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SeaSucker Komodo Bike Mount & Hogg Front Wheel Holder
The SeaSucker Komodo bike mount with Hogg front wheel holder allows you to transport your road bike using a car such as a sports car or convertible that has minimal space for installing a bike rack. The SeaSucker Komodo solves only needs a small footprint of 46cm x 33cm of clear space on the roof or boot lid to attach securely. Machined from solid aluminium the Komodo's tail pivots allowing it to fold up for easy storage. This bike rack is designed for road bikes or bikes with a quick release fork mount. It will not transport bikes with through axle front wheels. All four vacuum mounts articulate enabling the Komodo to conform to irregular or corrugated surfaces.
The Komodo is easy to install and won't damage your vehicle; secured using four 152 mm Vacuum Mounts packing a total of 360 kg of holding power. It can be installed in under one minute and is removed in seconds, no tools required. It is compact enough to fit inside the boot of your car when not in use. The vacuum mounts are non-marking, UV and weather resistant, and hold exceptionally well on glass, metal and fibreglass surfaces. It will allow you to temporarily but securely mount your bikes without the hassle of a permanent bike rack. The Komodo comes with one non-lockable quick release fork mount, once adjusted you can release and secure you bike in seconds.
The Kmodo bike mount includes a Hogg front wheel holder; simply replace your rear wheel’s axle nut with the anodized aluminum Hogg nut and then you can screw on the Hogg body when you’re ready to transport your bike. Your front wheel’s quick-release skewer clamps onto the Hogg body and off you go! Comes with an anti-rotation strap to stop your wheel from spinning pointlessly when attached. For quick-release hubs only. 
  • Easy to install in under one minute
  • Only requires 46 cm x 33 cm of space
  • Reduces your fuel consumption
  • Includes Hogg front wheel holder
  • For quick release frames only