Shimano 105 R7000 Groupset
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Shimano 105 R7000 Groupset
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Code: R7000-GRP
Shimano 105 R7000 11 Speed Road Bike Groupset
The new Shimano R7000 groupet, the latest version of the ever popular 105. Featuring trickle down technology from the Dura Ace R9100 and Ultegra R8000 giving you all the features at a very attractive price point.
Groupset Specification:
  • Chainset: FC-R7000 choice of crank length and ring sizes
  • Bottom Bracket: BBR60 BSA or Italian, BB72 pressfit option (Hollowtech adapter not included)
  • Cassette: CS-R7000 Choice of Ratios (11-32 and 11-34 require the GS rear derailleur)
  • Chain: CN-HG601
  • Front Derailleur: FD-R7000
  • Rear Derailleur: RD-R7000 SS option for 11-30 max, GS option for 11-32 and 11-34
  • Brake/Gear levers: ST-R7000 STI including all cables (excludes outer cables)
  • Brakeset: BR-R7000
Tom Fantastic quality groupset at a great price, probably worth grabbing this before it runs out and you have no choice but the new Di2 version
Graham Great value mechanical rim brake group-set. Components provide excellent functionality and reliability at a price point for those who want a bike which is easy to maintain and keep on the road at a low cost. Big thankyou to Merlin for excellent Customer Service and having available a good range with in the group-set! :)
Mr Hu Cheapest on market and great!
Mr Martins Excellent groupset, there is no need to review.
Luke Thompson After having countless issues with SRAM Force, I changed back to a lovely new 105 groupset, and honestly couldn't be happier. Brilliant service from merlin, wouldnt hesitate to use them again
Evan Shipped quickly to the Pacific NW, USA. Great deal on a groupset to finally get me on 11 speed. Works great! My old bike feels and works like new again. Thank you!
Mr Ortiz I upgraded from a Shimano Claris to this 105 groupset, the bike feels lighter, the brakes make me feel super comfortable (safety first), going uphill I do not get those jumps when switching gears, the shifters are super ergonomic. If you are planning to upgrade your groupset the 105 is a very affordable and efficient option.
RBiz the Menace Budget groupset, luxury performance! No other way to put it.
Mr Reid Product was exactly as expected. Runs smoothly. Excellent service by Merlin, too.
Mr Boman Great components. If you're updating an older bike, do your research--could save you a few bucks and a few days labor.
Mr topping Too frosty so haven’t been out yet, but moves brilliantly on the stand. Good assembly videos on YouTube , didn’t even have to adjust barrel after set-up. Was going to get Etap/ Ultegra Di2, but glad I didn’t . I’m not a pro or racer,I’m just enjoying the countryside with pals and the smooth satisfying mechanical shifting of springs and cables. Probably equivalent to Dura Ace 7 years ago.
Mr church I have always used Shimano products but mostly the entry level products and they work fine. This is definitely a step up in quality and prisison, both in build and perfomance that is delivered. I think worth evey penny.
Doug Hutson I was in the process of updating my Giant Defy for use as a winter bike. It was running a 9 speed Sora groupset and I was struggling to find any stock allowing me to update to 11 speed. Merlin to the rescue, plenty of stock and the complete set including bottom bracket at a good price. Delivery was next day and in typical 105 fashion everything works a dream! Great service, thank you!
Jean-François Bédard My way-to-go groupset for a versatile workhorse dedicated to tarmac and mixed-surface epic rides.
Mark Good Groupset, enough for my needs, fitness and the odd triathlon. Awaiting use on a new frame. Have used 105 and Ultergra for 30 years in there various guises.Personally I feel Ultergra runs slightly smoother with less adjustment. May be relevant if you compete on a regular basis.
Simon C Not ridden yet due to injury, but I bought this for a winter-use bike. I was happy to see how similar it seems to the dura-ace equivalent I keep on another bike for sunny days. It was easy to install using the on-line dealer manuals. No special tools required although a bike workshop stand makes it much easier. Looks great, looking forward to using it.
