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Schwalbe 700c x 28-32 Presta Tube SV16
  • Extremely airtight!
  • The Butyl rubber compound prevents pressure loss and fewer occassions to inflate.
  • Extremely reliable!
  • Quality control for safer cycling: Each tube is checked twice at the factory to ensure safer cycling. 
  • Having the correct pressure means fewer punctures and reduced rolling resistance.
  • 40mm valve length

Add 1,5 or 10 tubes to the basket and Save on Unit Price....The more you buy the more you save!!!!

Great product. In my opinion these are more robust than other similar products. Recommended.
Bought these for spares for the new bike, much better than other brands
I bought tubes for 700c-28 tyre. The tubes fit 28-32. They look/feel like any other tubes. The Presta valve cap is a clear plastic instead of the typical black -- I like it. I bought them because of the price and reviews. Great value for a good product. Can't say anything about durability. It's my first go at these.
Good price inner tube...holds air until a thorn comes along
Good quality as you would expect from Schwalbe.
Best tubes out there, and this was by far the best price I could find.
Tubes are fickle things - I used a new one in the Gravel King tyre I purchased and it appeared to have a slow leak. It might have been the installation, who knows. The tube on the rear wheel was fine so a 50% success rate.
Tubes are great and removeable core is welcomed. I needed 60mm valves, however I can run a valve extension
These seem to hold pressure better than a few I've tried. Recommended.
It's an inner tube. It does its job. Fitted for around 6 months - seems fine.
Not used.... and I hope I may not need to...... but I have learned from previous experience that Schwalbe provide good quality tubes
Excellent inner tubes. I am using with Rubino Pro Folding Tyres 700x28c
Excellent quality tubes with a long valve for deeper rims
These are the best tubes around, and are easily worth the extra money! I have never had a defective tube to date!
Hard-wearing tubes at a great value for money price I wouldn't use anything else - Try them and see!
To properly review this item I would have to have used it for over 6 months or more. However, I have used these same tubes for similar periods in the past and I can attest to their longevity and air retaining capacity. Don't let anybody ever claim to you though that one tube is any better at puncture resistance than any other. That function has nothing to do with tubes, but the tyres (br. spell) you use.
Good quality inner tube
Great tubes always hold pressure for a good amount if time.
Great, strong tube, super price, would recommend.
Great price on a trusted tube manufacturer.
Good value, great tube, will buy again
Excellent tubes and great value for money. Have fitted Schwalbe tyres & tubes to both Road & Cyclocross bikes and wouldn't use anything else now. Why pay more!
Great product. Very good price
Good and reliable tube, air tight. Does what is says on the tin. Valve stem bit too short so bear in mind if you have a very tall rim profile. Best price from Merlin. Will buy again.
Quality tube at good price.