Schwalbe G-One Allround MicroSkin TL-Easy Folding Gravel Tyre - 700c
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Schwalbe G-One Allround MicroSkin TL-Easy Folding Gravel Tyre - 700c
Code: 47088
Schwalbe G-One Allround MicroSkin TLE Folding Gravel Tyre - 700c
Schwalbe One goes Gravel. The Schwalbe One family provides the perfect tyre for the latest gravel bike trend. The smooth rolling G-One profile and Tubeless easy technology make it a pleasure to ride over forest paths and rolling fields.
  • MicroSkin technology
  • TLE, Tubeless Ready
  • Addix compound
  • Weight: 400g (700 x 35mm)
SamuraiGreat tire. Works well in all terrain. Incredibly easy to mount. I didn't get the usual mounting pop as the bead seats. Upon closer inspection, it just slides in perfectly.
Mr PearceOkay so I had a fault on one of these tyres, however merlin were excellent in responding and replacing. Just ridden for the first time, great feel, traction etc. Highly recommended.
Gravel nut!Been very happy with these tyres, good durability and puncture protection.
Mr. SteveGoes on tubeless easy. I have another pair of G-One and they are fast. Haven’t had a chance to ride these yet but this is my third pair of Schwalbes. Outstanding product so I don’t expect anything different here.
Mr VailMy favourite gravel tyre for New Forest fireroads and tarmac road sections joining them up. Prone to punctures when using with tubes due to tyres lightweight construction
Steve CReplaced Hutchinson Overdrive c35 and went up to c38. Don't roll as nicely (which is understandable as the Hutchinson's do not have as much tread) but much better at cornering in leaf mulch. I now feel safer on wintery rides.
Mr RichardsA very good versatile tyre for road and light off road. But such a ridiculously tight fit to get on the rim. My Checkpoint was supplied with these tyres so when the rear tyre wore down I replaced with the same. And it wasn't as straightforward as I had hoped! Which is a shame as I will need to buy something different when the front needs changing.
ThomasHad one of these for a few months. Just bought a second. Went up ok tubeless on a 23mm rim.
Mr ByrneTubeless setup on Fulcrum 900 DB rims was simple.. They went on the wheels without tools & inflated with a track pump. 100km done & nice grip / rolling resistance.
MarkThese tyres allow me the flexibility of travelling via road or off road. Great tyres off road only have difficulty if really wet, they hold speed well on the road.
Dan GThe tiny treads on these tyres give a surprising amount of grip! Easy to get on a tubeless rim with on tyre lever and really comfy on the road as well as on gravel.
Mr BechSecond buy. First buy a success. .
SedgeThis is the second set I’ve had on two different gravel bikes and both have performed superbly in all conditions apart from deep mud trails, five stars 👍🏻
GregI love the Schwalbe G-One 's for road and smooth gravel riding. They give me a comfortable ride and feel very capable on loose surfaces.
Rob MacGreat tyre, great grip, low rolling resistance, supple casing, this is the spare, don’t wanna be without.
Pumos ClasayI ordered a set of 38mm based on high recommendations, and they are good, except for one thing. I wanted to mount on a new set of Velocity Quill rims (wide rim) on my CX bike, which currently clears 37mm WTB Riddlers on narrow clincher rims. I mounted on a brand new wheelset built up by my local shop and there was significant rub on one chainstay. I thought wheels weren't true. Turns out that there is a slight wobble in the tire, which, combined with the wider rim, meant that 38mm was too much (35 would have worked, I think). I mounted on a different gravel bike with wider seatstays, and they work fine (clears the chainstays, though wobble still visible). They ride well--good grip on gravel, grass, and dirt trails, and roll well on pavement. Tubeless set up was straightforward.
Mr GrayGreat tyre for a gravel bike. Nice rolling on the tarmac and good grip off road. My first one of these tyres lasted me well over a year of hard off road gravel riding. Great to use tubeless - good seal (never needed an air compressor, just a pump).
Mr HarrisonReally nice tyres and fit tubeless perfectly!
GaryFast rolling and comfortable when set up tubeless. My 35c's came up 33-34mm on 19mm internal rims.
Mr NeeserThe great-looking tyre is easily fitted (I use a latex tube, being unready to go tubeless). On my hefty e-bike the ride is great at a modest pressure, and bad road surfaces are no problem.
