Rock"n"Roll Extreme Lube 4oz
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Rock"n"Roll Extreme Lube 4oz
Multi-Buy Savings!
Rock N Roll Extreme Lube 4oz or 16oz
  • New Non-Flammable version
  • A very clean chain lube that works and lasts and never lets you down. When the going gets tough this is the stuff. Available in 4 or 16 oz.
  • Application Instructions:  Shake well and apply a stream of lube to the chain at the cassette.
  • Do not drip the lube on like you would oil-this is not oil!
  • Get the chain really wet, this stuff cleans and lubes all in one. Freewheel the chain backwards for about 5 seconds-no less.
  • Wipe off all the excess lube (all of it, wipe the chain as clean as it will get). That's it go ride!
Jonathan Does everything it says and more .. Excellent Lube.. easy to apply and my drive chain on both bikes is much quieter since starting to use this quality product..
Mr clifton Cleans and lubes chain at the same time very good product.
Ross I know there's always one isn't there?! Amongst all the positive reviews I have to say this is poor. Followed instructions, cleaned the chain properly, soaked it in the stuff etc. However, rode two semi wet rides and just seems to get washed off. I commute in grotty weather and used lots of brands but this is one of the poorer efforts.
Mr NAYLER Best I've ever used. Cleans and lubes. Give the bottle a proper shake before use. Jumbo bottle perfect.
Andrew PJ Great oil for winter conditions. Despite the amount of salt and grit around the chain stays smooth and quiet and cleans off really easily. Just follow the instructions on the bottle !
Eamonn Used this lube all year round and find it excellent if used as per the instructions. Leaves the chain clean and silent, has definitely extended the life of my xtr drivetrain. Highly recommended and great service from Merlin.
Dominic C So easy to use. Cleans & Lubes in one. Great stuff. Never without it now. Smooth
AlexA I’ve used RnR Gold to a great success, don’t expect worse performance from this one, but haven’t tried yet. Be generous during application, as this stuff degreases and re-lubes at the same time, and don’t be afraid to wipe the chain dry after application. Short of waxing, RnR gives you the cleanest chain you can get.
J Brogan I’m new to Rock and Roll but following instructions to clean it all off and so far so good. No gunk on the chain or mech.
James Love this stuff, keeps the chain clean as well
Jeffrey Easy to apply and effective combined lubrication and cleaning. I use it on my commuter, road and gravel bikes, highly recommended.
Martin My go to lube. Used on commute bike for years. Now using on gravel bike - 4000km in all conditions and chain is going strong and still shiny
Mr Sinclair Excellent lube. Cleans as well as protects the chain.
Mr Bru Where have you been all my life?! Great, long-lasting allround lube. Actually the best I’ve ever tried. Highly recommended.
Mr MCLEESE Seem to work very well. Cleans and lubes simultaneously. Perfect for wet UK road conditions.
geoffrey Great lube have been using it for about 5 years ! Love it !!
chris_pierre Great lube. Better than others that I have tried.
Mr Murphy Superb product, have tried a number of different products and found this to be great multi purpose lube that cleans and lubes the chain and cassette simultaneously. Highly recommend!
Mr Harper The best lube around, cleans and lubes at the same time, never need to service chain,... fantastic product.
Andy Crossley Excellent Bike Lube been a firm favourite for years. No mess no fuss. Far superior over Muc-off. highly reccommend.
John I use this all the time. non messy easy application and it sticks to the metal and penetrates chain links... no noise and dry clean drivetrain. an excellent product from an excellent producer.
Lee Clean but runs dry quite quickly. Works like a dry lube and needs reapplying after every ride. Not good for wet or long rides over 50 miles.
David G This appears to work as described and keeps the chain cleaner than when using a traditional wet lube. It is thin though so I place a container uder the RD and C/Set to catch the excess as I prefer to let the chain drip dry overnight, rather than wipe the excess off immediately.
