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Rock N Roll Absolute Dry Lube 4oz or 16oz

This is a super clean chain lube, in fact, this lube is not a self-cleaning lube, it simply picks up little or no dirt. For road bikes only.


Application Instructions

1. Shake well and apply a stream of lube to the chain at the cassette. Do not drip the lube on like you would oil-this is not oil!

2. Get the chain really wet, this stuff cleans and lubes all in one. Freewheel the chain backwards for about 5 seconds-no less.

3. Wipe off all the excess lube (all of it, wipe the chain as clean as it will get). That's it go ride ...

Dr P This is a very good lube! I also use Rock N Roll gold, which also is a great product.
Jon Amazing gear . Chain is cleanest its ever been and runs dead set silent.
mark Tried this lube for a change, working well and an improvement over my previous muc off. Buy the large one as it goes faster than you imagine if applied as per instructions
Mr Pressley Best chain lube I have tried. No oily residue left on chain to attract grit and muck
Simon Was put onto this recently, excellent lube and cleans the drivetrain too!
Lethal Every bit as good as RnR Extreme Lube. This is ideal after giving the bike a full degrease and clean.