Dr bennettVery easy to seat. Good rolling resistance, so far so good
DRA2008I wanted to use my bike on both roads and the gravel pathes near my home. These tyres were recommended and are fantastic. They roll well on the road and give you grip and confidence on gravel. A great buy and highly recommended
C SteeleGreat tyre. Tried on all terrains and cope with a lot. I have them fitted tubeless. They weren't the easiest to fit to the rim but are excellent now
PhilippeFast on road, easy to install. Like it a lot.
Mr SandifordRoll well on tarmac. Got up the damp cobbles in my local woods without dabbing for the first time with these at 60 psi.
Mr FitzgeraldGreat tyres for my gravel bike. Very easy to put on, roll very well. Done a couple of 100 milers mainly road with a bit of mixed terrain. Seem robust but very comfortable. Recommend
Mr LaurenceAwesome tyres. Came on my gravel bike and i’ve never changed to another tyre. Quite tight in my Mavic wheels but easy to seat tubeless with a standard track pump. Decent grip but still quick enough on tarmac. Great price from Merlin so bought a few!!
Mr eldridgeGreat tyre for road and off road (not too muddy though) easy tubeless every time normally get a year out of them
Mr TaylorFinally decided on the G-One over Travellings. Installed nicely on Stan Grails and went up tubeless hassle-free. Nice trip on the road, smooth and fast, and so far on wet grass and mild mud been great.
marcExcellent! fast on concrete, dirt and rough roads
Richard CrouchI bought these to replace the Giant branded tyres on my Explore ebike as the originals were very poor quality. They are narrower but the better quality rubber and tread design feel much better on the potholed tarmac and grit of the average British road. They went on my Giant rims easily with no tyre levers and inflated without tubes without fuss. I am sure they would inflate just with a track pump. Durability is as yet unknown. Also excellent price and service from Merlin even in current circumstances.
Mr ChatwinSet up tubeless with ease. Fast rolling on both road and gravel.
stuartGreat tyre at a unbelievably good price. Excellent on road or gravel. Can’t comment on longevity of the tyres but at this price, who cares.
kevinBrilliant. Really comfy and very little speed given up to 33mm cyclocross tyres. Incredibly comfy though
MarkThese are everything they say....easy folding, easy fit. They truly are a great all round tyre used daily on commute where i have the flexibilty to whatever path or road. These are a very grippy tyre and I find suitable for all but the wettest and mudiest of conditions.
Mr fisher-spurlockSurprisingly fast on the road, easy tubeless setup!
Mr nichollsGreat all rounder that rolls well on tarmac, hard pack, and loose gravel. Even unexpectedly managed to get up a wet muddy bog !
Mr AndersonTotally transformed my bike from a harsh riding beast to a smooth floaty ride. Amazingly supple and a doddle to seal up on my Alexrims cx6 rims.
BrendanBought tyres to replace WTB Riddler that came with my gravel bike and I could not get to seat tubeless. These Schwalbe tyres seated first time and ride really nicely.
Mr B DogGreat tyre, super fast rolling, easy to fit tubeless, good grip and puncture resistance. My tyre of choice till spring!👍
CannoliLove these tires! They fit perfectly on our 2019 Trek Domane SL 5 Disk road bikes. An amazing and inexpensive way to turn a solid road bike into a capable gravel adventurer.
Mr. WuPretty difficult to mount, but beads sealed quickly and solidly after hitting it with the air compressor. Using them for single track trail riding and despite hitting a number of roots and rocks, they're still rolling.
Mr RAGOThis is my second pair of these tires. The first pair has about 1500 miles on them with plenty of tread left. I purchased the second set in anticipation of needing them later this year. Very little wear on the current pair and they are exceptionally stable and comfortable tires. There's no perceptible loss of speed compared to other tires I've had on my Independent Fabrications Club Racer. (Vredestein Fortezza Senso Extreme Weather, Continental 4000 II S) I highly recommend these tires, especially during cold and wet riding months.
KEITHThese are my second set of these tyres and are simply the best! I wouldn'y buy anything else for gravel riding. Tubeless set up is very easy and managed with trackpump and held air without issue. Service and price from Merlin is also top notch and I wouldn't go anywhere else
DwightGreat tire, very low rolling resistance. My second set.
