Rock N Roll Gold Low Vapour (LV) Lube
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Rock N Roll Gold Low Vapour (LV) Lube
Rock N Roll Gold Lube
  • Chain Lube
  • This chain lube moved the 21st. century closer to the 22nd century. Drive-trains look like that just came out of the box. The well known smoothness and quietness that Rock N Roll lubes are known all over the world for, just went to a new level. 
  • Application Instructions: Shake well and apply a stream of lube to the chain at the cassette.
  • Do not drip the lube on like you would oil-this is not oil!
  • Get the chain really wet, this stuff cleans and lubes all in one. Freewheel the chain backwards for about 5 seconds-no less.
  • Wipe off all the excess lube (all of it, wipe the chain as clean as it will get). That's it go ride!
Mr AdamopoulosVery clean chain and sprockets but you have a little noise and must put it frequently.
Prorace RiderGood for everyday use. But I am not sure whether this is enough. Perhaps requires a stronger lube for full lubrication
LukeA great lube overall, runs quieter than Squirt in my experience, but needs to applied regularly. I'm finding doing it after every ride works well as the entire drivetrain remains super clean so in the end probably saves time.
Andrew PJI have used this oil during summer months and found it really good. It cleans the chain really well and does not "gum up" like some other oils I have used.
marcMy favorite all round road bike lubricant, not found anything better yet!!
Mr AldersonExcellent stuff. Cleans & lubes in one.
Mr CottleExcellent product giving a smooth and clean chain. Tried wax and PTFE dip for a while, but I've reverted back to this. Don't be stingy when you apply
RobEasy to use and keeps chain clean. Good price.
SteeveyMy fave lube. No degreasing needed, just flush this through the chain now and again
richardThis is the best chain lube I've used.
Mr PeacockRock N Roll Gold I have only used this product once so far and the results are really pleasing. The chain was clean and the gears are quick and quite. 5 Stars for this lube. Merlin Cyles are a quality company to deal with. No problems with my order and the delivery was quick. I will use Merlin Cycles in the future.
MarkThe best dry weather chain lube on the market!
Mr BowFirst use was on a rather gunky chain and after a couple of successive applications and thorough wiping of the chain, it was looking pretty good and was running smoother too. Regular applications keeps the chain cleaner as it is designed to clean the chain as well as lubricate it. On a new, clean chain, it is smooth and keeps it clean.
PipGreat lube, easy to apply and low friction
LeeThis stuff works more like a dry lube which wasnt clear to me at the time I bought it. It's a wax-like substance suspended in a solvent. The solvent cleans and you wipe away the excess leaving the wax-like stuff to lube the chain. I found it runs clean but only lasts about 30 miles of road riding in dry conditions before the chain sounds too dry. Useless in the rain. Only good for short dry rides.
M WilsonSeems to be working well on a brand new chain, wiped chain down after first ride and muck transferred to cloth and no signs of dirt on chain. Looks like money well spent.
Mr Lucas-GarnerI’m really starting to like this lube. It’s much cleaner than anything I’ve used in the past and keeps drive train shifting smoothly and quietly.
Mr FrickerI've been cycling all disciplines for over 30 oil i've ever used bar none
Mr alexanderUsed to use wax, along with the faff. This stuff is as near as you can get! No mess, runs dry, quiet running and cleans on applying. What's not to like? The large bottle works out fairly reasonable and has a small dispenser with 2 nozzles in the box! Fast delivery too!
MarkBest lube around - works well & cleans the chain when you apply it. Better value in this larger bottle. Merlin offered a good price and delivered promptly. Will happily purchase again.
David KerrGreat this stuff really works. Everything smoother and quieter after use.
SPIn my opinion best lube on the market. I've used this for at least the last 5 years and it both cleans and lubes your chain keeping it running smooth and increasing the life of your drive train.
Mr DWHBeen using this for years. Fantastic lube. Have used all the Rock N Roll versions, and I think this strikes best balance. Chain runs quiet, but also runs super clean. Cleanliness means as well as being a good lube, doesn't pick up the usual dirt, so stays running well longer. I do feel it was a bit better prior to changing to the LV version. But I guess it's less toxic now, which is nice! Great service from Merlin too, arrived super quickly and great value.
