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Schwalbe G-One Allround MicroSkin TL-Easy Folding Gravel Tyre - 700c
Schwalbe One goes Gravel. The Schwalbe One family provides the perfect tyre for the latest gravel bike trend. The smooth rolling G-One profile and Tubeless easy technology make it a pleasure to ride over forest paths and rolling fields.
  • MicroSkin technology
  • TL-Easy, Tubeless Ready
  • OneStar compound
  • Weight: 400g (700 x 35mm)
I cant believe how good these tyres actually are. I hesitated buying them for my new gravel bike because of the price (which for me I thought was quite a bit of cash) but I shouldnt have done. They are simply superb. Great on gravel, tow paths and single track but also fantastic on the road, I cant believe how fast a 40c knobbly tyre can be on the road with also so much comfort, it doesnt make sense! An absolute doddle to set up tubeless, no tyre levers needed and inflated first time with a track pump with very little air loss. Really really impressed!
Excellent tires. Very supple and fast on all surfaces, including pavement. Just as tricky to set up as any other tubeless tire, but worth it.
These are definitely one of the best road/gravel tyres I have tried so far. Getting these on tubeless was really easy process using a standard track stand pump. I am using these tyres on my gravel bike inflated to around 35 psi. No drag on tarmac and good traction on the gravel. Don't try to use it on the snow, it's not very effective there. :D
Excellent tire, seals right up tubeless with a floor pump... amazing deal at this price!
Ordered a pair after an impressive thumbs up from the wife for the set we put on her commuter.
Great tires. Where very easy to put on DT Swiss R522 rims on my wife's commuter. Good grip for the snowy season.
Products arrived well packaged. First impressions good. A bit tough to mount on rims but that purely depends on rim/tire combination. Tires spot on at 35mm/60 psi once mounted. Looking forward to getting them out for a spin.
Easy install on Bontrager TLR rims. I haven't ridden yet, but my wife has the same tires on her Trek Domane SL5 Gravel bike and loves them. I've been told to expect them to wear fast on tarmac but hope that cold weather will slow wear (Like snow tires on a car)
Easy to set up tubeless and rolls well.
So far so good, still using it with tubes....conversion to tubeless planned soon. A little bit tight to assembly. Design looks great. 700 x 38 fit my Cannondale SuperX with 3-4mm clearance on the frame.
Very tight bead on my I9 CX wheels, but seat tubeless with a floor pump VERY easily. Perfectly round and true tires, as typical with Schwalbe. Kind of wish I went with the 38C since the 35C's have a surprisingly short tire profile. Overall though, very happy with my purchase.
I ride these in the desert in NW Australia. As such, I ride through a large amount of double G thorns on a weekly basis. I have once stopped to pull out around a dozen of these thorns on either tyre. Stans sealant fills the gaps, and I keep riding. These tyres are not prone to large tears, and ride oh-so-smoothly. Highly recommended.
This will be my second set of these tires. I have been using them on my gravel / groad bike and have been very happy with them. The majority of my rides are 40-120 miles where I ride on the road to access fire / gravel roads and then eventually return back on the pavement. I have also been on some long road rides on these tires as well. They roll very well on pavement and do just fine off-road on dry hand packed dirt. They instill a lot of confidence really going for it around turns on the descents. I knocked off one star as I wore through the rear relatively quickly and I only weigh 135 lbs / 61 kg.
This is a fantastic tire. Rolls fast on the road but surprisingly confident, especially at low psi, off-road too.
Great tyres - fitted these tubeless with just a standard track pump no problem at all. Very fast on smooth tarmac - I've set several personal bests on these - but also very versatile, allowing you to explore off-road or just have more comfort on poor surfaces.
The G-1s were fairly easy to put on my carbon rims and inflated first attempt (courtesy of my compressor). These are replacing conti hard-shells (too slick for cycle paths) on one set of my cx rims. Keeping the contis on the other, for rides with a higher road content. G1s excellent for path/gravel combos.
These tires are like magic. They can be tough to find and I hoard them. Only two surfaces they don't like: mud & snow.
Fast on the road and decent grip on the dirt. Really the best compromise tire for a cx bike I've found, and I've sampled a lot of tires. Decent tread life too, and couldn't be easier to set-up tubeless.
Tyres went on easy enough, without the use of tyre levers, and both inflated first time with a track pump, as for the ride, brilliant