AS I have been using the Rock N Roll Extreme for few years now. Never found anything better. Never got it cheaper than Merlin's :)
Warwick The best all round chain lube & cleaner you can get. Stop using whatever you are and buy this.
Mr Standing Great Product, just ordered second bottle
Mr Cope Best chain lube ever, I use this In all conditions. Great value from Merlin Cycles
Mr Greatrex I decided to give this a try after doing some research on chain lubes. I normally use a wet lube with all that entails.Spotted this on offer at Merlin and I am impressed with the results so far. Chain is remaining much cleaner and does not appear to pick up as much dirt. Using on a road bike, though will try it on the MTB also.
Elliot I recently bought this product after reading a lot of positive reviews regarding Rock N Roll chain lubes. Merlin cycles provided a great service, with a well informed and super speedy delivery. The product itself is as good as described, very simple to apply to the chain. The lube has kept my chain very clean and running smoothly after a few weeks of cycling in mixed dry and wet weather. This is compared to the other cheap oil I was using before that just left my chain/cassette black and filthy after just one use after cleaning frustrating! Couldn't recommend this product more, I will definitely be ordering again.
Mr Glew Excellent lube. First time I've tried this, different application to other lubes but works well, keeps your chain clean and lasts a reasonable time before re-application is required.
Mr Dobson Excellent lube...just follow the instructions and the results are “extreme”
Sadoldsamurai I was 'introduced to this whilst visiting (with my bike) in New Zealand. It's sometimes difficult to find in the UK, but well worth the effort. As a bit of a poser I love the fact that not only does it work (lubricate and ensure decent life from chains..) but also the chain looks clean..This was also a great deal cost wise too. It's no surprise to me that Rock and Roll lubes have a 100% 5 star review rating over the now 50 reviews.
Mr Ong My prefer lube as it does make the chain much cleaner and well lubricated.
Mr Lee Great lube for my MTB. Keeps the chain going ion muddy conditions.
J Great stuff! Keeps my chain clean and quiet! I ride fixed and use this for the winters. Love it.
Miss Browne Cleans as well as lubricating. Good in sandy conditions but needs applying regularly
Paul Williamson Very good value for the size of bottle. Easily apply it and clean the chain. However the zenith of clean lubes has not been made : as this lube does not seem to last for more than about 100 miles, I am experimenting with adding a layer of wet lube on top.
B. Chabot I've used this lube for about 3 years and have found it the best I've tried for dry to damp conditions. I do switch to a "wet" lube in winter when riding through snow. I found it minimizes chain wear, keeps grit off the chain and is easy to apply.
Mr Jones I’ve used this as an all year round lube for years. It stays on in the wet and providing you wipe the chain down after applying, it keeps the chain nice and clean. It’s much less sticky than other wet lubes. A great product for a winter or commute bike.
Jim Cathcart Really good oil keeps chain clean like dry lube but still works in very conditions. Avoids the use of degreasers as it is self cleaning.
Rhys Really good lube keeps drive chain clean and running well
Mr Hussain Good clean & lubrication without the residue, makes a difference after using it, helps keep the enhanced performance.
Jim C Keeps the chain clean and lubricated in filthy conditions. You need to use it regularly so expensive option but noticeably smoother drivetrain.
Pete Flynn The best wet weather lube on market (imho)
Karl-Michael Makes the chain really clean and lubricates without grease.
stuart Superb lube. Works really well in UK conditions
Mr Jones This stuff is just awesome - cleans and lubes - really happy with it
Panagiotis my brevet friends are jealous of my clean chain and they all want to know what is this magical lube! so i ordered for them too !!!
Dr Smith Great product - makes chain cleaning and lubrication easy
Bob Great lube. This and the gold version are the only lubes I use now. Never have to clean the chain like I used to and it lasts a long time.
Mr McAdams Absolutely the best chain lube around!! Keeps the chain pretty clean. And keeps the muck out.
Stuart I've used this stuff for a few years now. Super clean but does need reapplication regularly to stay on top of lubricating qualities.