Mr Kirtley Really excellent groupset! Lightweight and well built, I’ve loved having the 34/32 combo for the ceaseless hills of Sheffield. Top service from Merlin too!
Dr Khalid Amazing groupset, one of the best I have ridden. The chain could be a better one, which I will be replacing but nothing to complain about. It's is an amazing product.
Muhammad Salama Excellent groupset with all the great technology of Ultegra and Dura-Ace at a very good price
Mr Colston Very happy with it! It’s the first time I’ve built a bike myself and would have liked some instructions in with the components but I soon found the Shimano workshop manuals online. Looking forward to lots of miles on my newly rebuilt bike!
Mr Ramirez This group set is very clean, crisp, and inexpensive. I do believe these parts will last me years.
Michel D. Reasonably priced and with the expected quality from Shimano. Lots of gearing options. Great groupset for road and gravel.
Neil Extremely happy with my new purchase of Shimano 105 R7000 group set to upgrade my road bike. Look and feel fantastic at a very reasonable price.
junio Shimano is always a guarantee. The perfect quality/price balance.
Mr Leigh The Shimano 105 Groupset was very straightforward to fit and provides excellent performance. Merlin provide excellent options on the groupset for crank lengths and gear ratios. If you are fitting to this to a bike that has mudguards or larger wheel clearance then you are likley to need long reach brake calipers. Something I didn't know existed until I was fitting this set. Shimano don't produce the brake calipers in long reach which is a shame but was not the end of the world.
Mitch This groupset shifts almost as well as my mechanical ultegra, I can highly recommend it to someone who is on a budget and wants 11 speed
Mr Ami This may be the last groupset you ever need. Fantastic shifting and more affordable than Ultegra.
Mr brookes Excellent product and the perfect upgrade for my road bike. Totally changed how the bike feels.
Mr Johnson Very pleased with this purchase from Merlin Cycles. I was able to purchase exactly what I wanted at a great price and it arrived early! I appreciate that I was able to select specific crank length, chainring sizes and cassette. I will definitely look to Merlin for future purchases.
Mr Martinez The groupset is awesome. Absolutely worth the money. The gear changes are crisp and efficient. Stopping power with the brakes are great.
Mr Davison The Shimano R7000 105 groupset was a great update to my 2002 road bike. It had the 5500 105 kit before, but this brought it up to standard. Merlin cycles was fantastic, I'm in the USA and I got my shipment in less than a week! Great Price
garreth Fitted this groupset to my son's summer bike, works very smoothly and looks pretty good too. required a few lessons on youtube to understand how to fit the new style front mech, but after that a joy to fit.
Graham J Really impressed. So slick changes. Upgraded from Sram Force 10 & so glad I did. Like night & day. Recommended.
Bob the Builder Amazing groupset. I had the Ultegra 6700 before replacing that with this one
R Williams Fantastic groupset, excellent price. Everything you need.
Rob Olliver Shimano i105 is a great groupset and gets lots of trickle down components from the more expensive Ultegra and Dura Ace models. Merlin cycles were excellent, great customer service and very quick delivery. I would recommend this product and buying from Merlin Cycles.
Pierre-M H Bought this groupset to replace my Sora groupset and the difference is unbelievable, these two groupsets are in completely different categories. I love it.
Mr Rowley I've ridden older ultegra and dura ace and this beats them. Best bang for buck easy.
Brennan Turned my vintage ‘86 Panasonic DX into a modern day performer. Everything is so smooth and quiet, the rim brakes are super responsive. The bike is definitely faster, mainly in acceleration.
Mr Stenning It's a 105 groupset; shimano quality and useful being able to select all of the components individually. You can't go wrong (unless you pick the wrong part...)
