Shimano HG93 XT 9 Speed Chain
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Shimano HG93 XT 9 Speed Chain
Code: CNHG9311
Hyperglide (HG) series 9-speed compatible chain, recommended for Ultegra, Deore and XT.
  • HG technology has chamfered inner plates to optimise shifting performance on HG sprockets
  • Durability is assured through a chromising treatment on link pins, and the heat treatment of rollers, pins, and plates
  • Mushrooming of the pins gives unsurpassed side-plate retention, enabling the chain to far exceed the BS/ISO standard for breaking force
  • 6.57 mm chain width, optimised for 9-speed Super Narrow HG drivetrains
  • Corrosion-resistant grey finish on inner and outer plates
  • Zinc-alloy silver finish on outer plates, and grey finish on inner plates increase corrosion resistance
  • Weight: 114 links, 304 grams
Mr O'NeillExcellent, as you would expect from Shimano. Good service and price from Merlin
Canadian Winter RiderExcellent 9spd chains, as always.
CharlesI use this chain for long distance touring and is perfect for my needs. I dont need ultra light, I need a chain that will not let me down in remote locations. Merlin prices are ausually very good.
JustinI have always used these chains and they are good and reliable
Mr GibsonThe XT chain has been my preferred chain for a few years now and once on it is something I don't need to worry about. Survives my infrequent cleaning and lubrication very well. At the Merlin price it is a great investment in peace of mind every 6 months or so.
KS - StaffordGreat value and good solid reliable performance.
Mr KoraskaGood standard shimano 9spd chain. Comes with the connecting pin so you will need a decent chain tool.
BaileyGood chain at a fair price, skipped the Shimano link pin provided and used a 'missing link' as I have had the original supplied pins pop under stress in the past. What else to say, its a chain, I replace them every few months.
WattGood value, easy to fit, never had a problem with them
Mr JohnsonDid the job perfectly to replace a wrecked chain. Straightforward to fit with the right tool (used the Icetoolz Pro Shop Chain Tool) and I am no mechanical genius! Runs well, no problems.
Mr CrockfordGreat value chain that lasts well and shifts cleanly.
Mr CunninghamBought to replace a PC991 that was noisy over my new 9spd Ultegra cassette, problem solved. Quiet drivetrain. Nice and easy to fit with the Shimano break pin.
rodmunchShimano quality, 22 years of mashing groupsets to dust they have never let me down, this has the silver side plates which always look better than rust.
Mr KendhammerSolid upper end work horse of the Shimano lineup
Mr YatesSmooth shifting, quiet and easy to install.
Mr fosterThis chain replaced a KMC that I find very good indeed (though I see people indicating KMC make Shimano's chains? ). Price was identical and more links for the wide gear system that I run. Used the Shimano joining pin as for emergencies I have KMC links and nor am I intending removing chain before its worn out. Early days but very smooth gear changes and quiet running, never had any previous issues with Shimano simply prefer KMC's installation method.
Whalley RoadieGood value for money. Used SRAM power link to join rather than the Shimano one-time-use pin.
Mr JarvisGreat experience ordering and low price. Will order from merlin again. So far the chain is working great. This is the forth one on this bike so I know I was getting a good product.
Mr SavageThe chain is of the standard you would expect from Shimano and does not disappoint. Along with a new cassette it is as smooth as when I bought the bike new.
Chris JamesWorking fine so far. Bit of a pain to install though. I just hope it lasts longer than its SRAM counterparts, which in my experience are abysmal at lasting.
Mr SteeleSuper slick at a great price. XT never disappoints!
Mr BARTONI've used XT chains before and IMHO they're slightly better than the SRAM equivalent. Very good price from Merlin, and quick delivery as always.
KMJDoes what it says on the tin... Good chain at a good price. Tried a few others, always ended up back with this one.
Mr O'NeillUsed this chain for some years. I find it is exceptional quality, lasts well in extreme conditions and I would recommend it to all Mountain Bikers
Mr BoldFantastic quality, great value product from Shimano. This is the second HG93 chain I've had and the previous one lasted 7 years, through all kinds of abusive mud, grit and sand. Keep it well lubed and it will last ages. Usual first class service from Merlin
DrewGreat chain, I run full XT and I don't see why people choose anything else. It is affordable and shifts smooth and precise. These chains have never snapped on me and I only change them once they stretch far enough to warrant replacement. 5 stars for a great product and Merlin supplies at an unbeatable price again!
Mr HaganWas looking to replace the chain on my winter road bike and saw this chain on Merlin Cycles website on offer. This is a nice looking and well made chain with a silver finish with enough links to cover any gear range. The only downside is the Shimano pin for fitting the chain although not a problem for me as I can use a chain tool which you will need to shorten the chain anyway, it may be a problem for those not used to this method of fitting a chain, but you can use a quick-link which has to be purchased separately.
Mr gillRun this chain on both my mountain & road bikes I have never had a problem and get good mileage before I have to renew. Measure the chain and renew when 1% streched
Mr ElliottGood product, great value, prompt delivery,
Mr CoxShimano HG93 chain is a good no frills reliable chain
Mr SoleExcellent chain that I have never had fail. 5 stars
Mr BaumgartnerThis is an excellent product! Great offer!! Congratulations to Merlin for the great service and very quick delivery! Please continue with good prices in products and shipping.
Mr brownTop quality chain from shimano with the backup from merlin of fast delivery, discount at checkout & A1 customer service.
Mr atkinsonUsual superb service from Merlin. All the parts you need, delivered super quick at unbeatable prices! what else can I say.
Paul NewtonDon't waste your time with anything else - these are the daddy of chains - strong and light, easy to fit and you can get a good season out of one of them. What more do you want?
FateOne of the best chains, I have it on 2 bikes, used hard, - no complains. Decent chain for the reasonable price.
Mr BrookerGret chain. lasted the course over 4 days in the lake District
Mr AllinsonGood performance so far, shame Shimano don't supply with split link
Mr KangursProduct was as expected, and faster than going to the LBS.
Mr partingtoncant really rate this component, its only been on the bike a few weeks.