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NeoGuard have produced a effective and innovative mudguard system. Now available with Evil Eyes!
  • The new neoprene mudguard called NeoGuardTM is specifically designed to prevent mud and spray from getting in your face and eyes.
  • Traditional mudguards are fragile and can hold on to pounds of unwanted mud affecting your riding performance and slowing you down.
  • The NeoGuardTM throws the mud off every time the fork compresses keeping your bike light and agile.
  • It is fast and simple to fit and very lightweight, this mudguard is perfect for both downhill or crosscountry and absolutely essential for the weekend warrior.
  • Tuck it into your backpack just in case conditions turn nasty, you'll rarely get mud in your eyes again.
  • Simple to fit and very light weight
  • Easily stored and carried
  • Black with evil eyes design
Small yet work well & stops spray
This is a must for any mtb. Saves all the crap from going into your eyes without an ugly mudguard. I realise that you can do this for free with an old tyre but this looks pretty cool.
Easy to install and works relatively well - no more intrusive mud guard and I keep the neoguard on all the time now.
A great idea, works like a dream and keeps you nice and clean. Easy to install and very light weight.
Stops the water being flung forward and up into your face at speed
Well made product, excellent fit and does a great job of keeping mud and spray off your face
Works well to keep muck out your eyes on the trail
Looks the mutts nuts and they work no more crud face
First impressions of this item are excellent, didn't get any mud splashed onto my face, which is always a bonus. Was amazed at how much mud had been collected at the back of the guard.
Well priced, well made & light weight. Stops a fair amount of spray & muck to the face.
If you're fed up with mud and water splashing your face this item is for you, Very simple to install works like a dream should have got one years ago.
Brilliant piece of kit. Out on Saturday in mud and rain. I came back with a clean face, my mates covered in it.
It does a good job of keeping most of dirt out of your eyes
does the job looks neat as well