of kit. Have a Specialized Carbon Frame with a PF30 BB Shell, and wanted to run some Shimano XT Cranks. Great quality product, and comes with clear instructions (PRAXIS even have a video on it on YouTube) - I installed it within 10 minutes and what can I say other than it does what it says on the tin, is very well made and worth the money over cheaper, plastic versions. After a lot of research I am glad I went for the Praxis! Thoroughly recommended!
Excellent convertor for BB30 to Shimano. They have updated the design though, so it is now slightly more complicated to install and does require a fair bit more effort. Also not sure how easy removal will be now, as a much tighter fit (although that should be a good thing I guess).
Set up in a PF30 BB shell as per the instructions and works perfectly. No creaking noise and spins smoothly.
This is the best solution for a BB30 bottom bracket conversion I have used. Well worth the price.
Fits perfectly on Shimano Dura Ace
I bought the Praxis BB30 to shimano converter because the existing BB30 bearing had become loose in the frame and so there was play in the bottom bracket. I had feared I might need a new frame. I bought the Praxis BB on the recommendation of a bike mechanic I know. He fitted it and secured it in place with locktite. It's now running nice and smooth again. Apparently the bearings in the Praxis BB can be easily greased so should give me a few years of service.
A good quality component and easy to fit without special tools. Clear and accurate description by Merlin helped identify part needed a good job all round
Superbly engineered bit of kit. Really easy to fit - there's a good step-by-step video guide on the Praxis website. Quick service from Merlin's, and best price as always
I've owned several Praxis conversion kits since replacing my SRAM groupset with a 105 one and I've never been more grateful. I killed the last one through my own fault, so a word of warning is necessary: while it's not complex to fit, it IS exacting in its requirements. Follow the instructions carefully and do NOT grease the crankshaft to make it easier to fit. If you do as I say, you will have a silent and smooth BB that makes using Hollowtech II cranksets a breeze. I really can't fault it in use (4 stars because of the fitting, not the use)