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Rock N Roll Cable Magic 1oz
  • Makes braking and shifting super smooth by reducing the drag in cable housings. Shops worldwide won't build or repair without using Cablemagic.
  • This stuff works so well we were shocked at how well it has gone over with the bicycle dealers. It is very easy to use: drip it into the cable housing, wipe some on the cable then put everything together.
  • Use it with non-coated cables. Coated cables somehow don't last as long with any lube in the housing. So many dealer and team mechanics have called us to say that they will never use a coated cable now that they use Cablemagic.
This lube is fantastic for keeping your gear changes smooth and cables functioning as they should
Works great. Do notice a difference before/after. Better than using chain lube.
Seems to have given better gear shifting however, time will tell if this as good as their excellent Rock and Roll Extreme chain lube.
Does the business, why haven't I used this before?!
Never tried a product like this before, but it definitely does what it says on the tin. cables are smooth as anything and shifting is a doddle. would recommend this product for sure.
This stuff is magic; just a few drops on gear shift and v-brake cables has made a huge difference; they feel super slick now. Seems like a small bottle but should last for years given how little is needed.
Use it every time I replace a cable. Better than PTFE covering and makes changes so smooth. Magic is the right word.
Slippery, slick loveliness!! Keeps the cables slicker for longer. Recommended.
My gears are now smoother than they have ever been, which is saying something! Worth the money
I used some of this lube on some replacement jag wire cables. Its brill slippery as an eel and made the cable smoother than tarzans pants. Topped with you only need a minute amkunt means that it will last for ever.
Bought this to get the order over the free postage level, but I'm glad I did. Have used it on two gear cable set-ups so far and it does seem to make the shifting feel super-smooth. I'm sure I can feel less friction than normal.
Thought I`d try cable magic thinking it will be just another overated lube, but you proved me wrong. Used it on my winter bike cables which were rather neglected, after a quick dose of rock n roll magic they are so super smooth and the gear changing is now smooth and responsive. Thank you Merlin your description of this product is spot on superb
Very good on a mountain bike when I have been out in the awful English weather this year.