Mr KettleboroughHave tried a few other gravel tyres , but gone back to the G one's, they are the best. Easy to get on the rims (mavic and dt swiss), roll really well on the road, no issues riding on a club run with all the others riding 25mm road tyres . Give lots of confidence on wet muddy pot holed roads avd even some ability to go off road. May try the conti's but these take alot of beating
Mr AngoveOnly done a few roads of road and gravel paths but very good. Getting pressures right and then feel very quick and comfortable
AlecEasy to fit on Hunt Mason X wheels tubeless, 38mm measures 40 on 19mm int rim. Fast rolling yet grippy tyre.
TommyEasy to set up! Mounted tubeless with floor pump, and sheds mud/debris quickly. They slide in mud, but to be expected. On everything else these seem to have great traction and roll well!
Mr SwitzerMy "go to" gravel tire. They work best on hardpack gravel but do fine on the coarser surfaces too, as long as it's not too many km's. The 35 c width struggles only in loose sand or silt. They are perfectly at home on pavement so a mixed surface ride is what these are made for. Virtually no rolling resistance penalty riding your gravel bike on pavement. Love these tires.
Mr BRAVAKISFantastic smooth tlr ready !!!!
MaryanneAwesome, all around tire. Onto my 3rd set already.
DarrenEasy to fit and lost very little pressure overnight after installing. Look great and ride smooth.
Craig BramleyI have used this tire in the 35mm version for several years. It is my favorite tire for rides that are a mix of pavement and gravel or dirt road. They are extremely fast on all surfaces, They set up very easily on my HED Ardennes+ wheels and have been very reliable. I used them over 2 seasons of gravel races, including 70 miles of logging roads with no puncture. The only puncture I suffered was from doing something stupid and it sealed up very quickly with no intervention. The only limitations I see are in mud and the lack of bigger knobs for cornering. I find that the cornering is very predictable, but maybe you can push a tire with side knobs a little farther. I still think they are amazing. I am trying the 38 mm because I think that there will be no downside and a little more compliance and confidence in fast gravel descents.
Mr BautistaNot easy to keep from leaking. Wonderful all-around tyre treads for mixed riding.
Mr MontgrainVery easy tubeless installation!
Mr beamishCouldnt be easier to fit . Nice and true and a good seal on my hope rims .
NeilHard to fault, can do pretty much anything other than thick mud. Last one got a pinch flat and tear but that could happen to any tyre.
creakondale driverThese tyres are really fast! Bought to replace tyres on a gravel/adventure bike almost as quick as good road tyres and versatile (probably not for muddy conditions though) easy to set up tubeless with a track pump !
Mr RossLove these tyres, fast and grippy, easy to mount as tubeless tyres go and are perfect for mixed terrain riding.
Mr WilliamsThese seem very good I could hardly believe how easy tubeless fitting was, look forward to riding on them
John JThis is my second set of G-One's. I run these tires tubeless with 36 psi front & 44 psi. rear. Most of my riding is on loose. washboard gravel roads. I really like them and have no problems at all with the first set which has over 2800 miles on them. As expected, the rear is closer to the end of its life than the front.
Mr lewingtonThese tyres are really great for road/trail use. They are fast and quiet on the road and have enough grip for lightish trails when required. Good service from merlin, quick delivery.
Mr MossThe tyre that won the 3 Peaks so it must be good so will also use this for the Swartberg race
John JI use these on my Gravel bike. The front lasts twice as long as the rear. I'm about due to change the rear. I run 38 front and 46 rear.
MaryanneI have been riding on the Schwalbe Speed tires and thought I would try these because wanted something slightly more aggressive. These work really well and allow me to ride on more than just gravel...I can take my bike on everything from road to trails! I have been riding Schwalbes for years on my MTB, and I am always happy with whatever I choose from them.
AndyGreat tyres. Easy tubeless set-up. Fast-Rolling yet good in the gravel.
JacksonVery easy to mount tubeless and very fast. Great for all surfaces except wet grass and mud.
DreanaGreat all round tyres. Best used on road or smooth gravelly tracks.
KevinMy second set of these and they seem to have improved slightly. Run tubeless they still have the same luxuriant feel on the tarmac but i found that these were much easier to fit than my previous set. Out of the box they unfolded and took on the round shape hung over the back of a chair for 10 mins or so and beaded first time using an airshot
Mr TorranceHaving our purchased a gravel bike that came with road tyres, I am pleased that I have changed to these. They inspire confidence once off the road and on the trails. Only thing I found an issue is that they are very very tight on the rims as supplied with the Blue Prosecco EX (30mm deep Alex Rims). Don't forget to ensure you have the correct size inner tube.