CalvinGreat lube. Cleans as well as lubricants
Neil RelphThis is weird stuff, but seems to work well. It's really thin, but after application the chain looks clean an shifts well
Mr OngMy prefer lube as it does make the chain much cleaner and well lubricated.
Mr ChanI'm fortunate to live on the coast and cycle a lot along the seafront. "Traditional" lubes require frequent degreasing and reapplication as they picked up sand, but this doesn't. It remains to be seen how often reapplication is needed, as it's not cheap and you use much more than a "traditional" lube. So my idea of the rating may drop solely because of the cost.
IainI have used Rock N Roll for many years, it is a superb lubricant that does not attract lots of road muck!
JGreat clean lube! Keeps my chain quiet.
AndyBest Chain Lube I have used
AlanThis is one of the best chain lubes I've used. I've been using this on my summer and TT bikes and it doesn't attract dirt like a wet lube and also keeps the chain lubed well over a few hundred miles before re-application is necessary.
Mr RobinsonGreat stuff: cleans and lubes together (unless the chain is really filthy), which saves a tonne of effort. It rides slick, but doesn’t seem to pick up dirt as much as wet lube.
Mr PitchersAmazing stuff. Lubes and helps keep the chain clean. Runs as smooth as anything. In the winter, when its wet and gritty, it needs reapplying more often than in the summer. Leaves the outside of the chain pretty clean as it soaks in and lubes the bearings. YOu have to soak the chain with it then wipe the excess off. Now I've discovered this, I wouldn't use anything else.
jimmyused rock and roll for the last 5 years. best lube if you don't want to wax
RhysUse this on my road bike and wouldn't use anything else
marcusMy favourite chain lube, I have been using it for years. Cleans the chain quite well and keeps it well lubricated.
StewartFollowed the instructions, & it does what it says, all the old lube, road muck comes away & leaving the chain lubed & clean, time will tell, 5 stars so far.
PhilAwesome stuff, used it for a while now and keeps everything so much cleaner than other options available
AlexI've been using this lube for years on my MTB, BMX, and commuter bikes. It works well in dry conditions and last long enough in wet. It has a great balance of being wet enough to keep the lubrication smooth but dry enough to not attract dust and dirt. Fantastic lube, I've yet to find anything better!
AlexMy favourite lube! You use more of it than other brands as it cleans and lubes in one step, but that more than makes up for it in savings in degreaser, mess and muck on your calf! It keeps the chain brilliantly clean, doesn't pick up grime, and can survive the odd downpour with no issues. I use it for all-season commuting on my road bike 12m per day in central London.
IantoWhat a great product!! Leaves my bike chain really clean and sparkly. The smaller size bottle goes a lot further than you’d think. Overall, very impressed with this product , will definitely be buying it again.
marcMy favourite chain lube. Roll it on, run it around and wipe off the dirty excess. It keeps the chain nice and clean and most importantly well lubricated.
Pete FlynnThe lube I spent years looking for. Have used nothing else for years now. Simply works.
MorganGreat lube. Keeps my chain clean and smooth plus hassle free when reapplying
Mr LowDegreased and lube at the same time.
marcMy favorite chain lube - Nice and simple to use, apply to chain and then wipe off the excess, which removes a lot of road grime. it does not leave the chain too sticky and it runs smoothly.
Mr CarlessI ran out and it was outstanding so I ordered more
Mr WONGHighly recommended by local cycling buddies. Cleans and lubricates in 1 go.
iamadjVery good lube. I got to reapply quite often as UK weather is rather wet. However the lube works very well and keeps the chain clean.
TimHave used this product for years. Cleans and lubes in one.
Mr LoikkanenThe best for bike chain. Save watts and give longer time to chain (4700 km). Very easy to use. Does not make you bike and parts dirty.
Mr PitchersSimply the best lube for road bikes that money can buy IMHO. Less Watts for more speed, I absolutely love this stuff.
Mr AgutoBeen using a while now and I can tell that it lubicates the drivetrain well. Recommended for lazy lads out there who don't want to degrease the chain when reapplying new lube.