Schwalbe Tubeless Tyre Booster
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Schwalbe Tubeless Tyre Booster
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Schwalbe Tubeless Tyre Booster
With the new Tyre Booster from Schwalbe, tubeless tyre assembly can be accomplished easily. The light, handy cylinder can be used both statically and on the road.
A powerful blast of air is required for tubeless tyre assembly so that the tyre bead quickly presses into the rim flange and the tyre is sealed. “Depending on the combination of tyre and rim, it doesn’t always work with conventional floor pumps,” explains Peter Krischio, Schwalbe Product Manager Race. In the professional workshop or at the garage, a compressor helps out.
For safe and easy fitting without a compressor, Schwalbe is now launching the Tyre Booster, which was developed in collaboration with the British start-up Airshot. With it, a pressure of up to eleven bar can be immediately applied in the tyres. “The tyre immediately seats itself safely on the rim and seals everything evenly,” says Peter Krischio. “The Tyre Booster is a significant advantage for assembly of tubeless tyres. At a light 435 grams, you can easily take it along on your trips.”
If you need an even bigger flow of air, a special adapter is also available. For this, the valve insert is removed and the adapter is screwed directly onto the valve spindle - the airflow is thus maximised.
And this is how it works: connect the Tyre Booster to a conventional floor pump using the SV valve on the Tire Booster, fill the cylinder and then operate the quick-release valve. The air immediately distributes itself evenly and the tire seats itself - usually with the typical loud crack - firmly on the rim.
Mr HardyShould have bought one of these ages ago, brilliant piece of kit and saves all the faff and frustration.
Mr RyanWorked perfectly once I realised how it should work. Two boosts and the tyre was on.
peter19This is handy item but its possibly a nice to have. I had a very tight set of road tires and rims and this did struggle to mount the tyre bead properly. i had to use this as an initial blast and then pump frantically to mount. hope my CX will be alot easier and only require the Booster.
Mr WilliamsWhy didn't i buy one of these years ago. Would have saved so much hassle. Does what is should and is well made
Mr hudsonLife is much better without frantic pumping on the track pump
PhilFantastic - very well built product with a solid quality feel - never tried tubeless tyres before - used it for 700 x 38 tyres and even with me being a complete newbe at this it moved on to the rim with the first blast and fully seated them with a second - great product, good price and Merlin fast service - what's not to like ?
David DIf you like tubeless tyres, you'll love this. Granted, it is not 100% necessary to have, but like all good tools it is an investment which means less time faffing and more time riding. Psshhhhht. Crack. Pop. Tyres seated and job done :-)