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Rapid Racer Products Enduroguard Mud Guard


EnduroGuard is compact, lightweight and highly effective at stopping mud and spray blurring your vision.  Its versatile design fits both the front and rear of the bike and is perfect for any mountain bike discipline. Manufactured from a custom thickness Polypropylene, EnduroGuard is extremely durable and offers a superb fit. Unlike other guards of this kind, EnduroGuard features SealGuard which helps prevent mud and water sitting on your fork seals helping to prolong their life and service intervals.



  • Available in 2 sizes and 5 colours
  • Standard size - Fits forks from 80mm to 120mm. Ideal for 4X, Cross County and short travel Trail bikes.
  • Large size - Fits forks from 130mm to 200mm. Ideal for Gravity Enduro and Downhill bikes.
  • Versatile design allows for front and rear fitment
  • Seal Guard Technology to keep seals clean
  • Supplied with bright white zip ties
  • Design, manufactured and packaged in the UK.
Fast delivery from Merlin, great product used as a rear guard, came with good quality zipties too. Good quality plastic should last years.
Simple, easy to fit. Effective
Very happy with this mudguard - greatly reduces the amount of mud and small stones being flicked up into my face. Works well and a fair price.
Awesome product, keeps the mud off
Can't believe how good these are for how small they are compared to full mudguards
Nicely designed, looks and works great!
Really great product! It stops all the dirt from reaching into the front and back dampers and at the same time prevents me from getting dirt in my face. Simple to assemble on the bike, both in the front and at the back. All this at a good price!
Excellent product at good price. Quite easy to fit and holds on well. Doesn't stop all muddy water coming up onto the back of the forks but certainly prevents much of it coming up
Great at keeping mud from your face.
The guard fit perfectly on my fork (I'm running a rockshox 30 gold tk) Was super easy to install, and it protects the fork from mud and debris. Great product, would highly recommend.
This item is super easy to install. The fit was just right. I installed this guard on a 29er RockShox front fork with 100mm travel. It does its job keeping water and muck from spraying straight up to your face off the back of the tire.
Fits perfectly, keeps the muck off of my face and forks, easy to fit. Spot on.
Best value front mudguard, very effective
Easy to fit, nice looking and works at least in front.
Does the job, stops mud flicking in my face and protects the forks from rocks flicking into the uppers
I wanted a simple, light-weight effective mudguard and was really impressed with this one by RRP. Straightforward to fit and stays perfectly in place once the cable ties are pulled tight. For it's size it's really effective on the front. It also stops mud etc spraying onto the forks too. I bought a second one for the rear although I'm not convinced it will stop me getting a muddy back as all the wheel spray will fly up before it reaches the mudguard. Still, rear mudguards are for whimps anyway, right? ;-)
Its a piece of plastic sheet with stuff printed on it and holes for zip ties. It works though and looks good, really reducing the amount of front-wheel splatter hitting your face.
Decent quality, this is the 2nd I've bought, for a 2nd bike. Great for keeping the spray out of your face.
Easy to fit, good clearance, totally effective at keeping fork seals clear of muck. Got one on the back too, keeps the worst off the suspension and front mech,........ Front mech? Yeah, old school! is brilliant on my Giant Anthem...very sturdy. I used a large on the rear to stop the muck getting into my front derailleur, almost wish I had gone the large for the front too instead of the standard...more guard = less muck on me and the bike.
Quick and easy to install and effective! Make sure your rear triangle has a top brace if you want to mount this on the rear. My Bianchi Methanol 29FS didn't. So front only on my bike! But they fitted excellently to my girlfriends Giant Lust front and back.
Quick to put on. Looks perfect. Performance is quite okay.
Keeps forks clean as well as stops mud flicking up.
Simple to install. Works great. New fork seals are about 80% more clean in the muc.
Ideal for keeping mud off your face. Super quick delivery
Easy to fit, keeps almost all the mud off your face and keeps the forks cleaner at the same time. For the price, I struggle to find reasons not to get one! I haven't tried rear mounting it yet, but it looks like it would be very simple and effective there as well
Really excellent product, easy to fit, zip-ties keep it in place, really does stop the mud, crud & other trail shiz off your fork crown. Such a simple design and totally effective, will probably get one for to keep my rear shock free of trail grime.
Simple but effective. Put mine on back-to-front due to DT Forks having the bridge behind the stanchions, and still catches most of the muck.
Simple but effective. There isn't much need to buy a more extravagant version, but I do wonder how on earth they came up with their retail price, given what it is! Luckily merlin are selling it a bit cheaper.
It's quite expensive for a flat piece of plastic and it's also a bit fiddly to attach - especially if your brake cables are routed down the inside of your stanchions. Clipping off the ends of the ties also results in really sharp edges, but as long as you take your time and address these when attaching it, then it works very well.
Excellent piece of kit. Sturdy and keeps the muck out of your eyes !