Grant Great lube for my chain. Keeps it clean and removes gunk that accumulates.
Mr Thomas I was introduced to this by a mountain biking cycle mechanic and haven`t looked back since, a great lube.
Mr Hayman Used it for years, always get great performance in all conditions. Tried other things, always come back to this.
Mr Parr Just the best there is, IMHO
Mr Tan Good clean lube for extreme condition. Recommended.
Mr Panos Best thing ever! It is a wet lube that looks like a dry one, very thin, but it stands up to the elements pretty good and its extremely clean! No more chain marks on my leg and the chain looks always like new!
Stephen J Received this item very promptly. Have never used it before today. Applied as instructed and rode bike for 40 miles with no issues. Chain and bike were clean afterwards so I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Mr Packer Amazing lube.. Cassette and chain stay clean as new. Lube lasts around 250 miles before needing more .. Use this on road and mountain bike. Seems unaffected by rain mud grit recommend to all bikes
James Brilliant lube, the best I've used. It's easy to apply, it's quiet and clean and it can cope with rain.
Mr soden My favourite chain lube! Works great on MTB chains all year round. Keeps the chain nice and clean. Glad it's available again.
Ian Brilliant for cleaning chain after a ride, quick job (less than 2 minutes) for a sparkling chain. Was initially worried about lubricity of the product but recently did a 355km ride and no problems with chain noise. Just left a bit more product on the chain before starting the ride. Would definitely recommend, easiest product I have ever used to clean chain in over 30 years of road cycling.
Mr Smith Easy to use, lasts long time
Mr Campion Does exactly what is claimed. Makes keeping the drive train clean and lubricated a dream with everything working as smoothly as the day the bike was bought.
Mr Searle Love this Lube, does what it says and my go to lube.
Michael Have been using this lube for a while, I get coverage from the lube and chain stays pretty clean and I generally only need just a light wipe between lubing.
deathbysnusnu Wow! I didn't expect to see that much of a difference! I started pedaling backwards, and applying the Rock n Roll Extreme, just as the instructions suggested, and I literally felt the difference, pedaling gradually became easier, I could also hear the difference as well, don't get me wrong, the drivetrain still makes noise, but its a different kind of noise.. and after 70km the chain is still super clean! I totally recommend this product! and Merlin Cycles was super fast to ship it! Great service!
Lethal This is simply the best lube - it cleans as well. Every time I use it , it feels like the bike has just been serviced and I wonder why I waited so long between uses!
Ewan Certainly cleans the chain. Seems to lube ok, tho had to reapply after a single wet ride. The guidelines say to be liberal with it so not sure how long the bottle will last.
martin Still the best! I've been using this lube for years & it's still my favourite. I have tried others that have come on the market but they all have issues. RnR keeps your chain shiny refusing to collect dirt & grime no matter the weather. My only tip is that you follow the instructions as this product cleans whilst it lubes.
Ashy Great chain lube and cleaner for all round use. Coat your chain wipe it of and you've got a clean lubed chain!
Graham Clark Cleans and lubes your chain in one go. Does a reasonable job cleaning the chain and the lube lasts pretty well even in wet conditions. Down side is that a 4oz bottle doesn't last very long.
Mr Hooper Starting using this about a year ago and wish i'd found it earlier. Easy to apply and keeps the chain clean & looking like new as well las being well lubricated. Top product.
Mr Bowman The best lube around in my view!
Mr Aitken Great product
Mr Dewhurst really good chain lube, I use this on my mountain bikes and my road bike. I've tried several different chain lubes, and this is worth paying a bit more for, as my chains last longer when using this stuff!
Mr Rangeley The best mtb lube I have used - works in all conditions.
Mr SHERIDAN Excellent chain lube that I've been using for the last two years. I have tried quite a few other lubes but this one keeps my chain cleaner for longer and running smoother for longer. You do have to apply it quite often though.
Mr Pike Seems to work very well. Chain is clean and smooth running.
Warwick Took a bit of a punt on this and it's every bit as good as they say it is.