Sorry, this product is no longer available!
Shimano Dura Ace 9000 Bottom Bracket is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.

This item was discontinued 10th September 2019.

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Code: BB9000
Shimano Dura Ace 9000 Bottom Bracket, Choice of English or Italian
  • The bottom bracket bearings for the HollowTech II FC9000 crankset, which is the ultimate crankset for stiffness whilst keeping weight low for performance riding and racing
  • Minimal bearing interface gives superbly smooth rotation
  • Distinctive style that exudes quality and perfection
  • Required for installation of FC9000 chainset, with a choice of English or Italian thread BB cups
Mr Mamacos There is such little difference in price in bottom brackets, but such a big difference in the longevity of the higher tolerance bearings used in the Dura-Ace BB.
Philip Excellent product. Super smooth and so light. Comes with a plastic adapter for the torque socket as the outside diameter is smaller than the other shimano products, Excellent value from Merlin as well.
Mr sanderson Easy to fit, nice and smooth
Scott. A major improvement over the 10-speed era Ultegra BB in my older road bike. Light (almost to the point of looking flimsy) and smooth. Installation was very easy for this novice.
Mr Dean Installed on surly Long Haul Trucker. Fits fine, no issues. Extremely smooth and fast spinning. Didn't realise how in bad shape my previous BB was until I replaced it with this.
Mr SL Superb price and product. The axle diameter is still compatible with older 7900 and 6700 which is nice. The cup OD is smaller too making this lighter and probably more aero than previous generations. Hopefully it lasts well.
Dr Kessel Easy installation. Smooth turning once installed. Light weight. Comes with an adapter so you dont have to buy a new BB wrench. Good price. Lets see how long it lasts.
GRAHAM At this price it really is worth going for DA, noticeably higher quality
JMW 2nd time I`ve ordered this BB - super smooth and great value for money. This time onto my winter bike and looking forward to many wet and cold miles
Dez Brewster My last Shimano BB was an Ulegra and it last one year before corrosion in the threads caused it to creak. I replaced with this Dura Ace model and it is very light, smooth, well made and handsome and a very slighly different size (the splines for fitting) to the Ultegra. No problem though as the adapter comes with the BB, allowing you to fit with your usual HTII tool. Hoping this will last at least a year, I suspect it will.
leonn No regrets or complaints about it. Beautiful and work smoothly. it came with adapter TL-FC24 to fit TL-FC32
Mr Bright Easy to fit direct replacement, high end bottom bracket whiich comes with a standard size bb tool adaptor to cope with the smaller bearing caps featured on this component. Just fitted to my winter training bike and only 50 miles travelled so far but early indications are very good. Only time and distance will reveal how durable the Dura-Ace Bearings will be, but should be good. Very competitive pricing and five star service from Merlin Cycles completes the picture.
KURT Lightweight and amazing dust protection, after 6000km still smooth.
Mr Davies Replaced my ultergra BB with this Dura Ace BB and wow, silky smooth, bargain at this price and usual great service from Merlin, whats not to like!
Mr Critten Super slinky BB from the bearing maisters Shimano. Much smaller and more elegant than the previous incarnation. Recommended.
Mr Kirkpatrick Great bottom bracket, a nice improvement from my worn out Ultegra bottom bracket.
Mr aljaber Get this and not the 6800!! It "feels" better and last longer. I have bought two so far and both run them over 8000km
Tim Quinlan This may sound like an overstatement, but this BB has changed me in some way. I've never had a really nice BB before, never thought I needed it. But I decided to spend the extra 10 or 15 and try the dura ace. I can't believe how much more smoothly the cranks turn
Mr valdiviez Great price for a terrific product, second DA 9000 BB and it is a great product.
Hersh Smooth, creak-less
Auntybobbo Comes with a bottom bracket tool converter for last generation bottom bracket tools. Easy to fit, light and inexpensive. Arrived very quickly - Merlin are the guys I go to when I want things quickly!
mallorcaman I was surprised how light it was, only time will tell if its long wearing and robust. But it Shimano and Dura ace so it should be!
Borup I changed the stock bottom bracket on my Specialized Allez Sport, this runs much more smooth and fits like a glove. Perfect product so far. The included plastic adators made it easy to mount with old tools.
Pete Lambert Replaced a 105 BB with this DA. Bit of a frivolous upgrade for me and I'm not sure if it's in my head but it does feel smoother (admittedly only smoother than my 105 with 4000+ miles on it). Fitting was a small issue as the smaller cups mean using the included adapter. My IceTools HT2 BB tool must have slightly off tolerances because the adapter didn't fit. Serves me right for using cheap tools, I suppose. Had to replace the tool and after that it fit wonderfully and was a doddle to fit.
Mr Douglass A lot better than I expected. I was expecting the BB to be the same as the previous version's but finished in black. To my surprise it is a lot lighter, smaller and so far appears to do the job better.
Mr SULLIVAN This bottom bracket is incredibly light. Who would have thought that a bottom bracket could be improved so much, but this one is a significant improvement over Dura Ace 7900. Merlin service is great as well.
Mr S Hunt This is a really nice BB. So light and compact, and looks really neat fitted. The adapter tool works with the standard diameter bottom bracket tool and fits really snuggly, making it a joy to fit.