Mr Tahi One of the best price-to-value groupset of Shimano. It has most of the technologies from the top tear Ultegra and Dura Ace. Ofc. it is a bit heavier, but if you can live with the extra 300-400g, you can save more than half of a DA set. Personally I don't really like the new front derailleur, it is a bit hard to install, because fitting the hose end is a pain, but after some ride and after some extra adjustments it works perfectly as you can expect from a Shimano groupset.
Mr Butler Great group set and upgrade from the old 105/ultegra that was on the bike (several generations ago). Easy to set up, although you have to go online for the instructions. Very happy with the purchase from Merlin.
David W The good - great new groupset. Replaced an old Ultegra set from 2010 and the weight is the same i.e. dropped down the hierarchy but getting same weight and much better/smoother performance. Thumbs up for Shimano tech trickle downs. Great that the set includes brake and gear cables and a new BB (BBR-60). One big issue is that the set doesn't include the required Hollowtech adapter (which comes with the BBR-60 when you buy it separately). Meant a delay to my build as had to go to LBS and buy an additional BB just to get the tool (they didn't have any Park Tool or plastic adapters unfortunately). Apart from that, really pleased with the purchase and would highly recommend.
Dan Great Groupset and excellent value for money. I have upgraded a couple of bikes to this groupset recently. It is smooth and looks great!
Mr Ami I have purchased this groupset for more than one bike now. It is a solid groupset that makes shifting a breeze. It is easily the best version of 105 Shimano has ever built. I highly recommend it.
Al Why pay more for ultegra. Does the job perfectly.
Paul L This is the second groupset I've ordered from Merlin. Far cheaper than ordering it here in the states. As far as the groupset goes, it's Shimano 105. Pretty much the workhorse of the road groups.
Chris S Really pleased with the new groupset - looks great fitted and shifting/braking is a big upgrade on my Tiagra groupset. Buying was easy and everything was delivered on time and packaged really clearly & securely.
Austin Wright This groupset was exactly what I had looked for to upgrade the low-end components that came with my road bike. Of course, 105 is not Shimano's top-of-the-line, but this level of components is certainly good enough for my intended use. I'm looking forward to a little more help tackling the hills of rural Pennsylvania with the low end of the cassette, and to the precision shifting I expect from this groupset.
james No issues, crankset feels solid after switching from FSA carbon cranks. The occasional "clank" when shifting but no big deal. Happy with purchase.
David This was the second Shimano 105 rim brake groupset I've purchased from Merlin. With the price you can get it for from Merlin, it's absolutely the best groupset for the price out there. I run 105 and Ultegra on my bikes, and I honestly can't tell the difference between the two, except for a slight weight difference.
Joshua Bought to replace dura ace 7900 groupset that had seen its day, is quite a nice upgrade even though it's only 105 spec. Shifting is more precise and shifters feel nice in the hand. Overall was easy to fit, although derailleurs are set up differently to 10 speed and needed to consult an online manual to set up correctly. Really like this groupset, has given new life to my favourite old frame for a great price!
Bryce A nice upgrade over the previous generation 105 groupset but the new bottom bracket from Shimano no longer fits your older BB tools. Retail packaging includes an adapter tool but be warned this OEM kit does not.
Scott Just built my new Ridley Fenix SL with R7000 group. Shifting & braking are hugely improved and virtually identical to R8000 performance. with only a 174 gram weight penalty. Great group set at a killer price!!.
Mr KASARCI One of the best shimano groupsets ever. Double pivot rim brakes are so strong and affective. 11-32 cassette is giving you many options to accelerate...
Paul R Exactly as promised. I now ride 5-10mph fast just because of the upgrades. I've lost weight, I sleep better, and my wife now appreciates me. All because of Merlin Cycles! 5 Stars!
Christopher Overall, super performance at a great price! The reach of the shifters seems to be a bit longer than earlier versions of the 105 (my last install was the 5700 series) however they fit right into my hands while riding and the shifting is perfectly crisp on both the front and the rear.
