Shimano Dura Ace 9000 Polymer Inner Gear Cable
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Shimano Dura Ace 9000 Polymer Inner Gear Cable
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Shimano Dura Ace 9000 Polymer Inner Gear Cable, Geunine Shimano replacement part
  • Genuine Shimnao replacement parts
  • Polymer coated stainless steel inner gear cable for the ultimate in smooth shifting performance, designed to complement the top-of-the-range Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 gears system
  • The Polymer coating is applied in a spiral formation around the stainless steel inner wire providing excellent support for the silicon grease and reducing the surface contact of the inner wire on the outer casing
  • The Polymer coated is applied to precision ground round inner wires all combining to create a smooth low friction shifting action with increased service life due to its anti-corrosion nature
  • Suitable for front or rear mechs, just cut to fit
  • Use with SP41 gear cable outer
  • 1.2 mm x 2100 mm
  • May be supplied OE
Mr Fuller Excellent service from Merlin Cycles. The 9000 cables are smooth a silk. Be sure to be careful tightening at the derailleur though, they are vulnerable to fray.
Earth deStick This is a cable like none other. Once fitted gears practically shift themselves. It's telepathic. If I didn't know better I would guess my bike was running prototype electronic gears from a NASA research project, it's that good. If Shimano could bottle the essence of this cable I would bathe in it.
andrew Smoother shifts with this cable however was a little short for the rear mech, just managed to fit
Joe Will get another set as spare, these are slick cables
Mr Yemez Excellent service from Merlin. Thanks :)
CWHATIMEAN Best shift cables at a much better price. I had to buy one since my LBS unfortunately didn't thread the cable through properly according to Dura Ace dealer manual so I am going to do it myself. The Polymer cables are the best out there.
Neil Used this with an Ultegra 6800 shifter and derailleur and it worked perfectly. The previous cable was frayed just after the derailleur and I changed more out of precaution than anything else. This cable made an unexpected improvement to the shifting.
John in Illinois, USA Easy to install, appear to be exactly as described. Just make sure you order two if you intend to replace both front and rear cables.
Mr Parker Essential but very expensive! RD cable usually starts to fray at the lever end in 12 months so change annually after two snapped cables in consecutive years. I usually buy Ultegra complete gear cable set (inners and outers appear identical) for not much more but this was o/s from all suppliers.
Graham Great long lasting smooth changing inner cable.
Catterson I have found this to be the best cable. Use it on all my bikes, those with 105kit as well as Dura Ace
Mr adams Bought this cable for my girlfriends road bike as it's small so has some pretty tight bends in the cabling, also Ultegra shifters are are stiff in action so she needs all the help she can get and these are the smoothest shifting cables you can buy! Negatives are they are expensive! Received the item in 3 days so good work from Merlin
Mr Mannerings Works perfectly with Dura Ace 9000 and includes all the ferrels etc required.
Mr lim The DA 900 cables has a very light smooth feels to it when griping on the levers.
RS Top product for 9000 Dura Ace STI - provides very crisp shifting. Comes with all end caps required. Great price.
Mr Green Worthwhile upgrade over standard Ultegra cables, gear changes smoother
Mr Bartalos Does the job very well! 5 star product made by shimano. Reliable cables for good value.
Mr ANDERSON Used on XTR front shifter , very smooth and light operation !