Race Face Narrow/Wide Single Chainring
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Race Face Narrow/Wide Single ChainringRace Face Narrow/Wide Single ChainringRace Face Narrow/Wide Single ChainringRace Face Narrow/Wide Single ChainringRace Face Narrow/Wide Single ChainringRace Face Narrow/Wide Single ChainringRace Face Narrow/Wide Single ChainringRace Face Narrow/Wide Single Chainring
Code: RRSNNW104X
Race Face Narrow/Wide Single Chainring - 104PCD

Race Face Narrow/Wide Single Chainring

Race Face Single Rings - Now with performance enhancing chain retention technology.
Burly enough for DH Racers and Dirt Jumpers, yet light enough for XC/singlespeed.
Single Rings are machined from 7075 aluminum and tested in some of the most punishing riding terrain – Built to last.

  •  Narrow Wide tooth profiling ensures ultimate chain retention
  •  Stiff 4mm plate thickness and I-beam construction transfer loads without flexing
  •  7075-T6 aluminum, aerospace grade strength
  •  New 104 BCD Race Face Narrow Wide XX1 style chain rings to suit all 1x9, 1x10 and 1x11 drivetrain setups.  
  •  The tooth configuration keeps the chain on the ring without the use of a chain guide.
  •  Available in a bunch of awesome colours
  •  Reversible laser etched graphics.
  •  Compatible for 9, 10 and 11 speed.
  •  Sizes: 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 104 BCD (4 bolt)
  •  Weights: 37-57g (36T – 50g)
jonathanGreat product. Very light and chain stays in place.
Abu JoseRobust! Nice finishing color, added bling to my mtb
Mr GilpinTop quality part from race face , works like a dream when paired with a clutch rear mech
AshweeeThis chainring looks great, too early to tell about longevity. I've knocked it down a star as it was a bit awkward to fit, I removed a hope single ring and thought it would be a straight swap but the chain line on this chainring is totally different, even now it's not great but it's useable.
TheFatControllerBye-bye annoying over-priced e-thirteen chainguide. Live in the Cairngorms and do silly, silly things with my bike, chain hasn't dropped yet (300 odd miles).
GPHavent dropped a chain since using NW and 30T gets you up some steeper hills than a 32. For the trails I ride the high gear is still adequate.
Mr HandsI bought strong light single speed chain ring bolts to fit it on my XT crank, ring only in box. Got the largest available in 104 bcd. Only just cleared the chainstay. 1x10 works for me. 100 miles and no sign of wear. Fitted in middle ring position and works fine with my 11 36 cassette running an xtr clutch mech.
BainesAmazing device which I've attached to my XT crank. Haven't had a dropped chain since fitting it and works perfected with my XTR gear set (10 speed clutch version). No need for a chain device and makes running a 1x10 Shimano setup dead easy
Mr PrestonBeautiful piece of kit! Blue is bright and obviously more importantly the chain was very secure not a single drop in a very tech rocky ride. Very nice
JSVery pleased. Works perfectly, and looks amazing! Im running a 1x10 set up with a clutch mech and no form of chain device. It runs silent and I've never dropped a chain once! I would highly recommend this product!
DeanGreat piece of kit. Was able to rid myself of the chain guide altogether. Saving weight and keeping my set up much tidier and giving more mud clearance. Two weeks on and haven't dropped my chain once.
Mr McCarthySuper light, excellent quality and really stops the chain coming off, I'm not running a chain device anymore on my all mountain bike and I haven't had my chain come off yet.
Mr PhilipsonBeen running 1x10 for a while with a chain guide but bought this after reading good reviews. Very impressed so far, no sign of dropping the chain on bumpy decsents. Glad I went for the 32 rather than the 34 it's just given me a bit extra at the top end, I haven't found that I've run out of gears. 1x10 is the future (until 1x11 is much cheaper)
Mr BolanosPerfect!!! The chain stays in place no matter what, very secure, nice and clean look to the bike, say bye to the draggy and dirty chain guide!!!
Andy WSpot on. Converted 3x10 to 1x10 on Orange 5. Ridden twice and chain never missed a beat and no sign of dropping it without a chain guide. Lost 505g and added 37g so a good weight saving. Looks awesome too. Went for the 32t in combo with a 11-36 cassette
Mr EamesGreat product - does exactly what it says on the tin... The chain runs so smoothly over this ring compared with triple chainrings. If you can live with a single ring 1-by setup, this is the one to go with. No chain drops in the first few rides, including some rocky downhill runs. No problem using it on Shimano crank with 10-speed chain. Overall, outstanding!
Mr JEFFGood bye chain guide! 5 rides the last 2weeks, jumps and drops, nothing moved! With an easy and trouble-free installation, and not a single dropped chain to report, I really have nothing to complain about, best investment I made! Happy bunny, happy rides ;)
JimHaving been running single speed for sometime, I decided to go back to gears, but still run a single ring, but I didn't want to run a chain guide, so having looked on line at alternatives I decided to go with the Race face narrow wide ring. Chose the 30t ring due to the riding I do, and having used RF equipment in the past I was very impressed with the quality as it was still up there with the best, with excellent fit and finish. Having ridden with the ring for a few rides I can confirm that the thinking behind narrow/wide rings works I have yet to drop the chain. On a whole these rings are definitely the way to go if you're running a 1x set up.
Mr SlaterBrilliant! I had high hopes for the clutch / narrow wide combination, and I've not been disappointed. Only a couple of very rocky Peak rides in, and not a single chain issue. For balance, I used to run a front mech and chain device with a standard mech, and used to get dropped chains every couple of rides or so. The 30t ratio seems about right to me, combined with an 11-36t cassette - there's stuff I can't quite get up, but mostly I wouldn't have got up it with a granny either - and I didn't find myself spinning out.
Mr MunroAbsolute game changer! Rode the same trail - Innerleithan XC/Make or Brake/Caddon Bank - with a normal chainring and Zee Shadow + mech (no front chain device or retainer) and dropped my chain far too many times. Did the same trail with the Narrow/Wide Race Face and not one dropped chain. Was not sure when I fitted it that it was going to make much difference but the proof was in the riding. Hopefully it will last for a while as well. (also went for 34T instead of 36T in the end)
paulVery very good. Got one so I could get rid of my chain guide and clean the look of the bike up a bit. Not lost the chain so far, tried jumping, riding down stairs, pedaling over bumpy sections and banging up and down the gears and the chain has stayed on so far. Nice and light too for the weight weeni-ists.
Joey BI have this set up with no chain guide here in Whistler. Raced the crankworx enduro with no dropped chain, ridden some steep alpine epics with no dropped chain. Ridden 6 days in the park. Dropped a chain once after a particularly bad landing off a drop on Schleyer, I can forgive it that because everything else on my bike bottomed out!
Mr GregoryIm running 1x10 drivetrain on my 120mm steel hardtail and am running a 34t chainring on the front. I went for the new narrow wide chainring because I wanted to elimiante chain drop. Have have it for about a week now and spent 5 day riding the peaks with it and I still havent drop a chain. So very happy with it. It is an alloy chainring so only time will tell how many miles it will stand up to until it needs changing.