Mr Tansey All the parts were individually boxed neatly in the package and nothing was missing. Shimano quality shone through on all the components, in fact the quality just gets better and better. I've now built the bike and the new groupset works like a dream. Highly delighted.
Mr Deabenderfer The 105 groupset was perfect. It arrived on time and packaged well. I would give it a higher score in both cost and quality but 5 out of 5 is the highest score I can give.
Peter M I decided to give this groupset a try on a project bike. My other bikes have Dura ace components and much to my surprise this groupset functions about the same as the more costly Dura ace. It is heavier but the shifting and braking are very comparable, perhaps not at the same level but overall this groupset does not disappoint.
Mr Ristow This is a HUGE upgrade from a 9 speed Sora. Excellent service, super quick delivery and competitive price. With a groupset of this range and quality, there is no need to go for the more expensive Ultegra or Dura Ace. Very easy to install, I did the complete change over in about 4 hours. Front derailleur is a bit tricky to set up. Works like a dream. Thanks Merlin for the excellent service.
Josh Definitely a big upgrade from a 9 speed Sora. Love the looks for the new 105, looks and feels like a premium product.
Mr Ami While I have the Ultegra 8000 series on my better bike I wanted a less expensive alternative for the back-up bike that would give me the same easy shifting technology of Ultegra. This 105 groupset fits that need perfectly. Shimano has done a fantastic job filtering down the tech of the higher lines to the 105 range at a more affordable price. Shimano 's current components are the best they have ever made. Don't know how much more they can improve over what they are making now.
Alan I purchased this groupset to upgrade my Enigma Etape which had a mix of Sora/Tiagra previously. One annoying thing with it is you now have to go to the Shimano website to get the installation instructions - only general maintenance/safety leaflets are included with the components. I'm yet to put the cables on so can't comment on the performance of the groupset but installation was fairly straightforward with only the front derailleur's cabling looking a bit complicated. One thing with purchasing from Merlin is the fact all cables are included compared to other on-line retailers where you have to buy them separately. Another thing with ordering from Merlin is that you have a choice of front derailleurs and brakes compared to other on-line retailers who don't seem to offer this.
Mr johnson Very nice and well finished as you would expect from Shimano. An improvement on my previous 105-5700 setup, especially the brakes. Front derailleur a bit tricky to set up, as it is a new design, but apart from that all good. A point to note - all cables and cap-ends are included within this kit and you don't need to buy these separately
albert Couldnt be happier with the service and packaging provided by Merlin cycles. The R7000 groupset went on my 2013 Domane 5.2 replacing Ultegra 10 speed. Its a better bike with the new 105 in every way. Smooth and precise shifting, braking, just perfect.
G Kemp Performance on a par with Ultegra, with only the slightest weight penalty. Shifting is sharp and efficient, and braking performance significantly improved over previous 105 generations. Very impressed! Superb value and service from Merlin. Order placed in the afternoon, and delivered the following morning!
Mike W Incredibly good value upgrade. This new Shimano 105 R7000 groupset had received remarkable reviews in the Cycle press and associated vlogs and having now purchased and put on my bike I can see why. As a keen amateur cyclist who focuses on group rides at the weekends and entering a number of Sportives, this groupset has transformed the feel and performance of my 10yr old Team Carbon Boardman bike. The gear changing is precise and smooth, the levers much better than previous generations of 105, and the braking (I bought the rim brake option) much improved. The front and rear mech look and feel like Ultegra. If you are thinking of updating or upgrading your bike I thoroughly recommend this set.
Mr Nobile Excellent service from Merlin. Quick delivery and competitive price. Groupset is everything you need. Sharp responsive shifting and only 200g heavier than ultegra.
S Rouse Very happy customer. The product was exactly as advertised and dispatched the same day. The groupset is brilliant and this was by far the best price on the web. Built my bike up over the weekend and this groupset is better than the Ultegra 6800.
Mr young As ever with Shimano a cracking quality group-set, and great service from Merlin.