AdamI cant believe how good these tyres actually are. I hesitated buying them for my new gravel bike because of the price (which for me I thought was quite a bit of cash) but I shouldnt have done. They are simply superb. Great on gravel, tow paths and single track but also fantastic on the road, I cant believe how fast a 40c knobbly tyre can be on the road with also so much comfort, it doesnt make sense! An absolute doddle to set up tubeless, no tyre levers needed and inflated first time with a track pump with very little air loss. Really really impressed!
Jordan BehanExcellent tires. Very supple and fast on all surfaces, including pavement. Just as tricky to set up as any other tubeless tire, but worth it.
AndrisThese are definitely one of the best road/gravel tyres I have tried so far. Getting these on tubeless was really easy process using a standard track stand pump. I am using these tyres on my gravel bike inflated to around 35 psi. No drag on tarmac and good traction on the gravel. Don't try to use it on the snow, it's not very effective there. :D
Mr savageExcellent tire, seals right up tubeless with a floor pump... amazing deal at this price!
LiorOrdered a pair after an impressive thumbs up from the wife for the set we put on her commuter.
LiorGreat tires. Where very easy to put on DT Swiss R522 rims on my wife's commuter. Good grip for the snowy season.
CharlieProducts arrived well packaged. First impressions good. A bit tough to mount on rims but that purely depends on rim/tire combination. Tires spot on at 35mm/60 psi once mounted. Looking forward to getting them out for a spin.
AndrewEasy install on Bontrager TLR rims. I haven't ridden yet, but my wife has the same tires on her Trek Domane SL5 Gravel bike and loves them. I've been told to expect them to wear fast on tarmac but hope that cold weather will slow wear (Like snow tires on a car)
DavidEasy to set up tubeless and rolls well.
R.OlivierSo far so good, still using it with tubes....conversion to tubeless planned soon. A little bit tight to assembly. Design looks great. 700 x 38 fit my Cannondale SuperX with 3-4mm clearance on the frame.
JMinnickVery tight bead on my I9 CX wheels, but seat tubeless with a floor pump VERY easily. Perfectly round and true tires, as typical with Schwalbe. Kind of wish I went with the 38C since the 35C's have a surprisingly short tire profile. Overall though, very happy with my purchase.
HodgyI ride these in the desert in NW Australia. As such, I ride through a large amount of double G thorns on a weekly basis. I have once stopped to pull out around a dozen of these thorns on either tyre. Stans sealant fills the gaps, and I keep riding. These tyres are not prone to large tears, and ride oh-so-smoothly. Highly recommended.
J WAPThis will be my second set of these tires. I have been using them on my gravel / groad bike and have been very happy with them. The majority of my rides are 40-120 miles where I ride on the road to access fire / gravel roads and then eventually return back on the pavement. I have also been on some long road rides on these tires as well. They roll very well on pavement and do just fine off-road on dry hand packed dirt. They instill a lot of confidence really going for it around turns on the descents. I knocked off one star as I wore through the rear relatively quickly and I only weigh 135 lbs / 61 kg.
Hans LThis is a fantastic tire. Rolls fast on the road but surprisingly confident, especially at low psi, off-road too.
Allan PhillipsGreat tyres - fitted these tubeless with just a standard track pump no problem at all. Very fast on smooth tarmac - I've set several personal bests on these - but also very versatile, allowing you to explore off-road or just have more comfort on poor surfaces.
McLaughlinThe G-1s were fairly easy to put on my carbon rims and inflated first attempt (courtesy of my compressor). These are replacing conti hard-shells (too slick for cycle paths) on one set of my cx rims. Keeping the contis on the other, for rides with a higher road content. G1s excellent for path/gravel combos.
urmomma123These tires are like magic. They can be tough to find and I hoard them. Only two surfaces they don't like: mud & snow.
LedangerFast on the road and decent grip on the dirt. Really the best compromise tire for a cx bike I've found, and I've sampled a lot of tires. Decent tread life too, and couldn't be easier to set-up tubeless.
EDWARDSTyres went on easy enough, without the use of tyre levers, and both inflated first time with a track pump, as for the ride, brilliant