Rock"n"Roll Absolute Dry Lube 4oz
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Rock"n"Roll Absolute Dry Lube 4oz
Rock N Roll Absolute Dry Lube 4oz or 16oz

This is a super clean chain lube, in fact, this lube is not a self-cleaning lube, it simply picks up little or no dirt. For road bikes only.


Application Instructions

1. Shake well and apply a stream of lube to the chain at the cassette. Do not drip the lube on like you would oil-this is not oil!

2. Get the chain really wet, this stuff cleans and lubes all in one. Freewheel the chain backwards for about 5 seconds-no less.

3. Wipe off all the excess lube (all of it, wipe the chain as clean as it will get). That's it go ride ...

Mr ColeMy favourite lube. Leaves cassette sparkling clean. Great running drivetrain.
marcMy favorite chain lube for good dry conditions. Shame I do not get to use it much in the uk!!
Dr O'NeillThis is my go to chain lube. Tried all the muc-off ones. Difference with this is it keeps your chain clean. Cleans and lubes at the same time. Just give it a quick wipe after a ride.
geoffreyGreat lube have been using it for about 5 years ! Love It !!
JohnSimply put it's the best I have come across. gear pivot points cables and chain. smooth running without fling or dust pickup
Mr BowWorks well as long as you don't fully follow the instructions. Best if applied after each ride. Do not wipe off the chain as thoroughly as per the instructions. I did and found that after only 10 miles into my ride, the chain was starting to squeak. All fine now with less thorough wiping! Cleans the chain up well after each application/wipe too.
Mr ColeBest lubricant i have tried. Will buy again.
JasonExcellent chain lube, made even my brand new chain look and perform better. Make sure to follow the guidelines and clean it all off the chain after each application! This stuff is not intended to be left on the chain like most lubes.
paulWorks a treat, chain looks great after and runs smooth
Dr O'NeillHaving used all the other flavours of this lube, I got this to try. Wow. It's amazing. Chain running slick and it's lovely and clean. Keep in mind the conditions this is aimed at and you won't be disappointed. Found it better than muc off lubes which gunk up
JackThis is a really great product, following the instructions keeps my chain super clean and lubed, it cleans the chain at the same time moving dirt out so you can wipe clean after your ride. Great value buying the 16oz.
GregoryGreat product and the best lube I’ve used in over 20 years of cycling! Only wish I’d found it sooner!
MarkGoes on well and seems to stay put (in the dry). I'd say that this is better than the Finish Line equivalent but not really suitable for wet weather.
Mr DWHFirst time trying this one. Used the Gold for years. Seems to perform as well. Not tried in wet weather yet to see if as good as the Gold or Extreme in staying on the chain. Runs as quiet and as clean though. The cleanliness is the real advantage of these lubes, helps keep the chain running well longer due to not gathering so much dirt and debris. Great service from Merlin too, arrived super quickly and great value.
Mr HammondHaving always used wet lube thought I would give this a try. Keeps chain clean but lube doesn't last very long have to re apply after every 40 mile ride.
Martin GThis has been my go to lube for dry weather road bike use for the past three years. It really is unlike any other lube in that you put loads on. You then spin the chain and wipe off the dissolved dirt, leaving a quiet, clean chain. It's pricey, but it's simple, quick and easy to use, and really is worth it.
Tom WThis does actually seem to do what everyone else says it does! Chain is cleaner and it seems to help to get gunk out of the rest of the drive chain. Following the instructions seems to be a good idea too. Main thing is you don't get a gunged up chain like you do with wet oily lubes
Mr OngMy prefer lube as it does make the chain much cleaner and well lubricated.
Mr LeeGreat lube for my road bike. No squeaks in my chain.
Mr OngMy preferred brand lube for all my bikes chain.
PeterHas been using it for a year and am doing restocking....good product.
Mr HubyczMy favourite lube keeps chain clean and super quiet without attracting dirt I use it before every ride
JamieAwesome product. I have used this chain oil for several years.
Dr PThis is a very good lube! I also use Rock N Roll gold, which also is a great product.
JonAmazing gear . Chain is cleanest its ever been and runs dead set silent.
markTried this lube for a change, working well and an improvement over my previous muc off. Buy the large one as it goes faster than you imagine if applied as per instructions
Mr PressleyBest chain lube I have tried. No oily residue left on chain to attract grit and muck
SimonWas put onto this recently, excellent lube and cleans the drivetrain too!
LethalEvery bit as good as RnR Extreme Lube. This is ideal after giving the bike a full degrease and clean.