Mr Chant This was really easy to install, the only difficulty I found was getting the right chain length (with 52-36, 11-32). The levers are really high quality, shifting is smooth, and braking is really responsive.
Michael Another step forward for Shimano. Quality price and service from merlin
Llyw Shifts quicker than the older Ultegra groupset that this has replaced. Movement feels a little bit different to previous shifters (Ultegra, as well as older 105 on winter bike), but doesn't affect performance or feel worse. Will be interesting to see how beneficial I find having an 11 speed setup instead of 10.
El Profe I had Dura Ace 7800 (A Beauty and Perfect) , I had Ultegra 6600, 6700 and 6800 (They are indestructible). Shimano 105 R7000 is flawless. The aesthetics are a big improved. I do not mindthe difference between Big Brother Ultegra and 105. As soon I start riding I forgot the I am using an "inferior"group.
Michael The Shimano 105 R7000 Groupset made my 1991 Trek 2100 Pro into a new/retro/modern bike. The quality, styling, and performance are outstanding and are everything I need to ride comfortably and as fast as I need to. Merlin's excellent price and delivery make this purchase one of the best I've ever made.
Mr Lourens Excellent service from MerlinCycles. Ordered on a Friday, dispatched on a Saturday and arrived within 4 days in South Africa. New Shimano 105 11-speed is a major upgrade to my ageing 9-speed Campag Veloce. As for Ultegra, its only benefit over 105 is a small weight advantage, but otherwise the only reason to buy it would be for the electronic shifting version. Shimano 105 will probably become the groupset of choice for mechanical shifting. Price-wise nothing can beat it. Well done Shimano for giving us weekend-warriors a groupset that is more than our capabilities, at an affordable price.
Mr Ami This is an outstanding groupset. I also own the Ultegra 8000 series in both mechanical and electronic versions and if you covered the name and took all the bikes out for a ride I would bet you could not tell which groupset you were using. Yes, the Ultegra is a few grams lighter but the shifting performance of the 105 is every bit as good. Shimano's quality has never been better.
Mr Nguyen I am from Australia and needed a new groupset to replace my worn 105 5700. Found this online as it was priced competitively. Arrived about 2 weeks after ordering in a neatly packed box. Hesistated about installing myself but took my time and in about a few days and it was all done. All cables were included which was awesome. Have done 250km since purchase and it shifts and brakes like a brand new bike! Obviously slightly heavier than Ultegra and Dura Ace but am on a budget and think club level racing will be as good as I get. Have no regrets at all and will definately shop here again. Smooth and informative transaction with the tracking postage!
Mr Ang Houle Light, efficient and good looking, it's hard to justify the extra spend for R8000.
Mr Nobile Excellent price and delivery service from Merlin. I upgraded from 4700 and R7000 is a clear step up. Front shifting is much easier and the chainset feels noticably stiffer
Mr Dennan Ordered to Ireland, arrived in 3 working days without any issues, service was fantastic. The groupset itself is excellent also I have used the ultegra R8000 and the new Dura Ace and whilst the weight differences are obvious the performance benefits are not so obvious, the 105 is fantastic and so sharp and smooth, brakes are a real upgrade to the older 105 model and the shifters feel nicer in the hand, 5 stars all round for service, price and product
Mr Smith By far the best value and quality groupset from Shimano, massive improvements from the previous model. Trim function and better cable routing for the front mech with a neat cable end cover.Supplied with cable set and chain highly recommend the new 105 R7000 group set
Cameron Fantastic pricing, great value. The front derailleur is a bit finicky, but overall a great buy.
Roberto This is the best 105 release ! Must have if your are in budget plan.. you won`t regret it!
David Really enjoying the improvements to the 105 groupset since the 5700 I had previously. The front shifting in particular is leaps and bounds better than previously. Theres only 174g between this and the Ultegra groupset. Given theres so little in weight, performance and aesthetics, this 105 groupset is a really fantastic upgrade for the money.